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Jacob awoke to the ticklish sensation of a wet nose on his hand. His eyes snapped open when he recalled the events from the previous night. He quickly sat up, scaring the dog beside the bed, and looked around the room. No Edward in sight. He yawned, stretching out his arms above his head, and noticed the door was open. He debated whether he should go to the bathroom first or greet the man in the kitchen. His bladder won. After stepping out from the guest bathroom, he made his down the hallway. His interest piqued when he heard Edward's voice echo from the kitchen.

"…Yes. No, it's ok. Yes, alright. Thanks Esme…yes he did. I miss you too…a lot more than that." There was a soft chuckle. "She won't shut up over how stupendous your wedding will be….of course. Yes, I understand….let me know if anything else happens. Take care….bye." Jacob cleared his throat to make himself known. Edward spun around in an instant.

"Hey." Jacob gave a small smile.

"Hi." It came out as a sigh. There was an awkward silence before Edward spoke up again.



Since today was both of their days off they decided to eat in. They made a simple breakfast; eggs with bacon. Jacob wasted no time in digging into the delicious plate before him. They didn't talk much during their meal and instead settled for a pleasant silence. Edward stared into his coffee mug as he replayed his conversation with his oldest sister. He didn't even notice the brown eyes studying his face from across the table.

"Is something wrong, Edward?" Jacob finally had to ask. The look on the other's face had him worried. Edward looked up at him in a daze.

"Pardon?" He hadn't heard the question.

"Is something wrong? Do you want to talk about it?" Edward hesitated for a moment.

"I've never told you about my parents, have I?" Jacob shook his head, wiping his hands on the napkin in front of him. In the months he's known the other man, Jacob had not once heard the other mention his mother or father. The few brief conversations he's had with Alice never landed on anything personal, so he didn't hear anything about their parents from her either.

"When I came out to my parents - I was fifteen at the time - they threw me out of the house." Edward said it all in one breath, the words feeling like acid as he said them. His eyes began to sting and his throat tightened, this is why he never talked about them. Jacob tried to assimilate what he'd just heard. He stayed silent as he looked at Edward, who had finally raised his eyes.

"The-they can do that?!" Edward was startled when Jacob jumped from his seat.

"Isn't it illegal or something?" Jacob was livid. Edward blinked up at him before laughing unexpectedly. Jacob gaped at him.

"S-sorry, Jacob, it's just," Edward clamed himself, "that's exactly what Esme said when I called her."

"I hardly think this is a laughing matter." Jacob grumbled. "So, they actually did it?" He asked hesitantly. Edward nodded.

"At first I couldn't believe it. I had never seen my father so furious before, so disappointed, and mother…she didn't even look at me. Alice started crying and begged them to let me stay, when that didn't work she urged me to call Esme. Esme was a graduate student at Dartmouth at the time, she went berserk when I told her what happened. I had already told her I was gay the previous summer and she assured me everything would be fine when I finally decided to tell our parents, so when she got my call she nearly flew back to Chicago. I told her there was no point in her coming back home since mother and father were dead-set on not having me in the house anymore, and that's when she told me she would call Carlisle and he would help me out."

"You knew him since then?" Jacob couldn't help but ask.

Edward nodded, "Carlisle and Esme met in high school, as far as I know they didn't date, but they were really close. He would often come by the house to study with Esme, and Alice and I would often fight over his attention." He scratched the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed.

"Carlisle was the one who took you in?" Jacob finally understood why Edward had held on to the love he'd felt for Carlisle for so long.

"Yes, that very night he showed up with a handful of plastic bags and helped gather my belongings from my room. He told me we could go to the police, that they had no right to do this to me, but I refused. They were my parents after all." Edward was silent for a moment.

"After I graduated from high school, I asked Carlisle if I could come with him to LA. At the time I couldn't wrap my head around going to college, financially my situation wasn't the best. Carlisle worked as a freelance photographer and sometimes the money was scarce, but right before my graduation he got a call from Aro, an old friend of his. Long story short: he got a permanent job at WildLife and after I met with Aro he offered me a job as a model. I had to wait three months before I could start because I was still underage, but Aro let me tour the studio and help Rose and Tanya on occasion. Sorry, I didn't mean to go on for so long, it's just that I haven't talked about this in quite a while." Edward shot the other an apologetic smile.

"Don't. What you've told me is very personal, and frankly I'm happy that you were able to share that with me." Jacob hadn't expected any of that, but he sensed there was more; more Edward was keeping bottled up.

"Did something happen recently?" Jacob knew he had hit the mark when Edward's eyes shot up. "You don't have to tell me I just-" Edward cut him off.

"No, no. I just…you're just really good at reading people, you know that?" Edward covered his eyes, his mouth curving into a crooked smile.

"About a week ago my father suffered a heart attack. He's been in the hospital since. Yesterday, Alice and Carlisle flew to Chicago to be with Esme and my mom… and I feel like shit." Edward's voice quivered. Jacob was up in a flash. He pulled his chair next to Edward and placed his hand on the man's shoulder. Without having to say anything Edward knew he should go on so he did, keeping his hand over his eyes.

"Alice kept trying to convince me to go see them, but I-I told her I couldn't. She thinks this stuff works like in those cheesy movies where they just reunite and everything goes away and everyone's fucking happy. It's not. I know that. I'm still so angry at them, but when I heard what happened all I wanted to do was go see dad. I wanted to see with my own eyes that he was ok, I wanted to hug mom and tell her everything would be fine, but I couldn't." Edward sniffled, rubbing his eyes furiously with his hand. "I want to be mad at them, I want to ask them why they would turn their backs on their teenage son when he needed them the most. I want them to feel bad about what they did to me… I just want them to care." His voice broke. Jacob felt his stomach knot, he was witnessing a person break down completely. It made his heart ache. The desperation in the other's voice was one he'd never heard before. Edward was terribly conflicted, he was torn between his resentment and his affection for his parents. Jacob pulled Edward toward him and encased him in his arms.

"I can't imagine that anything I say will help you find closure, but I need you to know that I think you are one of the strongest person I've ever met. You've kept this bottled up for so long that it's only natural that you're finally at your breaking point. What your parents did is wrong, we know that, and you are justified in feeling the way you do about them, but you need to resolve your resentment toward them because it will only eat you up more than it already has."

"How do I resolve it?" Edward's voice was muffled by the other's chest.

Jacob smiled sadly, "I don't know. Only you can figure that out. You want them to care about you, like they did before, but you can't change who you are, right?" Edward shook his head.

"Well, neither can they. Unless they have an epiphany out of the blue, they'll continue to think they way they do, and you can't change that, Edward, no matter how much you want to. But, don't forget that you have people that do care about you, completely, like your sisters, and the guys at the agency, Carlisle, even our nutty boss, Aro." Jacob smiled when Edward let out a soft laugh. Edward pulled back from the strong chest and looked up at Jacob. He still looked conflicted, sad, and a little lost, but a tiny smile hung off his lips, and Jacob knew he would be all right for now.

"I care about you too." The words floated in the air for a few seconds. Edward sighed, closing his eyes as he bumped his forehead on Jacob's shoulder.

"Thank you." Edward knew that he hadn't resolved anything, but telling someone else how he truly felt somehow felt liberating. He couldn't talk to his sisters or even Carlisle about all of this, they each provided him biased opinions, but with Jacob it was different.

"Damn, just our second day of our so-called relationship, and you're already carrying with my baggage. You must be rethinking this." Edward joked.

Jacob lifted Edward's chin with his hand and made their eyes meet, "Don't count on it, babe." Edward bit his lip as he shook his head in amusement. He was surprised when he received a kiss on the tip of the nose. Whatever Edward was going to say next was interrupted by the ringing of a cell phone. Jacob pulled back when he recognized that it was his phone that was ringing. He threw Edward an apologetic look before he stood and followed the ringing to the pile of clothes in the guest room.

"What's up?" Jacob sat on the neatly made bed as he waited for the other person to speak.

"I was sure you would be too busy to answer your phone, Jake. The morning after not working out like last night?" He could hear the smug smirk on Leah's lips. Jacob rolled his eyes.

"What do you want, Leah?" Jacob ground out.

"Sorry, sorry, I actually need a favor." The change in Leah's voice had Jacob straightening up.


Leah sighed into the phone, "Seth is coming over, apparently he wants to visit because he wants to go to college here too. This from the boy who just a few weeks ago wanted nothing to do with college, but of course mom can't say no to her little boy, and to think-"

"Slow down there, Leah, I'm losing you. What's the favor?"

"Could you pick him up from the airport? His flight arrives in an hour and I have an interview in twenty minutes, there's no way I'll get to the airport on time. Please?" Jacob smiled.

"No problem, I still owe you for helping me out on that damn paper last time." Leah heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thanks, man. Just pick him up and drop him off at the apartment, he'll be fine."

"No chance, I haven't seen the kid since graduation. I'll take him on a tour of the city." Jacob smirked when he heard Leah grunt on the other end of the line.

"Don't spoil him too much, Jacob." Leah quickly explained the details of her brother's arrival and reminded Jacob to take care of him before she hung up. Jacob put away his phone, then he realized he was still shirtless. Picking up his discarded shirt from last night, he threw it on and carried the remainder of his clothes under his arm. When he reached the living room he caught sight of Edward cooing at his large dog. The dog wagged his tail enthusiastically at the man's words and barked back when prompted. Jacob couldn't hold back the smile the sight brought him.

"Hey," Jacob gained the other's attention. Edward's face flushed at being caught, but he pushed the feeling aside and faced the taller man.

"I'm going to head out now, thanks for letting me stay the night. Oh, and for the pants, I'll wash them and bring them back, unless you don't want them. In that case I'll-" Jacob thanked God when Edward placed a hand over his mouth, green eyes glimmering in amusement.

"It's okay, and you're welcome." Edward removed his hand, allowing Jacob to speak again.

"Thanks." Jacob breathed out. He didn't know why he had suddenly gotten so flustered around the bronze-haired model.

"I'll walk you down, I need to take this guy out for a walk too." The large dog started to bark excitedly when Edward grabbed his leash from the center table. The trip down the stairs was kept in comfortable silence, neither feeling the need to say anything. By the time they made it to the man's motorcycle the only thing they shared was a soft kiss and a whispered goodbye. Edward watched as the other drove away, his stomach in knots. When he no longer saw the man's figure he turned and walked the opposite direction, the smile on his face refusing to go away. He felt good, in a way he hadn't felt in quite a while. The heavy burden he had been carrying seemed lighter now, his dark, conflicting emotions were slowly untangling themselves. Talking out his demons with another person had been hard, showing such vulnerability to another person wasn't an easy task, but he had done it. He felt stronger. Not to mention the sweet, lulling feeling he was filled with whenever he was around Jacob. It was attraction, no doubt, but there was something else there. Something he wasn't sure he could handle right now, but that maybe one day, with time, he would be. Hopefully, Jacob would be patient enough to wait for him.

"Seth!" Bella was the first to greet them when they walked through the door. The brunette wrapped her arms around the teen and gave a strong squeeze.

"Hey, Bella." The boy grinned widely returning the hug.

"Stop groping my brother, Bella." Leah threw over her shoulder as she walked toward Jacob. The brunette squeaked in embarrassment at Leah's words.

"Thanks, Jacob, but where the hell were you all afternoon?" Leah crossed her arms over her chest. Seth decided to intervene then.

"Sorry, Sis, it was my fault. I kept asking him to take me to more places." Seth smiled up at her, a sheepish expression on his face. Leah knew that face all too well, and unfortunately she wasn't immune to it just yet. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him toward her room.

"C'mon, we need to talk." Seth waved to the other two occupants as he was dragged away.

"He's gotten big." Bella whispered to Jacob. Jacob nodded as he plopped down on the couch. Bella joined him and rested her head against his shoulder.

"I don't suppose you want to tell me about your date last night, right?" Bella was burning with curiosity.

"Not much to say." Jacob lied. She saw right through it.

"Mhm, I'm so sure." Bella let the subject drop and instead immersed herself into the show she had been watching before Jacob and Seth arrived. Jacob was relieved that Bella didn't push for details, he didn't want this thing with Edward to come to light just yet, it was too new, too fragile. Jacob tuned out his thoughts for the time being and focused his attention on the flickering tv screen.

"Give me just a little more, Edward." The voice commanded. Edward tried to intensify his glare without looking ridiculous and apparently succeeded because seconds later a white flash assaulted his pupils.

"Perfect." Edward relaxed his expression and gave a small smile toward the stand-in camerawoman. Katie Marshall was Carlisle's protégé, she was talented and had a great eye for detail. Edward wondered why Carlisle hadn't let her do a project on her own until now.

"Emmett." She called out for the next model. Edward wasn't sure what to do next, he only had two sets of shots and both went off without a hitch, so now he had free time. He was about to retire to the employee lounge when a voice called him back. Edward's lips quirked up as he turned to face the man who'd called out to him.

"Jacob." Edward greeted. They hadn't seen each other since their date. They'd shared a few texts here and there, but that was it. Edward almost felt giddy when Jacob reached his side and smiled down at him.

"I heard we have a staff meeting tomorrow."

What the hell, Jacob, you ass! Why start off with that?! Jacob scolded himself. Edward didn't seem to be affected.

"Yes, Aro has big news. To be honest, last time he said that we got a batch of new, inexperienced, models, so I'm a little frightened." Edward smirked.

"Must've been hell." Jacob played along.

"Oh, indeed. Though one of them did catch my eye." Jacob wanted nothing more than to pull Edward into his arms, but fought against it. They hadn't discussed how this relationship would work while they were at work, but Jacob was sure they should keep it under wraps. At least until they talked about how comfortable they were with public displays of affection.

"Are you free tomorrow night?" Jacob didn't beat around the bush. Edward didn't want to seem like he had been waiting to hear those words, he wanted to play it cool, but his excitement still showed. They set up their next date and had to separate when Jacob was called for the next shot. Edward wandered to the employee lounge to find something to eat before he checked if he was needed for anything else. Once inside the spacious room he immediately turned to the vending machine, humming to the song that was playing on the small speakers hanging from the ceiling. He didn't turn when the door behind him opened and closed, he was far too invested in the delicious treat in his hands.

"You've been in a good mood lately."

"Oh, I'd say he's been in a great mood."

Edward swallowed down the piece of cinnamon roll he was chewing before he turned. Jasper was pouring himself a steaming cup of coffee and James had taken up residence in one of the loveseats.

"Excellent mood, actually." Edward grinned. The other two men exchanged amused glances.

"Why, Eddie, you're makin' me jealous. I wish I had someone to put that kind of smile on my face." Jasper winked at Edward. James shrugged his shoulders, as if saying that he hadn't said anything about the subject.

"It's not just that, you two, I legitimately feel better. Jacob, has a part in it, but I've finally decided to move on from everything that had me the way I was before." Jasper and James didn't know all of the details, but Edward wanted them to know that he was in a better place now. After all, these guys; Jasper, Emmett, James, Rose, Tanya, all of them, had treated him like family. Edward had been too stubborn before, preferring to wallow in his own self-pity to realize how many amazing people he had around him. He'd sheltered himself in the love he'd felt for Carlisle and threw any other option out. At that moment in his life he thought it was the easiest way to deal with his emotions, but now he saw that he needed to move forward for his own good.

"Well, that's good to hear, Edward. Really." James smiled. Edward nodded, his chest filling with pride.


This time Edward insisted on picking Jacob up.

"You guys better behave." Jacob said toward the mob lounging in the living room. Didn't they have somewhere else to be?

"Don't we always." Leah smirked.

"Like we've ever done anything, Jake." Quil rolled his eyes, sharing a grin with Bella.

"I just can't wait to see him up close again." Bella blushed.

"New boyfriend, Jacob?" Seth smiled up at Jacob. Before Jacob could reply to anything the doorbell was rung. Jacob got up and swung the door open, unintentionally scaring Edward.


"No, it's okay." Edward waved it off, smiling.

"Hi, Edward!" Bella yelled from inside. Edward leaned to his left, trying to catch sight of the person who called out to him. Jacob sighed in defeat and moved inside, gesturing for Edward to follow him.

"Hello." Edward greeted the group.

"Guys, this is Edward. Edward, that's Quil, a cousin of sorts, Leah, her younger brother Seth, and you might remember Bella." Jacob pointed at each one and they each waved at the newcomer. Bella was at his side in an instant.

"Nice to meet you all, and of course I remember you, Bella." Edward grinned down at the brunette and shook her hand. Bella's entire face reddened in delight.

"So, you're a model right?" Jacob hadn't seen Seth walk over. The younger boy's eyes were practically sparkling. Edward nodded.

"Wow. Bella showed me some of your pictures, and you looked really good." Seth praised.

"These two have done nothing but talk about you for the past hour and a half." Leah admitted, chuckling.

"Jacob would've joined if he hadn't been so nervous." Quil added from his seat. Edward laughed at Jacob's expense.

"Well, it's getting late so we should go." Jacob placed his hand on the other's shoulder.

"Thank you, and it was a pleasure." Edward sincerely hoped he'd get to see more of these people.

"Take care you two."

"Have fun!"

"Bella, you forgot to take a picture."

"Damn it!"

Edward couldn't hold back his giggles as they made their way down the stairs.

"I liked them." Jacob wrapped an arm around Edward's shoulders.

"I'm glad, they're my family here, and I was honestly nervous of you meeting them." Jacob admitted.


"I don't know, sometimes they can get out of hand."

"Who doesn't." Jacob smiled, squeezing the other's shoulder before letting go. There was more small talk as they climbed into Edward's Volvo and drove off. This time around their date would be simple. A nice dinner at a small Italian place and then they'd head back to Edward's apartment and watch a movie or two.

The evening progressed smoothly. The food had been exceptional, in Edward's opinion, and they'd talked endlessly through out the entire dinner. By the time they arrived at Edward's apartment the sun was nearly gone, orange-red hues being replaced by solid blues. The happy dog pounced on his owner as soon as the door opened.

"Calm down, Max." Edward said between laughs. Jacob chuckled at the scene they made.

"Browse through the movies and pick whichever one you want." Edward ruffled his dog's ears beckoning him to follow him into the kitchen. He gave the excited shepard a treat and retrieved a bottled juice for himself out of the fridge.

"Do you want something to drink?" Edward tilted his head to the side. Jacob turned around, remote in hand, and shook his head.

"Thanks but I'm alright." Edward joined Jacob in the living room and sat down on the couch, watching as Jacob scrolled through the horror section. He took several sips of his juice, eyebrows shooting up when he saw the movie Jacob picked pop on the tv screen.

"Evil Dead?"

"It's probably not as good as the original, but I've been wanting to see it for a while now. Have you seen yet?" Edward shook his head.

"Cool." With that Jacob sat next to him.

One-hour and thirty-one minutes later, Edward was quite horrified and Jacob was grinning like a fool.


"Damn, indeed. I don't think I've ever seen so much blood in all my life." Edward turned toward Jacob.

"I guess our taste in movies don't match up." Jacob leaned down, resting his head inches away from the redhead.

"It hardly matters." Edward rolled his eyes. Taking Jacob by surprise, he tugged the man by the shirt until their lips met. He'd been wanting kiss the other the entire day. Edward threaded his fingers through the soft, brown hair, pressing himself closer against the other. With a nip of his teeth he managed to get Jacob's lips open and coaxed the other's tongue out. The taste was lovely, a mix of mint, mango, and a hint of the chocolate soufflé they'd shared at dinner. Jacob sighed into the kiss as he pulled Edward up, settling the redhead on his lap. Edward wound his arms around the other's neck in order to keep his balance and after a short pause for breath, deepened their passionate kiss. A thrill of excitement went up his spine when Jacob's hands crawled under his shirt.

"What is it with us and this couch?" Jacob breathed out as he trailed wet kisses down Edward's jaw. When he reached the man's neck he was rewarded with a breathy whine.

"My b-bed…let's go to my bed." Edward murmered, craning his neck to allow Jacob better access.

"You sure?" Edward nearly huffed in frustrations when Jacob stopped moving. His darkened green eyes narrowed.

"Jacob." Edward warned. Jacob couldn't help the smirk. He got up abruptly, taking Edward up with him. The redhead wrapped his legs around the other's waist in fear of falling.

"Trust me, it's not that I don't want this. I just want to make sure you want this." Jacob said as he easily carried Edward toward the bedroom. Once he placed Edward on the bed he kneeled before him.

"I do. You don't have to treat me so gently. I'm ready for this, Jacob." The sincerity in his voice and the fierce look in those green eyes was all Jacob needed. Their lips were quickly reunited. A sense of urgency dominated their movements, clothes were swiftly removed. Edward blinked a few times to try an adjust his vision to the darkened room. He gazed up at Jacob and couldn't keep his hands off the hard flesh in front of him. He ran his fingers over tan muscle, enjoying the noises he got out of it. Jacob quietly got up and laid down on the bed, pulling Edward on top of him. They shared more kisses, hands touching every inch of skin they could. Edward trailed small kisses down Jacob's neck, paying extra attention at the man's pulse point which caused Jacob to shudder and groan.

"Edward-ah…." Jacob gripped the sheet under his fingers as Edward continued to lick and suck his neck. He was painfully hard and couldn't help but thrust his hips upward, trying to gain some friction. Edward squeaked when he felt the hard erection poke him. He shifted and was rewarded with breathy moan. Jacob gripped his hips, willing the redhead to stay still.

"If you keep moving like that, I'll-"

"Like this?" Edward threw him a sly smile as he shifted again, making sure to brush the man's hardness with his ass. Jacob's knuckles whitened. Edward leaned down, pressing his lips against Jacob's ear.

"Just let go." He whispered.

"Ah!" Edward was taken by surprise. Jacob had flipped them over, hunger in his black eyes. He pinned Edward's arms above his head and had placed himself between Edward's spread legs. He licked his lips at the sight Edward made, red-faced, parted lips, and lust filled eyes. Completely beautiful.

"Where's…" Jacob didn't have to finish before Edward understood.

"Uh, second drawer, to your left." Edward breathed out. The heat above him disappeared for a moment. Jacob retrieved the necessary items and quickly made his way back. Edward pulled the man's head towards him for another kiss. Jacob groaned into the kiss as the redhead ran his blunt nails down the man's back. Edward's laugh was muffled by Jacob's lips when the brunette reciprocated the action on the man's ribs.

"St-stop-" Edward's laugh morphed into a moan when Jacob bent down to lick his nipple. Jacob playfully licked the pebbled nub while his hand pinched the other one. Edward arched his back, wanting to feel more. At that moment Edward motioned for Jacob to stop. Jacob thought he'd done something wrong and was about to ask when he felt Edward start to push him down on the bed.

"Lay down." Edward smiled down at him, cheeks even more red. Jacob laid down, using the pillows as support, and watched with curious eyes as Edward straddled his legs. In this position he could see Edward perfectly. The redhead turned to his side and picked up the forgotten bottle of lube. Without meeting the other's eyes, he flicked the bottle open and poured a generous amount on his hand. Edward bit his bottom lip as he reached down and spread himself open, gently prodding his entrance with the pad of his finger. Jacob's eyes widened at the sight, his mouth going dry. Once Edward got a finger in, he turned his darkened eyes toward Jacob's. When their eyes met he felt his heart accelerate. He broke the heated gaze when he plunged another finger in, moving them in and out slowly. Edward placed his free hand on Jacob's chest so he could keep his balance as he moved the fingers inside him faster. It had been a while since the last time he'd been penetrated, so he wanted to make sure he stretched himself enough. Jacob didn't know how he manged to keep his hands to himself, but even though he was tempted to reach out and touch the panting man, he didn't want to intefere with the erotic scene. Jacob licked his lips when he saw the way Edward rolled his hips with each shallow thrust of his fingers. Jacob couldn't simply watch now. He sat up and leaned forward, barely brushing their cheeks together.

"Fuck, I wish it were my fingers inside of you." Jacob practically growled. Edward increased his rhythm, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I can't wait to be inside you." A soft whine escaped the redheads lips. Jacob lowered his voice and made sure to brush his lips against Edward's cheek, "I can't wait to fuck you." That was all Edward needed. With a delicious whimper, Edward pulled his fingers out and threw his arms around Jacob. During the messy kiss they shared, Edward grabbed the condom next to Jacob's thigh and opened it without looking, He broke away to stare down at Jacob's impressive length. With trembling hands, he tried to slip the rubber onto the man, but ultimately received help from Jacob. He grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some over Jacob's cock. Jacob hissed when Edward spread the substance all over the hot length. Edward once again pushed Jacob on his back, aligning himself on Jacob's cock. Bracing himself on Jacob's chest, Edward lowered himself carefully. Inch by inch, the length buired itself inside of him, spreading him open.

"Ah-" Edward's mouth opened in a silent gasp as the entire thing filled him up. Edward stayed motionless for a few seconds, letting his body get accoustmed to the intrusion. Jacob bit his lip at the effort of staying still. He wanted nothing more than to thrust wildly into the tight cavern surrounding him, but knew he had to wait so he wouldn't hurt Edward.

"Shit." Jacob cursed when Edward finally moved. Edward rolled his hips, testing out the motion. There was a slight burn from the pain, but the pleasure was overwhelming. It had been too long.

"Y-you can m-move." Edward stuttered as he raised his hips only to drop them again, creating amazing friction. At hearing the other's words, Jacob gripped Edward's hips and thrust upward. Their rhythm was incongruent and messy, but it left them both breathless. Edward closed his eyes as he fucked himself on Jacob's dick, feeling it fill him up in a delicious way. He lost his pace a little when Jacob sat up, but to his surprise the new position caused Jacob's cock to go further in. Jacob increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts, he wanted Edward to scream in pleasure. Edward hung onto Jacob's shoulders as the man under him bounced him on his dick at an incredible speed.

"Ja-Jacob!" Edward shouted when the man hit his prostate. He was close.

"Damn, Edward-" Jacob couldn't hold back his own sounds of pleasure. It felt too good. The thrusts became erratic as they reached their peak. With equally breathless moans, both came. A hot shiver racked Edward's body as he came over their stomachs. Jacob hugged Edward tightly to his chest as he recovered from his own high. The two stayed wrapped up in each others arms as they regained their breaths, finding the warmth of the afterglow very pleasant. When they finally recovered Edward pulled away, wincing a little as Jacob's softening length slipped out of him. Jacob quickly took off the condom, tied it in a knot, and dumped it in the small trashcan beside Edward's cabinet.

"Would… would you like to stay over again?" Jacob didn't know why Edward sounded so unsure, as if the answer weren't clear.

"If I could." Jacob threw him a smile. He sat down next to Edward and pulled him into a warm embrace. Edward happily leaned against the other, feeling as if he were floating.

"We should probably go take a shower before it gets any later." Edward said.

"Together?" Jacob asked, hopeful. Edward chuckled, getting up and pulling Jacob with him.

"Sure, why not?" Edward led the way. After what they'd done, showering together didn't seem like such a huge deal.


To be continued...


Author Note: I've still a few details I need to work out, but I almost have an ending for this fic. It won't be soon, though, which kind of scares me. This fic was supposed to be short and simple, and I'm writing something totally different than what I first had planned. Now if any one of you find yourself asking "where's the plot?" My advice is to... not ask...I'll give you more smut, I swear.

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