Considering my preference for the BBXRae pairing, I suppose it was inevitable that such a story would come to be. This is a slightly different take on Season 4, beginning with the Birthmark episode.

Chapter 1- Calm before the Storm

And what rough beast, its hour come at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

William Butler Yeats- The Second Coming

"I just want to get home before tomorrow comes." Beast Boy watched in confusion as Raven turned and flew back in the direction of the tower. Something had been different about her tonight. Sure, she sounded exactly the same, and her behavior might not have changed in the least, but it was subtler than that. He could see it in her body language, and even her scent had changed.

Raven was scared.

He scratched the back of his head, his eyes following her shrinking form. "What's so special about tomorrow?" His teammates merely shrugged, each of them watching Raven vanish from sight. They were unaware of the events taking place far below their feet.

The floor of an underground cavern began to tremble. The walls shook, stone cracked, and the cave seemed ready to fall in upon itself. Stalactites crashed around the lone figure in the room's center, standing tall and firm against the quake. The rock began to boil upwards, breaking apart as something fought its way to the surface. A gloved hand finally punched free, and hellish light shone up as the one-eyed man pushed himself free of the ground.

Slade examined his surroundings, giving Terra's statue a casual glance. Revenge could wait; he had a message to deliver.

"The day… has begun."

Beast Boy drew in a sharp breath as he clutched at his gut. His knees buckled, almost causing him to fall onto the deck of the oil rig. It felt as though someone had just dumped a bucket of ice into his stomach. He ground his teeth together as every hair on his body stood on end. His gaze whipped from side to side, and without a word to the others, he ran for the edge of the rig, diving over the side. He morphed into a crow mid fall then flapped towards the tower as fast as he could manage.

Alighting onto the roof, he resumed his human form and hurtled down the stairs, nearly trampling over Raven in his haste. Her gaze turned to meet him as he passed, and if each of them had not been preoccupied with their own thoughts, they might have noticed the identical expressions of fear on the other's face. The moment passed in an instant, and they each vanished into their rooms.

Something was coming

Beast Boy sat huddled in the corner of his room, arms wrapped around himself as he rocked back and forth. His eyes would occasionally dart between the window and the door as though he expected something to burst through at any moment. He tried to tell himself that there was nothing wrong, that he was just imagining things.

"Just monsters under the bed, that's all. Just letting my imagination-"

A soft creaking sound came from the hallway as someone approached his room, and the boy's ears flattened to the sides of his head. A low growl began to build in his throat, the desperate warning of an animal backed into a trap. The footsteps paused at his door, and low rapping of knuckles sounded off the metal. His muscles tensed, every fiber of his body preparing to fight his way to safety.

"Beast Boy, are you in there? You had us worried with how quickly you took off earlier. Is something wrong?" His ears perked up at the sound of Robin's voice.

'It's just Robin, nothing to be afraid of, just go open the door.' He rose to his feet slowly, feeling as though his entire body was resisting the motion. Forcing a smile to his face, he slid the door open and met his leader's concerned gaze.

"Heya Rob! Sorry about ditching everyone, just felt sick all of a sudden. A little too much tofu before saving the day, gives you a bit of indigestion." He laughed nervously, his eyes sweeping down the hallway.

Robin frowned. "Come on Beast Boy, we've been friends for more than enough time for me to know when you're lying. I can't help if you won't tell me what's really bothering you."

Beast Boy sighed and leaned wearily against the doorframe. "I know dude, but really, I just don't feel well at all right now. I'm sure it'll clear up sooner or later."

"If that's all the problem is, then alright. It can't be good for you to be cooped up in your room though. Would you like to join us down in the main room? I'm sure Cy wouldn't mind fixing you some soup to calm down your stomach." Robin paused as Beast Boy stiffened, eyes widening in fear.

'The main room? But it's so wide open, and all those windows! No way, it's not safe, too exposed, can't do it.' He shook his head quickly and stepped back into his room.

"No thanks Rob I'm sure I just need to sleep it off night," he said quickly before shutting the door in the other boy's face. Leaping away from the entrance, he headed for another corner, ignoring Robin's voice on the other side.

He sighed in relief as his back met the wall. Safe again. Nothing could catch him from behind now. He listened as Robin's knocking ended and the Boy Wonder's footsteps faded into the distance. He drew in another gulp of air as his heart rate slowly began to fall. Hours seemed to tick by, and the feeling only increased.

Something was coming.

He could feel that disaster was looming on the horizon. One of the side effects to possessing the DNA of animals was the inclusion of their sixth sense. He could feel when an earthquake was about to strike, or if a damaged building was on the verge of collapse. Whenever unseen danger was imminent, it was as if the animals inside him were calling out in his mind.

And tonight, they were screaming.

He pushed himself back further as the chill settled into an ache in his chest. Something bad was going to happen today, and all of his instincts were telling him to escape, to leap straight through the window and fly or swim as hard and fast as possible until Jump City was far behind him.

He closed his eyes and tried to focus through the cacophony of sounds. What was going to happen? Why was today so important?

'Wait… didn't Raven say she didn't want to be outside at midnight? And she's been acting nervous all week. Does she know something about this?' The question seemed to bring clarity to his mind, and the noises subsided. Beast Boy rose to his feet and headed out the door. He was still terrified, but now he was going to do something about it.

Emerging into the hallway, he cast a hesitant glance behind him before shifting into an owl and gliding into the evidence room. It was early morning, and the tower was quiet and still. His neck swiveled around, his night vision examining every inch of the area. Satisfied that he was truly alone, he morphed back and took a seat at the computer.

The screen flickered to life, and Beast Boy rapidly began tapping keys, looking for any information that might explain what he was feeling.

"That's strange. Seismic readings are all normal, weather reports say it's supposed to be a beautiful day, magnetic frequencies are stable, and even the police band is quiet." He leaned back in the chair, trying to think if there were any possibilities that he had missed. Nothing came to mind.

"There's gotta be something, Raven wouldn't make this big a deal out of it otherwise." His head shot up as an idea began to form in his head. If Raven seemed to be the only one who knew about this, maybe her file contained some information! Working quickly, he initiated a search through the restricted section of the mainframe. It was stocked with files concerning their personal information. It had taken years of coaxing on his part, but Robin had wanted to gather as much information on their team as possible. It contained tons of material: notes on their powers and origins, even specific physical or emotional weaknesses were listed. Beast Boy was certain that this particular date held some kind of significance to Raven, and he was going to find out what it was.

A tone sounded as the search was completed, and his eyes scanned the page that had opened. He blinked in confusion and reread the sentence. This couldn't be right. This day had come and gone a few times since the Titans had formed, and nothing bad had happened before.

Something didn't add up. It was the correct date alright, but why would Raven be so upset about her birthday? And why did he feel like the world was about to come to an end?

Not an extremely action-packed first chapter, but I wanted to begin with the same type of fearful buildup shown in the episode. With how much time Raven spent in her room watching the clock, I wondered what everyone else was doing prior to setting up the party.

More to come, read and enjoy!