Chapter Seven

At work on Monday, things were going at their usual pace. I wasn't exactly in the customer service mood so I stayed in the back with Naraku and Bankotsu while Jakotsu stayed up in front, no doubt redecorating. At noon Sango came storming in with Miroku slowly following behind. He had seemed to be in a good mood, but Sango was seething.

"Hey Sango," I said casually, almost regretting talking to her. "How are you?"

"Fine," she responded sharply.

"Ok," I said cautiously. I looked over at Miroku for an explanation. But he simply shrugged and moved past his angry girlfriend.

Naraku smiled. It was one of his deceptive and troublesome smiles. I got the feeling that he knew what was going on.

"So how was your weekend Sango?" He asked with a laugh. "I heard you were pretty dominating."

Sango perked up in agitation and turned her attention to Miroku. "You only told Bankotsu and Inuyasha huh. You told everyone about what happened! I am never sleeping with you again!"

"Oh Sango calm down," Naraku said. Though he still had a slight mocking and humorous tone in his voice. "He was proud to show his weekend off. Can you really blame him."

Bad move idiot, I thought silently.

Sango looked at him icily. "And you, you shouldn't have mentioned anything. You should have just kept your mouth shut, but no you, you decide to mock me. Why did you have to bring any of this up, what the hell is wrong with you!"

Naraku stuttered. Haunted by Sango's outburst on him. "Um, um. Kagome was with Sesshomaru Friday night!"

I sucked in a deep breath. "What!" I almost wasn't surprised, Naraku would use me to get out of trouble with Sango.

Sango glared at me. "Excuse me." It was the same tone my mother would use on me, and it frightened me to no end.

I heard Miroku and Naraku snickering to my side. I glared over at them. They were always the cause of some kind of trouble that went on over here. "Naraku turned down sex that night to come and check on me," I said instantly, hoping to burst their bubbles.

"What," Miroku yelled.

Naraku elbowed me in the ribs. "Nice going traitor," he hissed.

I jabbed him right back. "It takes one to know one," I bit back.

Sango ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. It was her classic "I'm pissed" move.

"I could care less about what Naraku does," she said coolly. "But do you mind explaining to me what you were doing with Sesshomaru?"

"I can explain that."

It took the rest of my day to convince Sango that nothing was really going on between Sesshomaru and me, and that nothing happed while he was over. Had she not been all bent out of shape because of Miroku and Naraku double teaming her she would have believed me sooner. By the time we were ready to close, everyone seemed to be in a better mood. Jakotsu left early for a date and Bankotsu headed home after making the last delivery, probably getting ready to take his girlfriend out for a date or something to that extent.

So it was just he rest of us cleaning up. Of course it would be the people who were annoyed with each other in the first place.

"I cant believe you did that Naraku," Miroku whined for the hundredth time that day.

Naraku rolled his eyes, again. "Oh who cares it was just one woman."

Miroku slammed the fridge shut. "Just one woman! It was a college girl. A hot, sexy college girl ready to sleep with you. And what do you do, you blow it off for Kagome!"

"Hey," I yelled, my feeling slightly shaken. "What's wrong with me?"

"Did you have sex with him," Miroku asked impatiently.


"Then you weren't worth it."

Sango chimed in while she was wiping the counter, now with more force than what was necessary. "You are such a disgusting pig. I don't know what I ever saw in you."

"I don't know," Miroku answered rudely. "Lets go back to this weekend."

Sango glared at Miroku with an expression of hurt and anger. But more hurt could be seem. She threw the rag on the counter and stormed off, no doubt ready to cry. Miroku's expression quickly turned guilty and he rush right after her. The man may be the biggest womanizer that I have ever met. But there was no doubt in my mind that he cared about Sango.

"So much for better moods," I sighed.

"Yeah," Naraku agreed. "That was intense."

"Yeah, now lets finish cleaning up here. I wanna get out of this place."

Naraku nodded and pick up on Sango's counter wiping. "I bet. You should be excited. I know you haven't seen Souta in a while."

I was reorganizing the cabinets. "What are you talking about?"

Naraku looked at me. His expression was asking me, "How on earth could I forget about it.?"

I just looked back at him. Unsure of what exactly he wanted me to say to him.

"Tonight is the night Souta comes back from private school for the summer." Naraku spoke like it was obvious.

Holy shit! I forgot about that! Here I was so wrapped up in my own misery and despair I was forgetting that I had another sibling, who was coming home today. All I ever did was talk about how I excited I was that the day he was coming home was just around the corner. But that time had been when Inuyasha and I were still together, so when we split up, I guess it just slipped my mind.

"Crap," I shouted. "I completely forgot about that. I need to get over to my parents house."

I started to quickly put spiced and ingredients away. I was slamming the cabinets shut and wiped down the rest of the counter. It wasn't as clean as I hoped it would be, but never the less it was clean enough.

"Does your brother know you and Inuyasha split up?" Naraku asked suddenly.

I bit my lip. I know I didn't tell him, but that doesn't mean it would have stopped anyone else from telling him. "He'll find out I guess," I answered nervously. If he didn't already, I added to myself.

"Well do you want a friend there?"

I assumed that he was offering so I rushed to Naraku and pulled him into a tight hug. "Oh thank you so much Naraku, I would owe you like a million and a half."

Naraku pried me off of him. "What? No, not me. I was talking about Sango. I don't want to be around that bitch ex of mine."

"And you think I do," I challenged irritated. I pouted my lip, "Come on please."

"No," Naraku said adamantly.

"Please, please," I begged. "Sango really needs to be with Miroku right now. Please, please." I was almost ready to get on my hands and knees to beg.

Naraku closed his eyes and cupped my chin. "Don't beg, it's not cute."

"Then just go with me and I won't have to beg."


I huffed in irritation and shoved his hand from my face. "Fine. But one day you're going to need something from me. And you know what I wont help you!"

With my final outrageous and overdramatic declaration, I stomped out and headed over to my parents place. As I drove I couldn't help but think about how the night was going to go. Terrible, I kept thinking to myself. And poor Souta was going to have to be stuck in the middle of all of it. But I seriously doubted that he would be dumb enough to mention anything at the table. If he did know he already voice his entire opinion during the car ride back home.

My white button up shirt and high waist skirt was going to have to be good enough for tonight. I didn't have time to go and change and all I needed was Kikyo complaining that my looks were more important than anything else. That would throw me right over the edge. I pulled my hair from its tight bun to try and relax. Because that was the only thing that would be able to almost get me through this dinner, relaxation.

I didn't even have time to know on the door before my mother swung it open and blocked me from going inside.

"Mom what's up?" I asked slowly.

"I thought you should know that Kikyo and Inuyasha are here," she warned. As if that wasn't something I hadn't already known.

"Well thanks for telling me mom, I really had no idea that they were going to show up." My response was sarcastic and a little too sharp to be directed at my mother.

My mother still held her ground. "Don't get an attitude with me honey," she scolded, "I was just warning you about it."

I closed my eyes and sighed in defeat. "I know. But mom there is nothing to warn me about. I already knew the two of them were going to be here and I am perfectly fine with it. I can handle myself."

"Really," my mother asked, completely unconvinced.

"Yes," it wasn't a complete lie, but it certainly wasn't the honest truth.

My mom must have been reading my mind. "Kagome, be honest are you sure you are completely ok with being around Inuyasha?"

No. "Yes mom. I have to get over all of this sooner or later, and with the events taking place, sooner is unfortunately the only option I have left. And I cant hide from Kikyo and Inuyasha forever."

My mom just nodded and stepped to the side. I knew she didn't believe me. Hell, I didn't believe me. But if I was going to let go of anything I was going to have to face both Inuyasha and Kikyo.

I headed to the dining room fearfully. I had a million things racing through my mind. What as the dinner going to be like? I wondered how Inuyasha and Kikyo looked together, I always saw them with pain in my eyes. I never really looked at them. Do they really make a beautiful couple? Are they better looking than what Inuyasha and I looked like. But how could that be possible? Though Kikyo and I couldn't stand each other, we were identical. Her look was my look.

The first person I talked to at the table was Souta. I practically jumped him and wouldn't stop hugging him. "Souta how are you! How was school?"

Souta squirmed in my grasp but finally hugged me back. "I'm fine. School is good. You know I will never know why I decided to follow you and Kikyo and go to private school."

I slapped him playfully. "Hey private school was good for me. It made me that woman that I am today." Dumped? I asked myself.

"Oh yes because it has always been my dream to own a bakery. I'm glad you know me so well."

I rolled my eyes. "Funny I didn't know they now offer sarcasm as an elective."

"Alright you two break it up," my mom interjected. "It's time to eat dinner."

I took my seat at the table. Which was, to my misfortune, directly across from Inuyasha. I forced myself to look at everything but him. My mother disappearing into the kitchen to get the food. My brother secretly texting under that table. My dad constantly readjusting his plates. My sister drinking wine.

Wait, drinking? I thought pregnant women weren't allowed to drink. At lease not so much. And here she was downing what seemed to be her second glass of wine. I knew my sister was cruel, but I didn't think she was the type to put her own child in harms way. She was too shallow to have a child who was born less than perfect. I wanted to say something, but despite my better judgment, I would ignore it. For now.

Mom came back in the dining room with a tray of steak. She placed it down next to a bowl of miso I hadn't even noticed was there.

Souta laughed. "Steak and miso, my favorites mom."

"I hate miso," Kikyo grumbled.

"Good thing it's not about you tonight," Souta snapped rudely. Given by his attitude I could only assume he knew the situation. Not that he was ever particularly nice to Kikyo anyway, she was always difficult to get along with.

"Souta be nice," I scolded lightly. But of course on the inside I was giving him major brownie points.

Mom said down at the end of the table done with her mad rush to get dinner set up. "Alright, lets eat."

Dinner started out quiet. The only thing that was heard was the clanging of silverware and the sipping and slurping noises coming from around the table. Souta was becoming much more obvious with his texting and dad was beginning to eat a lot faster, probably hoping to make a fast exit from the table soon. And mom was watching us all like a hawk, making sure there was no funny business or confrontation.

At first I had kept to myself and not looked at anyone. But at some point that I don't remember, Inuyasha and I made eye contact. It was only for a moment but neither one of us could help ourselves from sneak another glance, or two, or three….

I partially noticed Kikyo getting upset out of the corner of my eye. She must have been thinking about a plan to get the upper hand and do something out of spite because the second she was able to.

"So Inuyasha and I have decided on a wedding date."

I wasn't surprised about her choice of subject. But I was surprised at my lack of concern for it. I really didn't care about it at all.

"Really," mom said with slight excitement in her tone. She was glad that someone was saying something at the table. But she as still trying to consider whatever my feelings may be on the situation.

"Yes we decided on November second. A nice fall wedding." Kikyo smiled at me. As if I was supposed to care.

I decided to join whatever game she was playing. "I always thought that you wanted to have a spring wedding?"

Inuyasha's amber eyes on mine. Surprisingly I instantly compared them to Sesshomaru's golden eyes. Sesshomaru's eyes may have been colder and more solid, but there was and intenseness in his eyes that I never felt with Inuyasha. Sesshomaru's eye were addictive.

"Well Kikyo felt that fall colors would look best for the both of us," he explained, almost timidly.

I smiled. "Spring colors look best on you."

Inuyasha grinned back. "All colors look good on me."

I laughed. "Don't be so conceited."

"I'm only telling the truth."

"Shut up," I giggled.

Inuyasha flashed me a dazzling smile. Then it hit me. With that smile I remember everything about our relationship. I remember that was the smile he gave me up until the end of everything, and here I was getting myself pulled right back into that smile. In that smile I remember the times he made me laugh, when he made me cry, when he said that he loved me and asked me to marry him. And now I truly hated that smile more than I ever hated anything.

I averted my eyes and looked at Kikyo. "You two are going to have a beautiful wedding."

"Oh I know we will," Kikyo answered with a slight glare. She poured herself another glass of wine now barley acknowledging my presence.

Something in that drink, in the way I interacted with Inuyasha, in the hatred in her voice, in the hurt in my heart, finally made me want to talk to her.

"Kikyo," I spoke up. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Well there you have it folks. Chapter 7. I know there was no Sesshomaru in this chapter, but kagome was thinking about him, and I know she was kind of flirting with Inuyasha. But who hasn't flirted with an ex right. Coming soon chapter 8. There is a storm coming soon go get ready for it.

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