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Ranma ran his fingers through Akane's soaked hair. Their heavy pants had faded and she nestled her cheek against her fiancee's chest. The crisp evening breeze passing through the window neutralized the steamy, erotic aroma of the bathroom.

Though, in reality the experience had ended quickly, the memory of it was almost magical to Akane. She peaked up at her love, who layed next to her, caked in sweat. He stared up at the ceiling. Small droplets stuck to the handsome physique of his face.

"So..." He finally met her eyes. "Did I..."

When he didn't finish, she raised an eyebrow.

He cleared his throat and tried again. "...Are you...satisfied?"

She smirked. Elongating, she kissed his cheek. "Very..."

Ranma smiled in response. He glanced around the bathroom and seconds later his smile faded. "You know we can't stay like this too much longer."

"I know." She rolled over and crawled to her knees, then rewrapped her towel around her body. Released from her weight, Ranma sat up. "Kasumi or Nabiki could return soon...You can take your shower first."

He stood to his feet and covered himself with his own towel. She wrapped her arms around his torso, still smirking. "Okay."

Ranma stared down at the beautiful girl before him. None of it had been expected of that day. But he was beyond appeased. He had gotten to confess his love, make Akane happy, and assure his future wife. He wouldn't have preferred things to turn out any other way.

Suddenly, her expression changed. She examined random spots on his body and frowned. "Wow..."

She ran a hand over a spot on his neck. Ranma winced at the sore pain that followed.

"Did...Did I do all of this?" She examined the deep, pink bite-mark on his neck. Then the red scratches lined down his shoulders and chest. Next, she noticed a faint bruise that had formed on his shoulders and cheek. (Most likely from their violent encounter from earlier.)

Ranma glared at her. "Yeah. You did."

Akane gasped. "Oh...Ranma, I'm so sorry." She gently traced the bruise.

Without deny, they did look quite sexy. Especially the scratches.

But sexy or not, she felt horrible.

Her face molded with concern. "Do they hurt?"

He shrugged. "Eh...It wasnt that bad. The blows from earlier were a lot worse."

Akane stroked one of his scratches. They looked terrible. Suddenly, Dr. Tofu's lecture regarding her paraphilia reminded her of the much needed therapy. "Ranma, how would you feel if I received treatment?"

He blinked, cluelessly. "What're you talkin about?"

"Dr. Tofu said that therapy can get rid of this..."condition"."

Ranma's eyes went wide. "What?...You actually told him about it?"

"Well, yeah. When you didnt want to help me anymore. I knew I had to get help from someone."


She frowned. "So I'm going t get therapy. And I'll be normal again."

Ranma nodded. After a moments hesitation, he looked at her with curiosity.

"Wait...Does it ...really bother you that much?" His tone was serious.

Akane stared at him in disbelief. "Ranma, look at you!...I practically tore you to shreds."

He looked dwn and examined himself. " were pretty wild."

Akane glanced away in shame. "I can't keep doing this to you."

Ranma noticed her hurt visage. He put on a smile and scratched his nose. "Hey...come on. Y' don't hafta make it seem so serious. I mean, this is pretty mild compared to what you usually do when you're mad...I kinda like you this way.'

She turned back and looked at him with soft eyes. "...Y-You sure?"

He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah...And if you think about it, its not THAT weird. This is actually kinda normal behavior for a tomboy type like yourse- Ugh!" Ranma grunted and knelt over after Akane punched his stomach.

"Don't start," she said crossing her arms over her chest.

He straightened up and held his stomach. "...The point is..." He looked Akane in the eyes. "With or without the whole crazy violent fetish...I'll accept you."

Her arms fell from their crossed position. "Really?"

"Yeah...I mean, either way you'll always be the macho, violent Akane I've always known."

Her mouth curved into a frown. Ranma held his hands up and quickly continued before he struck a nerve. "BUT...Now you're MY macho, violent Akane...and this new side of you is a lot sexier."

Her facial expression went flat. "So...I shouldn't try to get rid of it?"

Ranma rested his hands on her waist and kissed her forehead. "Honestly...It's up to you're unhappy, then do what you thinks best. But either way, I don't care. She felt her heart pulsate. "Aww," she smiled. "Ranma."

He smiled and released her.

"See. When you're not a jerk, you can be quite sweet."

Ranma felt a slight stab. "Hey!"

Akane laughed at her revenge.

" when you're not being a tomboy, you can actually...oh, wait...that never happens."

Akane ceased her laughter and glared. She shoved him. "Jerk."

"I never said I wasn't." He stuck his tongue at her in return. In a fit of laughter, he dodged her next blow and took off.

"Moron! Come back here." She chased him out of the bathroom and down the hall.

Later that night, Akane and Ranma sat at the dinner table, accompanied by Kasumi and Nabiki. Both sisters had been dismayed at the amount of house damage they arrived home to. Out of guilt, Akane and Ranma immediately restored the house, undoing the damage of their rough methods of affection.

"What were you two doing while we were gone, anyway? I mean, that mess was ridiculous. Even a tornado would have left less damage.," said the middle Tendo sister, scornfully.

Kasumi nodded in agreement. "Father would have been upset if he had returned early and saw that."

"Sorry," both teens apologized for the third time. Neither of them looked up from their food. Kasumi finished serving dinner and happened to notice the numerous amount of injuries Ranma had.

"Akane...Ranma. Have you two been fighting again?"

They both peeked up from their plates, but said nothing.

Nabiki stared. "Yeah. I bet thats how they destroyed the house...Well, do us all a favor and remind us to NEVER leave you two alone at home again."

Ranma rubbed his newest bruise in exasperation. "...I sure will."

Akane glanced over at him through the corners of her eyes. Reaching under the table, she swatted his knee. Ranma pretended to be unfazed by the action.

When Kasumi and Nabiki seemed to be paying the least bit attention to the two, Ranma reached over and pinchedhis fiancee's bottom in retaliation.

She jolted in surprise. The stinging pain melted into a warm, pleasant sensation.

Glaring at him, she silently assured that she'd make him pay later on. Ranma nonchalantly continued his dinner as if he hadn't noticed her threat. When the room had suddenly grown too quiet, the couple looked up to find Nabiki staring at them with suspicion and Kasumi looking at them curiously.

The couple tensed up. "...W-What is it?," Akane asked.

She desperately hoped the two hadn't somehow seen right through their casual front for secrecy.

Without replying, Kasumi went back to gathering empty dishes and Nabiki turned back to her dinner. (Though she still sensed something was different between the two.)

Akane and Ranma blew silent breaths of relief. She threw Ranma a blameful look for almost blowing their cover.

" was your day?" Akane asked her sisters, breaking the obvious and tenseful suspicion in the room.

Dinner continued and ended casually.