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Previously in CWYWF - Angela and Ben enjoyed a romantic interlude and Ben told Angela of his plans for the future...

(Jake's POV)

I wandered the clearing restlessly as I waited for Ben, Edward and Jasper to arrive. Paul and Embry had been quite vocal about me going on my own to meet "three leeches", but Sam had stepped in and told them it was my decision. Although I would be outnumbered, I knew I had nothing to fear. Even though I was sure Ben was more than a little pissed at me; Edward and Jasper were coming as much for his protection as mine.

The sickeningly sweet aroma that would surely set a kid on a permanent sugar high signaled their approach and I reigned in the wolf that struggled to come to the surface. It was important that Ben saw me as his buddy and not a vicious dog that was enemy to his kind. His kind. I still couldn't believe the choice I had made for him when it came right down to the final moment…I only hoped that he saw it as a gift rather than a curse.

I watched as they entered the clearing, Edward leading the way. They stopped suddenly and I suspected Ben had changed his mind, but they resumed their approach almost immediately.

"I was beginning to think you weren't going to show." It probably wasn't the most welcoming greeting, but it was all I could muster as I stared into Ben's dark blood-red eyes. His face was expressionless, set in stone, and a small part of me sullenly wondered if there was anything human left of my friend.

"Sorry, Jake. We stopped to hunt along the way." Edward cleared his throat and fought back a smirk. "You will have to give Ben a minute – he wasn't quite prepared for your…scent."

"I believe you mean stench, Edward," Ben retorted before I even had a chance to respond. "Jake, you just reek, man."

"Don't even go there buddy – at least I don't smell like funeral home flowers!" I jabbed back, hoping that it was going to be just that easy to fall back into our familiar ways.

Ben chuckled and then moved a little closer. "I would tell Edward and Jasper to take a hike, but they would stay within hearing distance anyway so I'll just go ahead and say what I need to with them here, all right?"

I nodded silently, immediately noting that the conversation had definitely taken on a darker tone. I wanted to speak up and apologize, but the words just wouldn't come so I waited for him to take the lead, hoping that I would be able to make him understand why I had done what I had done.

"Jake, I can forgive you for a lot of what has happened and I want you to know that I'm glad you made the choice you did, but what I can't get past…what I can't comprehend, is why you didn't tell me there was a possibility that Ang was alive?"

"Because she isn't alive!" The words slipped out before I could think and Edward and Jasper grabbed at Ben's shoulders as a growl ripped from deep inside.

"Jacob!" Edward's glare spoke loudly and I backed up a bit, backpedaling with my words at the same time.

"Ben, that's not what I meant, dammit. This isn't easy, ya know? What I meant was that she was no longer human and I didn't even know for sure that she was a vampire until I saw you all doe-eyed in the cemetery and then Bella confirmed it."

"Fine, but you knew about Bella!" Ben shouted.

"Yeah, I knew about Bella, but that didn't mean Angela was in the same boat and even if I had known I wouldn't have told you." I paused briefly but knew that I had to pull my foot out of my mouth shortly or they were gonna let him tear me to pieces. "Man, you don't know what it was like, having the girl I …" I shrugged at Edward, "the girl I thought I loved turned into a monster I'm supposed to hate with every part of my being. I struggled every day with what I had become, what Bella had become and the realization that I would never have her…that I never really did have her."

"You should have given me the choice, Jake!"

"How could I have given you the choice? You only knew what you did, because of that red-headed bitch and the fact that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do you have any idea how many rules I broke that day? And the following days, answering your questions and telling you what I did? Sam nearly had my hide for telling you those things, but I couldn't lie to you. You were my best friend, Ben, and no matter what I couldn't lie to you about that."

(Ben's POV)

I wanted to be angry. I wanted to tear him to shreds for denying me the opportunity to find Angela earlier, but deep down I knew he was right. He didn't really know what had happened to her and even if he had been able to tell me about Bella, it wouldn't have necessarily led me to the conclusion that they were together. If things hadn't happened as they , I might have spent my entire life looking for a ghost.

The Cullens had made it quite clear to me from the moment that I awoke to this new life that the existence of vampires was a secret that must be kept; the one vampire law that could not be broken. I also knew the risk that Jacob had taken, not only when he acknowledged what I saw, but also in going against the pack and asking Bella to change me.

I looked up to find him staring at me waiting for a reaction. "Why did you do it, Jake?" When I saw the exasperation in his eyes, I reworded my question. "Why did you ask Bella to change me? If vampires are something you seem so hell-bent on destroying, why would you ask her to turn me into one?"

"I can't believe you're gonna make me say this." His discomfort was obvious, much to the delight of Edward and Jasper. "Not all bloodsuc…er vamps are monsters."

"I would so love to post this moment on YouTube," Jasper whispered to Edward, knowing full well that Jacob heard him.

Jacob scowled at my brother for a moment and then continued. "You have to understand that our first instinct as wolves is to hate your existence. I mean the only reason we change in the first place is because you exist. I hated what happened to Bella when Edward left and I hated vamps even more when people I loved and cared for…people like Charlie…started turning up torn apart. "

I nodded, remembering the details Edward and Jacob had shared about Charlie's death.

Jacob moved to a log and sat, his head hanging low as he continued. "Bella told me what happened with Angela and why she was changed. " His eyes found Edward's. "She also told me why you did it."

"It was not an easy choice, Jacob."

Jake nodded at Edward's comment and looked at me, his eyes full of sorrow. "I understand that only too well, but when it came right down to it, Ben…it was the only choice I had. I knew you could finally be happy. You're my best friend, man, how could I not want that?"

I moved towards the log where Jake sat and without hesitation, extended my hand. Jake stared at it for only a moment before grabbing and shaking it. The tension dissipated, Edward and Jasper nodded silently as I took a seat beside him on the log and moved into the trees, wanting to give us a sense of privacy to discuss a few things.

I told Jacob of my wishes for Mrs. Weber to have my house and how I wanted him to handle the arrangements for me. I handed him the keys to my new truck and told him that the transfer of ownership to his name had already been done so he couldn't argue, explaining that Angela and I planned to travel a lot and really had no need for the vehicle. He pocketed the keys without hesitation.

"So that means things with the two of you are good?" Jacob asked.

I looked at him questioningly, "Why wouldn't they be?"

"She must have been some pissed about the whole Leah thing, man," Jacob chuckled.

Leah. I hadn't even thought to ask about her. Seeming to sense my reaction, Jacob grinned.

"She's doing okay, Ben." He kicked a stone with his runner and glanced towards the treeline. "They released Matt from the hospital last Sunday so we really haven't seen much of the two of them since then."

We had learned a few details about Leah's imprint over the past few weeks. Matt Roberts, a geology student from British Columbia, had spent the past few months hiking the mountain range in Washington, taking notes for his thesis. He hadn't realized that he had wandered into an avid hunting area and after a thorough investigation the shooting was deemed accidental.

"So how did Leah explain the whole wolf thing?" I asked.

Jacob chuckled. "Turns out that Matt is a descendant of the Puyallup tribe and was quite aware of some of the old stories shared among the people. He was a little shocked at first, but took the news well and has adapted to the whole imprint thing quite well." He looked off again into the trees, almost wistful. "Thankfully Leah hasn't phased much so we don't have to hear all the details."

"You will meet her Jake…"

He looked back at me, nodding. "Hopefully someday."

…Two years later…

The moment had finally arrived. I stood nervously at the altar, Jake fidgeting at my side. I glanced at him quickly only to find him making eyes at his very pregnant wife, Melissa.

Elbowing him, he straightened up and quietly whistled through his teeth as we watched Angela approach. Dressed in a gown of ivory silk, she truly was an angel, her hair twisted into a fountain of curls embroidered with apple blossoms. In her hands she clutched her father's well-worn bible adorned with rosebuds and greenery. She smiled brightly first at Carlisle, who stood before us, then at me and I felt as if my quiet heart would explode from my chest.

Taking my hand, she turned back and leaned down to kiss the weathered skin of her mother's cheek. Mrs. Weber beamed, and put her hand over ours, never hesitating at the iciness of our skin compared to hers. What Jacob told her I would never know, but he had given my soon-to-be wife the perfect gift and I would be eternally grateful.

We turned to Carlisle and our forever began…

The end

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