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So this is another Frontier/02 cross, but it's different from what you're probably expecting.

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"Many years ago, the beast type digimon and the human type digimon were at war with each other. The war continued for many years, and showed no sign of stopping. That is, until Lucemon appeared. The child like angel digimon stopped the warring, bringing peace to the Digital World."

"Wait, if he's a good guy why did you-"

"Shut up Tai!" Matt smacked the back of his head.


"Do you want me to finish the story or not?" Gatomon huffed.

"Yeah yeah..."

Both generations of digidestined and their digimon were sitting around a campfire in the Digital World. Tai had suggested a camping trip to get everyone together, trade stories, and relax. Gatomon was telling an old legend she knew.

"Peace that, unfortunately, didn't last long. Lucemon attempted to use his angelic powers, but became corrupted."




Gatomon grumbled but continued, "In his dark stage, Lucemon attempted to order all digimon to obey him, and it seemed he would succeed. However, ten digimon appeared to fight him, becoming the Ten Ancient Warriors. They fought long and hard, and succeeded in defeating Lucemon and sealed him into the Dark Area, where all evil digimon originate and erased data stays. After Lucemon's defeat, the Three Great Angels were chosen to rule the Digital World. Sadly, the ten warriors were badly weakened and died, passing their spirits, splitting them into a Human and Beast Spirit. The Angels were entrusted with the spirits, Cherubimon with Darkness, Steel, Water, Earth, and Wood, Seraphimon with Wind and Light, and Ofanimon with Fire, Ice and Thunder. Again, there was peace. It wasn't until several years later than Lucemon tried again."

"Oh, come on! Do you guys attract evil or something?"


"What? You have to agree that this is getting ridiculous."

"It may be ridiculous, but it's true. Now shush and let Gatomon finish the story!"

"Alright, geez."

"Cherubimon was the only beast type in the Three. After an argument, he felt betrayed by the other two and became corrupted. Lucemon used Cherubimon, this time with the intention of destroying the Digital World. Seraphimon was defeated and sealed away in his Crystal Castle at the Forest Terminal. Ofanimon surrendered to Cherubimon on the condition that he spares Seraphimon's life. Trapped in the Castle of Darkness, she managed to summon many kids to the Digital World, where five became Legendary Warriors by evolving with a spirit. Cherubimon knew he would be defeated, so he gave the spirits he was entrusted with life as well. He could only bring one to life himself, so he brought the spirits of four humans with enough darkness for him to corrupt them with to animate the others."

"If he only brought their spirits, how did they-"

He was silenced with a glare.

"The Warriors and their corrupted counterparts clashed often. As the warriors purified other digimon and returned data to where it belonged, they were able to free the darkened Warriors and brought them to their side. Eventually, they freed Seraphimon and Ofanimon and defeated Cherubimon. Lucemon then released the Royal Knights, to collect data to bring him back. They succeeded, and all hope seemed lost. The Warriors combined their powers and were able to defeat Lucemon, but not after he had digivolved. He reformed in his Shadow Lord Mode and went to the Real World but was quickly brought back by the warriors as Susanoomon. They were finally able to deliver a deathblow to Lucemon, ending him once and for all," Gatomon paused to sip at her tea.

"Wow, and we thought we had a hard time," Kari said.

"What happened to the kids?" Cody asked, leaning forward.

"They were returned to the Real World. There's not much to tell after that, just that peace returned," Gatomon shrugged.

"Until Devimon came," TK pointed out, "He brought all sorts out of the wood work."

"Peace can only last so long," Izzy said.

"Good point," Yolei piped up, "What do you think Davis?"

The gogglehead was strangely quiet, as if he was deep in thought. His head shot up when Yolei spoke to him, "Huh?"

Yolei rolled her eyes, "I asked what you thought. Were you listening at all?"

"Of course! Digital legends are actually pretty interesting," He crossed arms, looking insulted.

"They are," Ken spoke up, trying to diffuse the situation, "And the fact that the kids went through similar circumstances as us makes it one of my favorites."

"That was great Gatomon, but I think it's time for bed," Sora pointed out, "It's getting late."

Everyone got out their sleeping bags and settled down.

"Still," Tai sighed, "Becoming a digimon. That must be amazing."

"I'd love to give it a shot," TK replied.

Davis traded looks with Ken and smirked. They have no idea.

So, tell me what you think. Yes? No? Suggestions are welcome.


Note: Almost all of the info came from and . I just added and put it together. In also changed some stuff, which you know if you've watched digimon. Which is why you are here. If you haven't, watch it. It's awesome.