"Hey, Grissom!" Catherine yelled at her boss who was walking by the nurse's station.

He turned around to look at her.

"They got an intern on the 8th floor who spotted Sara twice, earlier and now. The name's Katie Kat, with a K," Catherine said.

"Let's go," Grissom said.

Grissom and Catherine walked into a room on the 8th floor where the same intern who

Sara had met earlier was talking to Brass.

"The first time I told her not to be late for work and she walked off," she said.

"And the second time?" Brass asked.

The intern looked at Catherine. Catherine nodded slightly, which Grissom noticed. Grissom glared suspiciously at Catherine, she didn't notice his glance.

"The.the second time she looked at me, smiled and walked into an elevator," she said nervously. "Can I go now?"

Brass looked at her and nodded. The intern quickly left the office.

"That was a lot of help," Grissom mumbled.

Catherine sighed in return and turned around, Grissom followed suit, the two started down the hall.

"There was no second time, was there?" Grissom asked Catherine, without looking at her.

"What do you mean?" Catherine asked him.

"Damn it Catherine!" Grissom said, grabbing her arm and turning her so that she was facing him and looking into his eyes. "Look at me in the face and tell me you didn't tell that intern to tell us about seeing her!" he ordered.

"Grissom, you're making a scene," Catherine said calmly.

"Catherine, don't avoid the subject," he ordered.

"Grissom, you're hurting my arm," she said, in the same flat tone.

"Catherine!" Grissom yelled at her.

By now, the entire hall was staring at them and Nick, Warrick, and Brass were coming quickly to break it up.

"If I tell you, will you let me go?" she asked him.

Grissom let go of her arm and took a step back, just now realizing what he had done.

"Catherine.," he began as an apology.

"Hey, what's going on?" Nick asked, as the three others arrived on the scene.

"Catherine, I suspect, got an intern to lie to us about seeing Sara to help her," Grissom said, glaring at Catherine.

"Not about the first one," she said, looking at her feet and rubbing her arm.

"What?" Grissom asked her.

"She didn't lie about the first one," Catherine said, sounding more assured of herself.

"And how did you find this out?" Grissom asked her.

"Dr. Mahon," she said innocently.

Grissom raised his eyebrows at her.

"Dr. Mahon!" Grissom exclaimed as he entered the doctor's office.

"Yes, Mr. Grissom," he said.

"I know that you are helping Sara Sidle," Grissom stated.

Dr. Mahon looked over at Catherine who shrugged innocently.

"You're accomplice," Grissom said referring to Catherine, "almost succeeded in helping you, but accidentally made a mistake.

"Oh, really," Dr. Mahon said.

"Where is Sara Sidle?" Grissom demanded.

"I don't know," Dr. Mahon said innocently.

Grissom slammed his hands of Dr. Mahon's desk in looked into his eyes.

"Where the hell is Sara Sidle?" he asked again.

"I honestly don't know," Dr. Mahon said, keeping his gaze in Grissom's.

"Damnit!" Grissom exclaimed, banging his hands on the desk one more and finally folding them across his chest. When he hit the table, everyone in the room flinched.

"But," Dr. Mahon said, thinking to himself, "I remember her saying something about an old friend named, oh, what was it? Cathy? Cathleen? Christine? Christy? Katie?"

"Christine? Was her name Christine?" Grissom asked him.

"Yeah. I think so. Yep. That was definitely it," he responded.

Grissom immediately started to check his pockets to find that only his wallet was there.

"Damnit!" he said again.

"What?" Catherine asked him, clearly curious.

"I had the address where Christine was buried in my pocket!" Grissom exclaimed.

"Oh no," Catherine said, she turned to Dr. Mahon.

"You told me she had it under control! That she was perfectly capable of doing this herself! And that it was better if we stayed out of it!" she yelled at him.

"So that's how you convinced her to help you," Warrick said.

"Shut up Warrick!" Catherine demanded.

The doctor only shrugged, "that's what I thought. Who's Christine?"

"Christine is the dead woman the killer confuses Sara with," Catherine informed the doctor.

"I had no idea. If I had known that I would have stopped her," Mahon said,

"Let's go," Grissom said.

The CSI team and Brass left except for Nick.

"Oh, you in trouble now man," he taunted.

Before the doctor could respond, Nick had turned and run out of the room.

Sara pushed open the gate to the section of the graveyard where Christine was buried. Shutting the gate behind her, she walked silently though the graves. She stepped on a stick, which caused her to jump.

"Hello, Christine."

"I need backup at Pines Cemetery ASAP!" Grissom yelled into the Walkie- talkie while running to the van.

The team hopped into the van and sped down the highway to the cemetery; sirens and lights starting to follow them.

Sara turned around to see her captor standing behind her next to the very grave she was looking for.

"I am not Christine," Sara said gently.

"Yes you are. You are Christine, my fiancee and love of my life," he protested.

"No, I am not," Sara said again. "She was."

Sara pointed to the grave of Christine. The man saw it and started to shake. He fell to his knees, sobbing hysterically so that his entire body shook.

"Christine. My Christine," he muttered over and over in between his sobs.

Sara felt a sudden wave of affection for this man. She knelt on the ground and put her arms comfortingly around him.

"There there, it's okay," she told him.

He moved into her arms so that she was now hugging him while he sobbed over his dead fiancee.

As he was sobbing, the CSI team, Brass, and several uniformed officers rushed onto the scene. They stopped when they saw the grown man being comforted by the woman who was supposed to be his victim. Sara looked up from the man and looked right into his eyes, a message passing between them that only they knew. Grissom nodded and put his gun away while the man sobbed away in Sara's arms.