"Cheer to good friends and good times" We cheered raising up are glasses. But then I thought times were not always good. Let's go back to that . . .

My wet seal black heels hit the ground. I ran my fingers through my soft stick straight hair. I felt like a silk dress. Then I ran my french manicured nails through my hair once more. Then I thought back. Senior year. Me, Hanna, Mike and Noel went to Mexico for a week. It was gorgous. It was painted colorful flowers. The grass was the greenest I have ever seen. The beaches I can not even explain. The Sand flowed through my feet. It felt like silk. I remeber one night Me and noel were walking on the beach. As The sand was stuck between my white painted toes and my Juicy white ankle length dress flowed with the wind. My hand was wraped around noels and it felt so right. Me grabbed me and tossed me into the water. I laughed grabbed his hand and pulled him in with me. In splashed water in his face. Then we had a water fight then he picked me up and kissed me. I never felt so good. It was the moment for me. You know that moment you want to last for ever and ever.

Then I opened my eyes and sighed. Then pulled my Quess suitcase into my dorm. It was white. This pink purple green orange and blue. It was sparkling. And all glittery. It was my dream room and I could not wait for Hanna To come cuase she was gonna flip when she saw this. So I just had to call her. I picked up my Iphone.

"Hanna you have to see our room" I screamed.

"cool gah I miss mike. well gotta go" I said hanging up the phone. You see Hana was dating my brother mike. They were doing great until Little Miss kate stole him. Now Hana was gonna do what ever it takes to get him back.

Then hanna walked into the room in her juicy swim suit.

"Hey hottie" I said.

"Ready for the beach" She asked.

"Let me get dressed k" I said.

"Yeah hurry" she said. Then I got in the changing room.

"You just wanna see Mike" I said putting on my swim suit bottom.

"maybe" Hana blushed.

"Les go" I said pushing the door open. Then we walked out and slid The front door closed. Once we got to the beach we layed out our towels. We looked to see Noel flirting with some girl in a skimpy bikini. My heart sunk. My eyes started to water. i felt at Rosewood beach when I was just 14 and saw Noel flirting with some chick. But it was even worse. I thought He loved me. I trusted him.

"Aria aria" Hana said grabbing my arm. "U ok?" She asked.

"Lets go" I cried. Running away as I grabbed hanna's arm. Then I looked back To see Noel loOking right at me. This made me run even faster. Finally When I got to the Room to make things even worse I checked my phone. A text came up from Noel. I read it. It said We need to take a break. Tears poured out of my eyes.