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The Kill

Running, breathe in and keep running. Jump, crouch, breath in and out, in and out again. Run! Run! Run! Just keep running. Running…but, from what? Running from what? Stop! No, keep running. Jump and run. Run faster!

Running from what?

Forgetting? Forgotten something, what is that something? Can't remember, need to remember.

Run Faster!

Don't Stop!

I want to stop.

Eyes flashed open a sound like a choke for air echoing in their senses. Light flooded into the room through an open window and the sounds of a few chirping birds filled in the silence. Jazz shook her head and brushed her fingers through carrot colored hair as she sat up straighter on the couch she was occupying. There was a slight rustling around the house but it was the weekend so she didn't expect Danny to be wreaking havoc on the kitchen to eat before school. What she heard had to be none other than her parents who were probably punching in their previous night's records. A yawn escaped her lips after a moment as she heard the footsteps of her parents, the door clicked open and shut and Jack's age old badgering for breakfast became louder. A smile crept onto Maddie's lips, though there are bags under her eyes, she still strives to care for her husband. The sound of the stove turning on a comfort to Jazz as her mother began to cook one of the few meals she'd perfected; bacon and eggs.

Standing up the young woman made her way into the dining room, trying to seem as awake as possible so her parents would not question what she did last night.

"I don't see why you can't just tell me what it is, Maddie?" Jack sat at the table but it seemed his badgering had been for another thing entirely.

"If I told you then you would try to use it," Maddie said her purple hues warning her husband despite the fact that he would never get the message."This way if I don't tell you what it is then you'll know it's dangerous and you won't play with it."

Jack quirked a brow, "What do you think I am, a child?"

"Nonsense, Jack," she stated handing him a plate, "Here have some bacon."

This seemed to calm the large man down. He contentedly chewed on the crunchy morsels he was given barely paying any attention as his daughter sat across from him at the table. "Morning, Mom, Dad."

"Good morning, sweetheart, we bought some more of that cereal you like so much while we were out last night." Maddie never moved her gaze away, simply watching the eggs as they turned from an orange-yellow liquid to a fluffy pastel color.

"Thanks." Jazz took a breath and prepared to stand back up. There was calm in the house and she enjoyed it but something still nagged at the back of her mind. Her eyes drifted over to the circular clock hanging by the white refrigerator; ten thirty-seven. Even on weekends her brother hardly slept in anymore. "So did Danny say where he was going this morning?"

Maddie turned her head this time and quirked her brow in reply to her daughter's question. "We haven't seen him; I was going to ask you the same question."

"He's probably just sleeping still." Jack added, his mouth full but still somehow able to produce coherent sound.

Brow furrowed Jazz stood completely and walked over to the cupboard to pull out her cereal while her mother, content with Jack's conclusion, went back to the frying pan. Jazz let it hang there, her mother and father, for all the smarts they had, were both completely oblivious to just about anything un-ghost related. It wasn't as if she could say 'oh we didn't hear him because he phased out his window'. That was liable to get her sent to a loony bin. This is kind of ironic because her sanity was probably the most secure in the family.

Silence ensued between the three, or at least as silent as it could get when Jack Fenton was in the room. Every so often Jazz's eyes would drift to the ceiling as if she could see through the floor and peek into her younger brother's room. It was slightly nerve racking that Danny would leave without telling any part of his family. Then again if he'd sensed something bad he probably didn't have time to tell anyone he was heading out. Informing his family he was off to protect the city really should have been the least of his problems anyway. It wasn't until Maddie had finished a third plate for her son did she call out for him to come down and eat. When he didn't respond she tried again before turning to Jazz, "Go wake your brother, sweetie. He'll sleep the whole day away if he doesn't get up soon."

Jazz, whose eyes had drifted to the ceiling once more, jumped slightly and nodded her head in response. Standing up she made her way to the stairs and kept going till she was at the top of the stairs where she pulled out the scanner she'd claimed last night. Lowering the volume slightly she turned it on and made her way to Danny's door. She already knew before she'd even stood up that her brother was not in his room and that she probably wouldn't get a reading on the scanner.

Not bothering to knock on the door Jazz let herself into Danny's room and moved the scanner in an arc. A small reading came up as residue of a ghost having once been there but when it flashed twice she furrowed her brows, automatically alarmed. "Oh no…"

"…yes, thank you."

Jazz reached the bottom of the stairs just as her mother closed the front door. Turning around, in Maddie's hand was a little white envelope in which was scrawled the name Fenton in black ink. The younger woman's brows furrowed at the sight of the paper. Who sent letters anymore? Ever since the invention of e-mail, paper and pen had practically become obsolete. Perhaps it is urgent? Maybe the sender could not wait for either of her parents to turn on their home computer and pay attention long enough to read e-mail. A rock formed in the bottom of Jazz's stomach as Maddie ignored her daughter and walked into the kitchen holding out the envelope to Jack.

"It looks as if Vlad has sent us some mail," Is all she said. Madeline was no fool to Vlad Masters' mind any longer. She had put up with the man enough but she would not crush her husband's childish thoughts that the elder man was indeed his best friend.

Jasmine followed her mother but stopped at the doorway, watching as her father, clearly elated, tore open the letter. The contents were small, almost the size of a note card. She watched as his eyes, so young and naïve, aged before her and the wrinkles carved into his face by years of laughter became that of sorrow. Maddie, sensing her husband's unhappiness reached for the paper and slipped it out of his limp hands. Again, Jazz watched a parent age and bring the note from her eyes confusion written on her pretty face. The stone that had formed inside Jazz grew a couple of pounds heavier as she trudged over to her mother a look of inquiry on her visage. "Mom?" Jasmine questioned her mother.

The note, clutched in two hands, was visible for Jazz to read if she leaned in just a bit, it read:

Jack and Maddie,

I hope this has reached you in a timely manner. I felt it was a friend's duty to inform you upon your son's whereabouts. As I was preparing to leave last night Daniel and I ran into each other. The boy seemed quite angry and stressed. We exchanged some words before I insisted he come stay at my estate where he could rest. Of course, he was reluctant and rather stubborn at first but as you know I am a persistent man. I understand that I have taken the boy without your permission but he is now comfortable with the situation. He actually requested that I not tell you of his whereabouts but I could not have you worrying. I only ask that you give the boy some time before you call or ask to see him.


Vlad Masters

Jazz's heart leapt into her throat as what she'd just moments ago discovered was confirmed. Danny was with Vlad? But voluntarily? There was no way the brother she'd spoken to last night had run to Vlad in a fit of stress. After all, she knew that if Danny were stressed Masters would be the last person on his mind. Then there was the matter of having seen the elder hybrid just a few hours prior. No, Danny had definitely not run off on his own choice. She knew he was with Vlad, and now she knew Vlad took him. How would she convince her parents this was worse than in actually seemed?

Her gaze trailed from the letter to her father's worry stricken face. It was an astounding thing to see as Jack Fenton actually seemed to be thinking. When Jazz turned to fixate on her mother she felt that lump grow steadily heavier in her abdomen. The look on Madeline Fenton's normally gentle visage was contorted in one of sever suspicion. Of course there was worry etched in the fine lines but Jazz could see the threat lingering. It had escaped Jazz that her mother had already been wary of Vlad Masters. It wasn't as if she could accuse him of kidnapping, there was no evidence. The man had even willingly admitted that Danny was with him despite the younger's wishes. Maddie simply could not fathom what she had done to force her son away.

The hope that Maddie would do something died just as the ferocity that was there a moment ago faded. Jazz stepped away from her mother and took in the sight of both her parents, speechless. There was something wrong with the picture. Her parents were people of action, they didn't sit around and let people tell them what was what. They were seekers of answers but all they were doing was standing there like a couple of statues. Jazz took another step and her parents still didn't move, absorbed in their own thoughts. They didn't even glance at the phone as she believed they should have. Her third step backwards had been hesitant. She wanted her parents to wake from their stupor, pick up the phone and demand to speak to their son. They just continued to remain frozen.

Then she ran. Jazz ran for the coat rack where her purse hung, opened the door and bolted. Perhaps it were her imagination but as the door was about to shut in the last inch she thought she heard her mother calling after her.

She wasn't exactly sure where she was running to, all she knew was that it seemed like a fairly good idea at the moment. Faces past her, faces she'd seen her whole life. They stared at her, accusatory stares because she couldn't fulfill the job that being a big sister had come with. They glared at her with eyes of green, brown, hazel, and blue. Rage was screaming in her ear.

It was a while before Jazz depleted most of her energy; a random bench downtown allowing her to catch her breath and her mind.

What was the first thing Jazz did when something went wrong? She called her brother. What if Danny wasn't there? What if he was the one who needed saving? She would call Sam and Tucker. She would suit up and take action. Why did this time seem so different?

It's believable.

"But this is the last time I'm going to let myself be a burden to you, Jazz."

Those words rung in her head like a church bell loud and for all sinners to hear. Admittedly she panicked, is panicking. Doubts swam around her head. What if? What if? What if? What if? It wasn't completely impossible. Vlad was the only other hybrid around. What if Danny became fed up with everyone trying to understand him and went to the only one who possibly could? No, there would have been a warning. He could have said something to her.

"But this is the last time I'm going to let myself be a burden to you, Jazz."

That voice drifted in and out of her head again. An exasperated sigh escaped her lips as she reached inside her purse for her cell phone. Just as she opened it a call came in the name SAM and a bat icon flashed onto the small screen.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Jazz? Is Danny with you? I've been trying to call him all morning?" Sam's voice, no more worry then if she'd misplaced her house key in her voice.

"He there, Sam?" Tucker's voice came from the background along with the sound of laser guns.

"Hold on, Tuck. Jazz you there?"

Jazz swallowed, her brow furrowed. "Sam, did Danny seem off to you yesterday?"

The pitch in Sam's voice changed dramatically and not only because she'd demanded Tucker to turn off the game and put the phone on speaker.

Jazz spent nearly an hour on the phone walking in an out of people's earshot. Her little brothers friends were attentive, the years spent fighting the worst the ghost zone had to offer hardened them into perfect soldiers in Danny Phantom's war against evil. They were as horrified and doubtful as she that Danny had willingly left with Vlad. She told them how her parents were taking it and how they truly did suspect he'd chosen to go. She left out how part of her mind was convinced that it might be something Danny would do. They demanded action and in the end planned to meet Jazz at the Fenton household so they could do something about it. It all sounded exactly as she wished her parents had reacted upon hearing their son was in the hands of a psychotic fruit loop.

A smile tugged on edges of her lips.

"But this is the last time I'm going to let myself be a burden to you, Jazz."

It disappeared just as quick. This may seem like a perfectly normal search and rescue for Danny Phantom but then why hadn't the rock that seemed to harden with each passing second not crumble? There had to be more to this.

Silence had been expected when the eldest Fenton child entered the house. Instead there was the loud sniffling of her father and her mother's controlled but stern voice.

"…if you expected me to not pick up the phone when my baby is… it was the least… no, but Jack…I…"

Jazz slipped the bag from around her shoulders and dropped it on the couch making a beeline for her mother whose eyes were swollen and red. She had only recently started crying because there were no streaks down her cheeks. Whatever had brought her to this point was on the other side of that telephone line and that did not help her mood.

Fueled by the determination set in her by Danny's friends and the hope that she would be able to do something without the aid of Danny Phantom, she took the phone from her mother's hand and shooed her out of the room. Maddie hesitated, first surprised having not heard her daughter enter and then because there was a fire in the younger woman's eyes. Jazz looked up at her mother seeing the silent determination in those amethyst hues, the same that were in his. They were both confused. As far as Maddie knew there were many times when Danny was nowhere to be found but he always came back. This was different; this seemed final.

"Jazz, give me the phone and go tell your father to get ready to leave." Maddie said, her voice as steady as the eye of the storm.

The eldest Fenton child did not move, she kept the phone close to her chest. She knew Vlad wouldn't hang up yet, he wouldn't have answered the phone if he didn't have something to say. Jazz didn't understand the man the same way Danny did but she knew enough to say that Vlad would not hang up until he'd completed his task.

"Jazz, now." It was hard for Maddie to be stern, Jazz had always been a bit stubborn but this was almost protective.

The thing was that she'd always felt protective; not only over her little brother but over her family too. While Danny Phantom was out protecting Amityville as well as the world on some occasions, Jazz was home protecting her family. Sure her parents were experts on ghost technology and almost anything related but in action they were naïve compared to their youngest. It was, and still is, up to Jazz to throw them in every which direction so that when Danny finally came home his parents were still there and unscathed. Jazz had worked hard to fulfill her self given purpose; she'd been in the middle of war, she'd deflected blows, and she'd managed to keep it under wraps. There was no way she was allowing Vlad to ruin everything by twisting it into something that put her brother at fault. Danny would never hurt their parents.

"Mom, please, maybe he'll talk to me." Jazz said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"He won't even talk to me," but Maddie left it at that, defeat present in her voice as she went to pick up her husband. They were going to go stand in front of Vlad's door till they were able to talk to their son.

Jazz waited for only a minute before she stepped out of hearing range and lowered her voice, "Masters."

"So formal, Jasmine. I suspect you are going to demand what I did with young Daniel then?" There was only the slightest hint of a smirk in his tone, instead there was amusement and that irritated her. Vlad did not laugh but she was positive that after the phone went 'click' he'd let loose some sort of maniacal laughter.

The woman was quiet, listening to that smirk grow against the crackle of the phone.

"To be honest, I have put him a room to rest for the day."

He's being vague, Jazz thought while grinding her teeth. "Let me talk to him."

"I am sorry to disappoint but he isn't quite feeling up to it." Vlad said after a moment.

"He'll want to talk to me." Her tone demanded it.

This time Vlad chuckled lightly before softening his tone as if talking to a child why she could not have a puppy for her birthday. "Now, Jasmine, he did not want to speak with his mother what makes you so different."

She didn't hesitate, "because I'm different."

"Well aren't we Miss High and Highty. If you insist I'll ask him."

Jazz heard him set the phone down and almost instantly felt herself able to breathe again, her eyes traveling for something to focus on as she strained to hear Vlad's footsteps walking away from the phone. There was quiet on the other end for about three minutes, then five, and finally on the seventh she heard it. There was the click of Vlad's boots and the shuffle of Danny's tennis shoes.

"She's rather persistent." She heard Vlad say.

"Jazz , right?"

Vlad must have nodded because in the next moment she heard the phone being picked up again and then she heard him. Thank god, she thought, he's actually going to talk to me. He'll tell me exactly what's going on here.

"Danny?" she couldn't wait, her tone eager and louder then when she spoke to Vlad.

"You shouldn't have called." His voice wasn't angry, it wasn't sad, and it wasn't quite monotonous. It was Danny, he was simply stating a fact that he assumed should have been obvious to his family.

"But Danny, I can help, just tell me what to do. We'll come and get you, we'll get the Speeder and bust in through the portal."

"We?" he questioned in honest curiosity.

"Me, Sam, and Tucker."

A sigh came over the phone and a slight rustling as if he were shaking his head. "Jazz, don't worry about me. I just need time to think."

"But Vlad…"

"I came to him, Jazz. He's telling the truth. He hasn't lied, except to me, he told me he wouldn't send any messages."

"But Danny…"

"Listen, I gotta go."

"Wait, Mom and Dad, didn't you think about what this was going to do to them?"

There was a slight pause in which all she did was listen to the breath of her brother as he seemed to be contemplating the question.

"I did. I'm sorry, Jazz, you just don't understand. I gotta go."

"Wait! Danny, wait, please just tell me. I want to understand…Danny? Danny!"

It was clear he'd already hung up, the line was dead in her hands.

Madeline had run into the room the second time she'd called Danny's name and took the phone from Jazz's hands. "He talked to you?"

Jazz nodded.

"What did he say? Is he alright? Why didn't he talk to me?"

Jazz shrugged and moved to lean against the wall a sigh escaping her lips as she reached for her cell phone.

Maddie didn't accept the answer and moved to dial in Vlad's number again. When he didn't answer she tried again. Jazz knew that he'd done exactly what he needed to. Maddie could call a hundred times and he wouldn't answer.

On her third try Jack entered the room and reached for his wife's petite hand and plucked the phone out of her hand. The man stood a little straighter and tried to smile for her. "C'mon, Maddie. You know, I was thinking, and you know how much that really hurts me," he attempted to joke. "Well if Danny needs to have some time to think where better a place to do it them with Vladdie? After all he's a good guy, he'll take care of Danny."

Jazz had just finished texting Sam and looked up at her mother and father. Jack was still so blind to who the real Vlad Masters was. Nonetheless Maddie nodded and smiled weakly.

"You're right, Jack. It's not as if he's really runaway from us. He'll come home when he's ready."

Jack smiled wider and continued to console his wife, playing the grown up for these ten minutes while Maddie regained herself.

Watching her parents Jazz bit her bottom lip and pressed the send button on her phone another time. She wanted to believe what her father just said, that he would come home when he was ready. However, there was something in the pit of her stomach that told her that time wasn't going to come anytime soon, if at all.

"But this is the last time I'm going to let myself be a burden to you, Jazz."

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