Mike was hanging out with my favortie person NOEL FRICKKKKIN KAHN.

"I'm the freakin situation" Noel dsaid throw off his shirt.

"Dude Aria or Massie?" Derrick asked.

" Massie ari is so last year" Noel said.

"But she is way hotter" Cam said.

"Wanna know whos hot" Mike said.

"I know who your gonna say hanna marrin. So I say you just put the ring on her finger" Noel laughed throwing a pollow at mike. Mike blushed.

"Yeah she fine" Chris said.

"Imma call her" Noel said picking up his phone and typing her number.

"Hanna Mikes what to marry you" He joked.

" I do mike I do" Hanna joked.

"Who are you with?" Noel laughed.

"Aria" She answered. I bit my nails I wondered what he was gonna say next.

"Sweet well be" He said hanging up.

"Aria is so hot" Josh said.

" She gets her looks from me" Mike laughed.

"Yeah" Derrick laughed.

"Ok she is smooking hot but way to much darma for me" Noel said.

" She drama then way you hanging with Massie" Derrick Laughed.

" i wanna banng aria" Josh said.

"What about leash?" Cam asked. Alica was Josh Spanish girlfriend for years and years. They have dated since middle school. She thought she was hot. Ok maybe she is. But She was a toltal biiitch. I mean she gave me the meanest look today. She like Massie's sidekick.

"SNOOOOOKIIII" Chris screamed.

"JERESY SHORE BITCHESSS!" Mike scream pumping his fists in the air. Ten All the guys followed His lead.

"Yeah" Noel said.

"Sammi is hot" Cam blushed.

"Ohhhh Cam crushing" Derrick said.

"Cam hows claire bear" Chris teased. Claire was His girlfriend and like massie's sister. She was pretty and blonde. But much nicer then the rest of the girls. She was real and not as fake as Movies stars boobs like the rest of them.

" I wanna banng Snooki" Chris said. Then the full room went slient. Then tHe all started laughing.

"Snooki and Chris" They all cheered over a nd over again.