I wrote a song (kinda) to prove to CMDonovann that I could, she claims I can't rhyme. Goes to the tune of "Don't Trust Me".Please note: the normal print is Pete the Human (Or is he? Hehe JK), the italics are Pete the Ferret.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Don't Trust Me" by 3OH!3, nor do I own Warehouse 13. Or the ferret.


Black Dress,

With the tights underneath,

I got my badge and my gun and I'm clenching my teeth,

'Cause she's in charge here;

But it just shouldn't be.

I've got vibes and intuition but I'm down at her feet.



To Nowhere, S.D.

And SHE'S here as well! Just kill me now, please.

And now we're partners

'Till we're back in D.C...

I actually could get used to this if it weren't for that ferret!


He steals my slippers, "MYKA!"

He eats my cookies, "MYKA!"

He pees in my shoes, "MYKA! GET YOUR FERRET!

Don't trust ferrets,

Never trust ferrets,

Don't trust ferrets,

So don't trust PETE!"


Came from

A wishing kettle. "Oops."

Now he lives with Myka but in the mans shoes he poops.

Now he's angry,

But Pete doesn't care.

He runs to hide in Myka's curly hair

"Keep your ferret

out of my room!"

Angry man slams

the door with a boom.

It makes Pete tremble

and quake in fear.

If ferrets could cry

he'd be drowning in tears!


He's really noisy, shake shake

He's mean to poor Pete, shake shake

Won't share the cookies, shake shake


Don't like the man

Really hate the man

Must hurt the man

Man is EVIL


Sneaks in

to man's room

Poops on the bed

about to leave, hears a boom!


the ferret in a cage

puts him in Artie's room,

much to his rage!


Artie shouts

"How'd Pete get in my room?



"You named him after ME?

You named it after me?

You named it after me?


I hate ferrets!

Really hate ferrets!



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