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Chapter Two

Edward's POV

I was standing in my bedroom, my newly bought blinds drawn closed, shielding me from the sunlight and prying eyes. I was standing in front of a mirror I'd borrowed from Rosalie. She hadn't asked why I'd needed it, just said to return it in one piece.

Her thoughts had been confused, however. She'd wondered why I'd needed it, among other things. I hadn't answered any of her questions.

The answer, after all, was that I just wanted to see the scars again. They were on my back, so I could barely see them. But I'd wanted to see how horrible they could possibly be to freak Rosalie out that once.

I hadn't looked before, actually—well, except for right after and I'd been looking in river. It had been unclear how bad it was and I'd been too scared to look again.

They weren't too bad...

I frowned at my reflection anyway, noting my pale skin and the marring prick marks all along my upper back, mostly between my shoulder blades.

I sighed, and untwisted my upper body. Well, this wasn't good. Hopefully Bella would never notice...

I winced. No, no, Bella wouldn't be seeing me shirtless, unless we were swimming.



I sighed and just slipped back on my shirts. I didn't want to do this, but it seemed like the only way to make Carlisle realize what he'd done to me. He hated people being hurt or sad. I'd make Bella both.

Oddly enough, he hadn't cared when I was hurt or sad, not after Esme. But I'm sure pushing around Bella a few times would get him riled up.

Man, I was sick.

I was heartbroken.

Same thing, I suppose...if it led you to do something as twisted as this...

I just hoped Bella was like the average teenage girl nowadays. You know, they thought they had all the power in the world but thought guys were all that mattered? Yeah, those sort.

She probably wouldn't even mind.

...Now I was justifying it.


I blinked, surprised. The shrill shriek was a shock, especially since I'd tuned my gift into something that was just background noise...unless I wanted it to be something else.

Oh, wait. She'd yelled aloud.

"Yes, Alice...?" I asked tiredly, straightening my shirt and running my fingers through my hair.

I focused on her thoughts then and was hit with her ideals on new French fashions, her thoughts on how Jasper was sweet, how sulky I was, and more. I tried to find what she wanted to tell me, but then she blocked me by recounting Greek figures.

I wanted to curse; right then.

I didn't, though. I didn't use profanity. It only seemed right to be the best little monster I could be now.

"I want to talk to you!"

I scowled.

"Then come up," I hissed.

Why did she have to be so loud? She lived in a family of vampires.

"No, you come down."

I growled, but just walked to the door and opened it. I was somewhat surprised by seeing Alice right there, but not really.

"I thought you said you wanted me to come down."

"I couldn't wait."

Of course she couldn't...

"Okay," I said, leaning against my door.

Alice looked up at me with her big, brownish-amber eyes. "Is it true, then? Did you meet Bella yesterday? You wouldn't let me talk to you. You wouldn't let anyone talk to you. And we're all missing school today so you can talk to us. Plus, you need to hunt again with..."

I put a hand over her mouth. It didn't help much, but it felt productive. "Shut up and just come inside. I'll...tell you."

I shoved all my plans deeper into my little locked treasure box. It was a metaphor of a thing, but I think it worked. Alice hadn't had any visions of me. I was sure of it.

Well, ones that didn't include Bella and I in a relationship.


This was going to be hard.

Alice took my hand off her mouth and side-stepped me then. She then and entered the room without a second thought and plopped down on my couch, ungracefully.

Alice tried too hard at being a human.

"Okay, Edward, hurry up. It's been forty-six seconds," she whined.

I frowned again, wondering how Jasper put up with her on a daily basis, and sat down across from her, back against the wall.

"What do you want to know?" I asked, finally.

I was watching her face and reading her thoughts. Her thoughts were jumbled and no visions were due.


"Well, tell me what she looks like." Alice was looking at me like I was an idiot.

"You already know that."

"Yes, but I want you to tell me."

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Alice...this is embarrassing..." I lied through my teeth, my voice pitchy and whiny.

That was unusual for me, but she just seemed to grin wider.

Why did I wait so many years to try something like this? Oh, right. No girl with a blank mind and lovely scented blood to set my mind in motion.

"Come on, Edward...please?" Alice asked, shooting me her best I'm-a-kicked-puppy look.

"Fine," I said, in a purposeful resigned tone. "She has shiny, long, dark brown hair that goes down past her shoulders—it looks silky, honestly—and a heart-shaped face. She has eyes that look like that thing humans like, you know, chocolate? And she's really pale, almost like us... I couldn't read her mind, either..."

Alice actually squealed.

Why the freak is she so bloody loud? I questioned, giving the ceiling a long-suffering look.

Sure, He probably wasn't on my side, but I could try, right?

I decided to continue. Overkill didn't seem to be a problem when someone gushed over their latest crush.

Why did people do that, anyway? They made themselves seem obsessed.

Oh, well.

"She comes to about here," I said, holding my hand in a salute gesture at my mid chest, "and she's very curvy, I guess..."

Why did I have the feeling if I opened my door the rest of the Cullen Coven would fall into my bedroom?

I sent out pointed feelings of lust, anyway, for Jasper's benefit, and then guilt. It was fun to tease him.

But, seriously, with all these tricks up my sleeve—why hadn't I done this a century ago? Had I really been that heartbroken I couldn't scheme?

"She sounds beautiful, Edward," Alice said, still smiling at me, "are you going to invite her over to dinner, soon?"

I almost swallowed my tongue. That wouldn't do at all...

"No, Alice!" I exclaimed, with mock outrage.

She jumped and her eyes widened.

Was I that good of the actor...?

Wait, why did I even ask that? I'd been acting for the past few decades.

"Why not, Edward?" she asked me, pouting out her bottom lip.

I saw images of the girl's sweats and jeans being changed out for low-cut, tight-fitting designer dresses.


Was she trying to make me sick? I didn't want to see all that.

Of course, maybe if Alice could turn Bella into a more confidant, well-dressed, and ready-to-face-the-world woman, it would be worth it.

I'd be helping her...

I was justifying it again.

"Well, think about it Alice," I said, back to acting, "we're vampires, remember?"

Alice blinked at me. "And...?"

"It would never work out," I said, and then sighed.

Alice smiled again, the look almost too feral. It scared me a bit.

"But see, Edward, I had a vision! You two are going to be fine. You won't hurt her."

That was good to know...

I frowned, anyway. "But that might change if I make a split-second wrong decision, you can only see what happens if I don't change my mind any."

Alice nodded. "That's true. But if you're so against getting with her, why can I already see wedding plans?"

I blanched at the thought.

She blinked again. "What?"

"Nothing," I said shakily, knowing I'd never go that far. I shoved that thought into the box in my head, too.

I'd have to do this very carefully, for Bella's sake and mine. If Bella got attached to me too much, I'd be as horrible as Carlisle.

"Can you see Bella's future?" I asked quietly.

"Sort of, but there are a lot of blurry spaces," Alice said, with a slight shrug.

Thank goodness... I thought, as a new idea formed in my mind.

After all, maybe I was underestimating all this. Bella didn't have to be a pawn, per say, an accomplice however...

On the inside, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, happy with my new plot. On the outside, I seemed to be brooding, according to Alice's thoughts.

"I'll let you think some more about all this, but I really think this would be good for you, Edward," Alice informed me quietly.

I nodded a little, "Maybe."

It might be, after all. Revenge is sweet...right?

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