I haven't update in months, but I was seriously considering discontinuing it. I'm busy with school now and have become more interested in reading Fanfiction rather than writing it.

I hate when I'm reading a story and find that the author isn't writing anymore and just leaves the story hanging. So I've decided that I won't do that. I'm rewriting the entire thing. I don't like where I went with it and now that I go back a read I can see that A LOT needs to be improved. I might get a BETA and if I do I'll probably write more often since I'll have time to write an entirely new chapter and not a new chapter and revised old chapter at the same time.

But until I find where I want to head with the story, I won't be writing for a bit. Give me two months tops. I think I like the last few chapters.

Leave me a review telling me your favorite chapter and your lease favorite chapter.

Also, It's 'LOVE AND HATE' now and not 'LOVE AND PAIN' since many people don't seem to get that Bella went through a lot of pain and is why I named the story that.