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The day such a preposterous concoction formed in my head I'd scolded myself for thinking things only a madman would think of, and despite popular belief a madman I am not. Perhaps determined, stubborn, and admittedly a bit obsessed with my plans and schemes but not so much that I would jeopardize anything of real importance; Important meaning my reputation, my position, or sometimes even valuable pieces of personal information, like my alter ego. No, I am a careful and meticulous being who is not one to throw any silly idea that pops into my mind into action without a rock solid foundation.

Now, this idea my mind had for some reason decided to linger on one night was something akin to what people called revenge. Such a silly thing revenge is when your mind is set on something as laughable as giving up.

Giving up what? Well my eyes had trailed over to a woman whose every succulent curve was being caressed by a blue jumpsuit, her hip cocked as one hand flourished to deftly catch a small glass her bumbling husband had nearly dropped. That night I saw the compassion in that woman's eyes as she stared up at the man who gave her two children. I watched as the man made mistake after mistake and each time she seemed to grow even more enamored with him. Eventually I couldn't even watch and instead heard the laughter that the large Husband could elicit from the beautiful creature on his arm.

Laughter and happiness; the two simply went hand in hand. Unfortunately in my hand they would never be.

Would it be cliché to say that if I could not have happiness then neither should she? Would it be pointless to act on that cliché and take what has given her heart the utmost joy and tear it down? Would I care if it were only to see that one bad thing in my life was remedied by amusement? Did I have the nerve to do such a thing when my own heart had belonged to her not so very long ago? Questions that pounded into my head forcing me to realize once and for all that I didn't care anymore; or at least I did but not in a way that would seem pleasant to anyone but myself. Nonetheless I wasn't trying to please anyone else so what did that matter?

It was settled that night that I would concoct a plan to take what Madeline Fenton treasured more than anything in the world. The only task left was to discover what that very thing was. Certainly her heart belonged to her husband and I wouldn't risk taking him from her and then having to deal with the consequences. Murder is not high on my to-do list and that is without a doubt what it would have come to if I took the man as a prisoner.

Jasmine, she was a delicate creature and yet a fierce and worthy being. Capturing her would be easy. There would barely be much of a struggle when comparing my strength to hers. Keeping her quiet would be easy to, perhaps lock her in the library. She was very close to her mother after all, a smart woman like her mother, and sure enough it would break her mother's.

But I felt a grimace on my lips at another thought.

Surely Daniel would not take kindly to my abducting his sister. Jack and Maddie would be easy to conquer but their son, a menace even in his human form, was a force to be reckoned with. The mutt was never good at staying out of things that had nothing to do with him. Taking Jasmine would unfortunately make him obligated to save her and thus putting me in quite the predicament. I could always …

No! I mustn't even humor the thought.

But then again…maybe.

There could be a way to make this all work. A plan that would guarantee my winning everything I've ever wanted; including my execution of revenge. It seemed so simple, perhaps I should have thought of it earlier. Of course I'd have to go through great measures in order to keep everything running perfectly, at least until the situation calmed down. People would have to be paid, trust earned, threats made, but that all seems like child's play compared to the danger I will be imposing on myself once everything has been followed through correctly. Unlike many others who have tried before I am more aptly built for the challenge.

My mind is already working on arrangements. I will have to devote most of my time to my goal but surely it'll all be worth it and then Madeline will see, and she will regret.

Do I sound like a madman? Or a fruit loop?

Do I sound like all those pathetic men before me who don't think everything out before going ahead with their so-called ingenious plans?

I should hope so.

If such were true I should truly hope so. Those men have the passion, and the drive. Only they knew what they were fighting for and had the nerve to attempt a battle. Only those men knew the hurt and then pain to even come upon the thought of revenge. Only those men could relate and know reality. I will be one of those men, but fortunately, I will be the one who succeeds and takes the whole cake.

A delicious cake in the shape of the most desired creature in the Ghost Zone.

Daniel will make a welcome addition to my extensive collection of ghost memorabilia. Unfortunately no glass case would hold him. The boy is creative, manipulative, and oddly resourceful.

First to be taken care of is a holding cell and some other minor household things. After all I'll have to keep the boy alive, and I wouldn't want him turning sluggish. No I'll need him for later purposes.

His parents and friends will have to be dealt with as well. Those blasted friends of his, such nosy little children. Perhaps I could arrange for them to be moved far, far, away. I don't per say like to amuse the thought of disposing of children but if worse comes to worse then maybe I won't have a choice. That'll be dealt with when the time comes thought.

His sister is a whole different thing. Daniel's parents, especially his father, would be hard to believe I'd ever have a hand at anything to do with the harm of their son. However if their daughter were to second the motion that his friends would assuredly first then there could be a problem. I will just have to ensure Jasmine is busy during the time.

This all should build up if carried out correctly, and when it's done revenge shall be sweet.

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