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On Someone Else's Shore

It's not a barren wasteland like he might have expected once upon a time. Long before him and Mal began their experiments to go as deep as possible, he had always sort of imagined a big, open desert with bits of junk scattered about, half-buried in the sand. There was indeed sand, as he and Mal later discovered, but there was ocean and rocks, buildings and so on, too.

The second time he's there, after Robert and Ariadne take the Kick, after the Mal projection has faded away, he's not there to experiment or build. He's there to find Saito and bring him back to the surface, preferably before their brains turn into nothing up there or his mind falls away and he forgets everything down here.

As he wanders deserted streets, he realizes he's not exactly sure what to do, where to start and this is new for him. He's very good at figuring things out, at thinking ahead and instinctively knowing what to do. He's at a loss as to what to do here now, how to find Saito.

The problem is that when he was previously down here, he was focused on Mal and their children and the world they built, and that's all he saw. Their world, usually void of other people, or sometimes fleeting images or shadows just out of reach, memories just out of his grasp. At the time, it didn't matter that other people, projections, didn't bother them. It was just him and Mal and their world and their memories.

So if this was his world, how did he find someone else in it?

The answer he discovers more by accident than anything else. After spending weeks searching buildings, streets, houses and so on in what is his abandoned world, there's only one place to go. So he wanders down to the shore and is somehow unsurprised to see an old boat there. He gets in and starts rowing for the horizon.

Sunburnt and exhausted, he finally hits another shore. He finds another city, also right on the shoreline but different. He doesn't really take in the details as he takes shelter immediately and sleeps - dreamlessly, of course, and it feels like he's just simply not there for a mere few seconds before opening his eyes again, no longer dead on his feet. It's still sunny out and though he aches all over, he gets up and begins searching this city for his friend, noting with a certain amusement that he now considers Saito a "friend" after their experiences together.

It continues like this for a very long time, and he begins to lose track of how long, begins to forget why he's there or what he's doing. He keeps going on, determined to reach his goal, even if he can no longer remember what it is.

Sometimes in the cities and on the new shores he finds, there are people. Sometimes they interact with him, sometimes they don't seem to see him or know he exists. At one point, he heads underground into a strange building that has sunny windows though it's certainly a good hundred feet below the pavement. Normally this would be strange, but after all he's seen, he doesn't think anything is all that strange anymore.

In this building, he searches the hundreds of rooms, using the lift at the end of a hallway, and discovers more floors. Everything is empty, but it seems to be an office complex of sorts. Everything is still, deserted.

He takes the lift to a floor that opens to a dark hallway with a single door at the end. He approaches it, and when he enters, he's surprised to see a giant room, built much like a stadium, behind it. Down in the centre of the room is a tall stone archway and a moth-eaten curtain hanging from it. It sways slightly as if there is a breeze, though there is not one that he can feel.

He stares at the archway for a good period of time, perplexed and intrigued by it. But then he feels the need to move on, knows instinctively that this is not what he is searching for – but what is? - and moves on.

He is ready to leave this city, having not found whatever it is he needs to find – he'll know it when he sees it, he's certain of that, at least. When he reaches the beach, he finds a tall man with longish dark hair standing still and staring out at the sea. He's wearing some sort of robe and when Dom goes to walk past him, ignoring him, to Dom's utter surprise, the man speaks.

"I don't remember you," he says.

Dom turns, and realizes he has almost forgotten how to speak – how long has it been? He's not even sure how to respond, but it doesn't matter, as the man speaks again anyway.

"I don't remember much anymore, though, so that's not really saying something." The ghost of a smile appears on the man's lips. "How did you get here?"

Dom squints, racking his brain for the answer, which seems such a simple one to give. He and Mal...? No, that was before. Before what? A few faces flash in his mind but he can't hold onto them. Then he thinks he can remember a storm and someone falling...

"It was a job," he finally says. "I'm here to finish the job."

"Did you die too?" asks the man.

Dom has never considered this possibility before. Instantly he feels scared, like he failed and then there's a desperate need to run. He hears a voice, then, that says, "Find Saito. Come back."

"No." Dom states firmly and the panic subsides.

The man looks surprised for a moment, then sort of shrugs and turns his eyes back to the ocean.

Dom is about to leave, but something... there's something keeping him rooted here. "Are you... Saito?" he questions hesitantly.

The man shakes his head. "Sirius Black."

"Are you dead?"

A heavy pause. "I think so."

Dom shifts his weight to his other foot, feeling suddenly uncomfortable. "I'm sorry."

Sirius turns and gives Dom a small, haunted smile.

After a few minutes, he turns to leave and Dom finds his boat. Just a few days later, both had already forgotten about the other.

It's either months or years later and Dom survives a freak storm that destroys his little boat. He's kept his gun the whole time, though he has no idea how or even how to operate it anymore. He washes up on yet another shore and this time the people there take serious note of him. They haul him up into the Asian style house on the rocks and when Dom meets the host, something clicks.

"Waiting to die alone..."

"From a half-remembered dream..."

This is it.

"Saito," Dom says to the ancient man across the table from him. "Come back."

And they do.

A/n: This was tougher to write than I expected for some reason. I just had this strong picture in my mind of Dom finding the veil in the Department of Mysteries (or perhaps what the veil connects to...) while he was in limbo, and then everything else sort of was built around that. I wasn't even sure if Dom was going to meet Sirius, but he showed up, and ya. There will be a second chapter for this, about Sirius instead of Dom, because there's one more specific idea kicking around in my brainbox for this mini-crossover. Anyways, thanks for reading! Reviews are like oxygen.