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The evil snow-men

It was a day I should have cherished and remembered, my fifteenth birthday. Instead, it was a disaster. But if I thought today was to be the worst, I had another thing coming.

"Stephanie Terri Martin! You're going to be late to your own party!" My mum yelled. I tripped up on one of my shoes and thudded to the floor.

"Are you okay there?" Mum asked

"Yeah" I groaned. Nothing would stop me from having my happy birthday. I ran down the stairs to the living room and smiled.

"You look nice" She said. I was wearing ripped style jeans which I would later regret, a nicley fitted t-shirt saying 'I'm with stupid'. Hopefully I could get Christina to stand at the side my t-shirt was pointing at. My long curly dark hair was co-operating with my today after spending some time curling it in place. "You have mail". Mail? Anybody I knew would have called, texted or e-maild. Who would snail mail me? Mum passed the letter. It was simply written 'Stephanie' in cursive on the envelope. It must have been hand delivered. Why couldn't they have just stopped over to say 'hi' if they knew where I lived? The letter said:

My Dear Stephanie,

A destiny awaits you. I hope you are ready to do what is necessary. I have waited a long time to make contact with you and it is now time. You must be strong and be prepared to make sacrifices. I can not tell you much in great detail except that a man and a woman will be there to take you somewhere safe.

Love, your Father

My mum had been watching me intentley as I read the letter. A destiny? Somewhere safe? How can this guy send me a strange letter like this? I had hardly known the guy, though I had longed to. Mum had told me how much she loved him; how he had helped her after a horrific experience of which she had never told me of. But some things don't last forever, and Dad was in the army so he had to leave. Then one day he didn't come back. Mum thinks that the enemy had captured him and that he was still alive. It turns out she was right. I sat down on a sofa, dazed.

"He's really alive"

"Yes, he is and he'll be home soon. Then we can all be together again." That sounded nice.

"But he said I had to leave to go somewhere safe. Why?" Mum was looking slightly uncomfortable. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Of course not! Now come on, you'll be late to the ice skating party."

Mum drove me to the ice rink where I met with Christina and a group of our other friends. We all got our skates and zipped up our coats, preparing for the cold. I'm not very good at ice-skating or anything, I just do it for the fun of it. Falling on ones ass is more pleasurable than you would imagine- or at least watching other people do it. Yet it was summer so at least when we were going to leave, it would be warm. Among my friends was Christina, a friend I had known for the longest. She had always been the crazy monkey. Whilst we were ice-skating, I noticed a couple on the rink. He was tall with liquid black hair, a smart looking coat and scars on his face. She was beautiful with long black hair, violet eyes and she wore a sparkly blue scarf. I watched as she tripped up and fell on the smooth cold ice. The guy burst out laughing as he helped her up. She was obviously very annoyed and decided to leave the rink. He looked at me shortly before following after her. Something about his intelligent grey eyes made me feel curious. I skated to the exit section and watched the couple argue under their breath from a distance. When I realised they had seen me staring, I turned around, pretending to mind my own business.

"Hey" A deep voice said. I nearly jumped out of my skates. I turned around to see the man with the grey eyes and prominent scars on his face.

"Err, Hi."

"Did you get the letter?"


"Good, then you had better come with us." The woman walked over to us.

"Why?" I asked.

"You're in danger" The woman said.

"I'm sorry but who are you guys?"

"Call me Kate. He's Theus, the one who claims to be a gentlemen but is really just like any other immature male." She spat.

"Okay, back to the matter at hand." Theus cut in. "You're in danger. Come with us and we'll explain everything."

"Sure, I'd might as well write my will whist I'm at it." I quipped. "I'm not stupid. I'm not wondering off with two strangers."

"Good grief, if only he would awaken and knock some sense into her."

"It is not yet time." Kate replied.

"Hey, who are your new friends?" Christina was now standing beside me.

"It doesn't matter. Come on, let's go skate." I said. Theus and Kate looked at each other.

"Magic may be needed to convince her." Kate asked.

"What did you have in mind?"

"You'll see..."

I got on the ice again and skated for some time. Ice started to build up around us. I turned to look at Kate and I saw a sinister smile on her face. The ice was starting to take shape. It took the form of a humanoid shaped beast. It roared at us and naturally, Christina roared back. It stood there bemused for a second but soon advanced on us. Soon, other ice monsters grew before our eyes. What were Kate and Theus up to? How was this happening and why did no one else notice it?

"Awesome!" Christina yelled. Trust her to see the 'positive' side of this. Honestly, am I the only normal one around here? The ice monsters were after us. There was nothing awesome about that. One attempted to punch me but I managed to trip up and somehow dodge it. Then out of nowhere, a sword pierced its chest from the other side. It exploded in front of me and turned into water. In front of me was a tall, muscular guy. He was wielding a glowing gold sword. He was nicely tanned with shaggy black hair and emerald eyes.

"Thanks for the save" I said

"The fight isn't over yet." He warned. He was right. There were plenty of these ice monsters left. How were we to fight them all? I didn't even have a weapon. "Kim, do your thing." He yelled out to a companion. Kim had long blonde hair and bright brown eyes.

"Sure thing, you guys might want to cover your eyes." She spread out her hands and a shimmering ball of light appeared. It grew brighter until I couldn't look anymore. When I finally opened my eyes again, the monsters had melted and there was an annoying spot everywhere. You know the one you get when you look directly into any light source.

The ice rink was now vacant apart from the four of us. People had used their common sense and had skated off. I looked around, searching for Kate and Theus but they were nowhere in sight. That relieved me slightly.

"Who are you guys?" I asked.

"I'm Percy Jackson. This is my friend Kim Ray. We were sent to save you from those monsters and bring you to safety." He explained.

"You two are in danger. You have powers you do not know of yet."

"Are we like mutants?" I asked

"Yes! I'm going to meet Professor Xavier!" Christina rejoiced. I rolled my eyes, feeling really embarrassed.

"All will be explained shortly." Kim replied. "First, we need to get you to camp."

Camp; outside embracing nature and bugs camp? Maybe I liked the idea of Xavier's Institute for the Young Gifted and Talented better. As long as there were cute boys...