Author's note – I have but to words: Sorry, enjoy.

The good news soon spread of Connie's pregnacy. As time went on, days turned to weeks and weeks into months. In fact it wasn't long before those around the ship started to see the baby signs of the expectant mother.

Lino couldn't be happier. Finally, a child to call his own! How blessed was he?

Connie, being unable to do as many things as before, decided to take up the past time hobbies of cooking and knitting. After all, when the baby came, he or she would need good nourishment and clothing. Lino was another story altogether.

Everyday he would make sure he brought some kind of gift home for her; candies, coral flowers you name it, he bought it. In truth, when the pregnancy was in it's furthur stages, Lino even began bringing presents for the baby!

"The kid's not even born yet and you're coddling them!" Connie joked while at the hospital. It was the first time they were going to get a baby scan this far through.

"This is our first kid. I want everything to go perfect. Even if that means spoiling you both rotten!" Lino replied.

The two sat and chatted while they waited for the appointment. Finally, the nusre came out and called for the couple, both as nervous as eachother. As they were led to a different room, Connie lay down on the medical bench while Lino took comfort from a seat nearby.

After a short wait, Dr. Alkai made her appearence. The middle aged great white smiled upon the couple.

"Well now Connie, you've got a lot bigger than the last time I saw you" Dr. Alkai observed. She nodded a greeting to Lino as she took a seat next to the scanning computer.

"How have you been feeling? Any pains or abnormal signs?" She quized whilst setting up the equipment.

"Only a few back pains and fin cramps, apart from that I'm all good!"

"Yeah, me bein' the slave to her majesty n' all" Lino joked, earning him a playful tap from his wife. Dr. Alkai let out a small chuckle before reaching out to get a blue tube from in the desk's drawer.

"When you're ready." She said waiting for their approval to begin the scan. The expectant couple looked at eachother and then back to their doctor, nerves uncontrolable. Both taking a deep breath, they nodded for the doctor to begin.

With that, Dr. Alkai instructed Connie to lie still as she covered her gloves in the scanning gel.

"This is going to be a little cold," she warned as she applied the substance over Connie's stomach. The doctor reach over to the machine and pulled out an hose like item. With the greatest of care, she pressed it against Connie's stomach and began a circular motion while setting the frequency of the machine.

Connie was amazed with sight before her; "Oh D, look!" The couple sat observing the screen with pure delight, as the figure of their unborn baby was visable. As for Dr. Alkai, once she'd done one scan she'd done them all.

Lino reached over to hold Connie's offering fin. "Can't get over how big it's since the first. It's natural to be that big at eight months... right doc?" He questioned, his eyes mesmerised by the screen. Connie took note of his expressions and sighed inwardly. From the look on his face, she knew that he was just as interested as her in having this baby.

The doctor chuckled at Lino's lack of knowledge about baby development. "Yes, it shows the little one's growing well and is in good health" she explained. Lino smiled at that, "well then, bigger the better!" Connie raised an eyebrow before turning to him.

"Are you giving birth?" She questioned, earning a kiss on the cheek from her husband and making them all chuckle.

Unfortunately Dr Alkai had to end the appointment and soon the equiment was put away, leaving the medic to brief the couple on the baby's arrival.

"Now, this is your last scan till the cherub arrives, so I'll need to go though a few things," she began. "It's due around the time of May, most likely between 20th to 31st at LATEST. Anytime over the date and we will have to do a C-section. Connie, make sure you get plenty of rest and always eat for two. And as for you Mr. Lino... pamper her like no tomorrow!"

"Will do doc, will do" Lino beamed sliding a fin round Connie's sholder as they left the room.

The next day, Connie was more than shocked to find a baby shower being held in the dinning room... especially as it was for her.

"Sorry we're a little late C but we wanted to it properly!" Her best friend Marie said as they swam toward some chairs. "Besides unlike most of us here, this is your first. And we gotta make sure you got everything."

"You shouldn't have, mainly because Dalmazio already beat you to it!" The friends laughed together before Connie was literally showered with baby gifts. From pacifiers to baby bouncers; the amount presents Connie received from her friends were enough to last the baby all through infancy, let alone a couple of months or so. After all the presents were opened and put to one side, the ladies quizzed Connie on their plans for the baby. Names, probability of the gender, even what colour they'd painted the nursery.

"Isn't it exciting? I can't wait to be in your stages Connie." Said another friend called Rachael, who just so happened to be in the early stages of having twins. Marie added, "Honey, it is one of the most exhausting and most amazing things in your life. Now, you remember Connie, they are free and more than welcome to play with my little Tony. He'll be turning one in the next four months. I'm sure he'd love to have someone to play with more or less his own age."

They chatted long and hard about each other's experiences, so long in fact, Connie had forgot about her schedule.

"My antenatal classes!" She exclaimed looking at the time. "Dalmazio will probably be wondering where I am. And I have put these all away-"

"Don't worry 'bout it, we'll clean up here." Marie said while beginning to pack stuff away. Connie looked at her friends' faces in concern. "Are you sure?" Marie smiled, "what are friends for?"

"Ouch!" Lino moaned as he lifted his head away from his wife's stomach. Connie giggled at his expression.

"Now you know how I feel most the time" she said rubbing the spot soothing the movements. Once he'd recovered Lino put one fin around Connie while the other rested once again upon her stomach, stroking it slowly.

"Not long now. Any moment now we'll actually be able to hold 'em, then I can share half the pain" he joked. Connie nuzzled into his neck as he turned on the TV, only to find a parenting video set up instead of his boxing match.

He looked at her in confushion, "Connie! What about the match?" "We have to prepare D" Connie said simply turning up the volume. "Until this baby is old enough, your just going swap boxing gloves for pacifers." Lino shifted his head down to her stomach again and whispered, "Here that. Your mama's no push ova'." Connie just shook his head and sighed inwardly, but before she could fully get into her show, Lino put on a mischevious face.

"But, as the kid ain't here yet, we may as well enjoy the free time we have left" he said motioning toward the remote with his icy blue eyes. Connie felt a series of light kick from her stomach, as if in agreement with the suggestion. Defeated, she rolled her eyes and handed the remote to her husband, who received it eargerly. She looked down toward her abodomen and sighed as she stroked it slowly. It was going to be a long night.