AN: I wrote this for my sister, because I promised I would. And because it was time for the truth to be known.

Warning: Mildly implied kakairu. If you squint, it'll go away entirely.

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Kakashi had first discovered the Icha Icha series when he was fifteen. He'd found an old copy of the first volume in a corner of the mission room and took a look to see if it was important, possibly mission related.

He'd ended up staying up all night reading it. Kakashi didn't tend to read novels – after all, the purpose of such books was to provoke and manipulate the emotions of the reader, which was in direct conflict with rule 25. Besides, if you have time to read, you had time to train. So, by rights, Kakashi shouldn't have been interested in the bright orange book.

It was just such a good book. The plot was an elaborate and complexly woven maze that proved able to tantalize even the mind of a ninja trained to see underneath the underneath. And there was just so much in it – political commentary skillfully hidden between the lines, some truly diabolical satire on the life of a shinobi that had even the stoic Kakashi snickering, and… naked women.

The naked women really confused Kakashi, as they appeared at random intervals for no apparent reason. And they seemed to have had some sort of shinobi training, because they always managed to get the protagonist out of his clothes and into their clutches, despite his protests. It was rather disturbing, to be honest.

After the first two or three scenes of this, Kakashi got adept at seeing them coming and skipping them. It wasn't like they had anything to do with the story's plot, after all. Though Kakashi did wonder what techniques the women used, and if they could be applied to actual battle situations.

That question actually bugged him for a long time. It also lead to a very… enlightening conversation many years later when Iruka came home to find Kakashi with his entire Icha Icha collection out and copious notes and crumpled wads of paper around him, attempting to unlock the secret techniques of the mysterious Naked Women Clan.

See? He really DOES read them for the plot! ^U^! Hope you enjoyed and would love to know if you did!