Slivers of silver cascaded haphazardly into the cosy room, some reaching far across the bed to where several forms lay sleeping, six of which were much, much smaller than the seventh, who breathed heavily in and out of her mouth.

One of the smaller beings moved ever so slightly onto her side, gazing at the gaps in the curtain.

"Jessie?" a soft whisper came from behind her.

Startled, she turned to look over her shoulder to gaze back at a glowing Buzz. With the slight shock subsiding, she smiled warmly, "Hey space ranger."

Buzz averted his gaze momentarily, a blush rising in his cheeks, "I was checking if you were ok?"

The cowgirl caught his eyes and held them in a stare. It was the first time Bonnie had put the two of them next to each other in her bed, and Jessie found that Buzz, as always, found this new type of intimacy somewhat… awkward. It was only then that she realised his left arm was firmly pined underneath her, his hand resting absentmindedly on her hip, although he probably thought it to be her waist as he couldn't see under the covers.

"I'm… fine. Really Buzz." She added for emphasise as his look turned to concern.

"Well… if you're sure?" he looked at her almost… longingly? She couldn't quite tell. Things hadn't really "happened" so much between them since… since Spanish mode- since she kissed him all over his face, or held his hand as she was certain they were going to die… admittedly their relationship had advanced more in a week than it had done in ten years… but it still wasn't where she wanted it to be.

She must have looked almost disheartened as she mumbled back, "I'm sure. Goodnight Buzz."

Buzz watched as Jessie turned back on her side, her back to him once again, "Night Jess."

He lay back on his back, and stared up at the whitewash ceiling, thinking.

He knew things hadn't quite gone smoothly between the two of them; after their Paso doable his heart had been racing with the sheer amount of contact his body had had against hers, his hands on her waist, the looks she had given him, and just the closeness… he had felt electrified as he pulled her against him numerous times; and it scared him.

Suddenly he had the urge to be just as close to her as he had been. Sure, his arm was already around her… but that wasn't enough.

Carefully, so as not to disturb her- as she was still enough to be asleep; he rolled over gently onto his side, the front of his body pressing against the back of hers. He slipped his arm under hers, his hand running along the soft fabric of her body, until it came to the side of her waist pressed against the bed.

He sighed heavily, savouring the feeling of having someone so close- of having her so close. He loved the way her body against his felt, and the smell of her hair- oh her hair! He nuzzled it lovingly, unable the stop himself as the smell enveloped him, and the soft yarn brushed lightly against his face.

Losing himself in her, his inhibitions gone completely as his thoughts, his senses, were filled with every fibre of her, he nestled even closer to her, his lips brushing the back of her ear as his eyes fluttered closed with desire.

She stirred, a little disorientated as she felt the gentle pressure of Buzz at her back, "Buzz?"

He ran his nose up and down the curve of her ear and felt her shudder beside him.

"Oh Jessie…" he murmured into her ear, his hand travelling down from her waist to her hip as he completely lost himself in her.

Jessie didn't quite know what to think- or do, or say. She merely lay still, taken aback and somewhat unsure to begin with. Every touch he gave her felt like fire in the pit of her stomach, it sent shivers down her spine. It scared her a little- she'd never felt quite like this before.

His hand continued to caress her, slipping lower until it was on her thigh, his eyes still firmly closed as his lips descended onto her neck, and he began to plant tender, desire filled kisses there.

A tiny moan escaped her lips before she could whisper his name into the silent air as she too was lost in the heat of the moment, "Buzz…"

"Mi amour…" he breathed into her neck between kisses.

She froze. It was the Spanish side of Buzz creeping in. Her heart sank so low she was sure it had settled somewhere in her stomach.

Buzz froze too, realisation hitting him abruptly, "I… I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me."

He felt utter embarrassment flood through him. How could he do such a thing? How could he act so… disgraceful towards her? How could he take advantage of her whilst she was sleeping?

Quickly the embarrassment was replaced with shame. She deserved better.

He began to pull his hand away from her thigh when he felt her hand stop his. Firmly, she guided it to her waist, forcing him to lean into her even more, his face buried deep into her neck.

"Jessie…" he had meant it as a warning to stop her, but it came out as a passion filled growl as his grip tightened on her, pulling her closer.

She twisted around in his arms, her heavy lidded eyes catching his as she ran her hands across his plastic chest, a coy smile playing on her lips, "Just go with it Buzz."

And he did. He practically positioned himself on top of her, placing sweet kisses all over her neck, one arm wrapped securely around her, while the other sunk lower and lower- until he grazed her left buttock, and she let out a low, unrecognisable sound he didn't know she could make. It spurred him on, and he gently attacked her ears by nibbling the earlobes and then sucking them.

Jessie's mind had already been blown. She was in a state of such heightened pleasure she forgot where they were- it was just her and Buzz.

Buzz. God he knew how to send her reeling. This Buzz was a far cry from the shy space toy she'd first met. Jessie figured all the pent up desire, lust and frustration had accumulated over the ten years they had known each other, and now- oh god now it was only just allowed to come out. Her eyes flickered closed as she allowed Buzz to whisk her away to a blissfulness she never even knew existed. She'd dreamed of this type of intimacy between them for years, although had never quite known what to expect.

"Oh…" she groaned as his lips found a sensitive spot beneath her ear, sending another wave of tremors down her spine.

Buzz felt the last dregs of shame fade away completely at Jessie's whimpering as he continued to suck the sensitive spot. He wanted her so badly it physically ached. It was a relief to him to finally show her just how much he desperately craved her. He'd seen some things on the TV as the years had gone by, blushing as he imagined himself and Jessie in the same situation. He'd dreamt of it so often the past ten years he knew exactly what he wanted to do; in every dream it was the same kisses in the same order and now- oh now he was doing it for real, and it was a tenfold more intense than his dreams had ever been.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him into her further. He paused, surfacing only to gaze into her intense green eyes. He trailed his fingers across her plastic skin, before his eyes fell upon her lips.

They were still for quite some time, chests heaving in synchronisation as sexual tension filled the air once again.

Buzz wanted to kiss her- kiss her on the lips, like he'd seen numerous men do in the movies Andy had occasionally watched- with a girl or two he'd brought home. He wanted to get it just right, perfect.

"Kiss me." He caught Jessie's eyes once again. God, he'd longed to hear her say that for so long…

He began to lean in, ever so slowly, Jessie's eyes fluttering closed as she waited in anticipation.

Their lips barely brushed when they heard footsteps right outside the bedroom door. Buzz shot a look of dismay across the room as Jessie came round and opened her eyes, before she knew it he had rolled off of her.

The door opened as Bonnie's mother looked into her daughter's room, making sure everything was okay. Satisfied her daughter was fast asleep, she closed the door to, and her footsteps echoed away down the hall.

Jessie unfroze, glancing at Buzz, who was staring vacantly at the ceiling, looking somewhat upset and disappointed.

If anything, Jessie wasn't going to let what just happened become something he tried to forget about. She wouldn't go back to the days where she endeavoured to figure out if she really meant anything to him.

She nuzzled up as closely as she could to him, snapping him out of his reverie as her head rested on his chest, her leg sliding over the top of his so her foot was between his feet- her hips firmly planted against his.

He gazed down at the mop of red hair (her hat forgotten on the pillow beside them), and was silently thankful. He gripped her in a fierce embrace, and closed his eyes as both of them drifted off into a blissful sleep.