This is my city. It became mine the day my parents were mercilessly gunned down in front of my eight year old eyes. I was born in this city and it is here that I was forced to grow up before my time. No one really understands the reason why I do what I do and sometimes that reason becomes a little blurred even for me. But, then again I don't have to explain my actions to anyone. The simple fact is that, I do what I do because, well, no one else can.

Some years ago, an earthquake, ravaged Gotham. At a massive 7.6, on the Richter scale, it was the biggest to ever hit the city. At that time I thought, that was the worst that could happen to my city, but I was wrong. For long years the city lay in ruins after the earthquake and even now many areas still have not been rebuilt. Progress is slow, but steadily the city, my city is becoming the Gotham City it had been before the 'quake destroyed her. Since then I've faced many dangers and obstacles, but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come.

Many of Gotham's citizens have temporarily relocated to other cities like New York and Bl├╝dhaven and others went west to Keystone City and even as far as Los Angeles, though as time passed those that left chose to remain in their perspective new home towns, while others faithfully returned to their beloved Gotham. In no way do I blame those that have chosen to make a new home for themselves in other cities; it is after all their choice to with their lives as they please. I am glad however, that many Gothamites have returned and that many new individuals have decided to come here to make a fresh new start.

Then, as the turn of the century approached with the treat of the Y2K virus, it came and went without any incident here in Gotham and everyone continued on with their lives as normal. But the peace and relative tranquility was short lived as a new villain emerged, someone from my past, someone that was almost like a brother to me as we trained together in the Tibetan mountains.

As the year 2001 drew to a close and Gotham experienced its coldest winter in over a century, a killing spree took place that gripped the city with fear and not only did it rival the sprees of the Calenderman and Holiday, but surpassed them in brutality and ruthlessness. Nothing I've ever dealt with compares to this case. It still troubles me that so many had perished and that I could not have stopped those murders from taking place. This wave of murders sent chills thought the people in this city and in time became known as the 'Gotham Homicides,' all over the country. However, right here in Gotham, it was dubbed the 'Katana Massacres.'

- Bruce Wayne