"LAUREL" by Alessandra Azzaroni

© 2002 by Alessandra Azzaroni aazzaroni@hotmail.com http://au.geocities.com/vcastairwaytoheaven/index.htm


Written in Australia.


It's interesting how different people react to change. Some people find it quite easy to adjust to, and leap into new situations with confidence. Then there are others who just can't cope. They're so used to having things one way, but then it all gets spun about. And they can't handle it well. But they know that they have to change themselves in order to fit in with the new situation.
I don't know what category I fit into. My life jumped from one place to another, and at the start I was coping well. Truly, I believed I was. I dealt with the hardships a bit shakily, but I got through all right.
But in the end, I just couldn't handle this new life. I wanted to go back to the life I'd know for so long. But there was a part of me that wanted to stay.
I didn't know what to do. So I was just going to throw myself in the air and see where I landed. I had to do something. You can only put up with so much.
Welcome to my world. The story I'm about to tell you mentions change, travel and fitting in with new surroundings - while at the same time trying to keep your head.
And it's about family. And how families in different lands and social statuses go through their lives. It's different, and I got to experience two kinds of life.
If you're looking for the moral to this story, you can decide it for yourself. However, I think that one of the morals would have to be "Don't count your chickens." In other words, things can spring up on you, and you really should be prepared. Don't assume that everything will go your way.
Another lesson would be to stay strong. You have to be strong in order to live with the downs, as well as the ups, of life. You have to be strong because others may need you, but you're the one who needs yourself the most.
I'm not looking for pity or sympathy. I'm looking for understanding.