Title: One Sunday Afternoon

Author: Charlie1902

Fandoms: Big Bang Theory/ Doctor Who

Genre: Humour

Rating: K+

Warnings: None

Spoilers: Just general spoilers about the shows

Summery: "And his assistant, Doctor Sheldon Cooper". The Doctor introduces Donna to Leonard and Sheldon.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters you recognise but do own the ones you don't. This is my way of loving them.

Thanks to my beta and friend Trik, mistakes remain my own.

Sheldon had demanded Leonard drive him to the comic book store one Sunday afternoon because a new comic book had just been released,

"You knew about this release date ages ago why are you only telling me about it now?" Leonard whined as they got out his car.

"You never usually mind driving me to the comic book store. Did you have plans?"

"We're going to the Mega Max Sci-fi Convention in four hours!" Leonard griped,

"Yes and I allocated a three hour period sufficient to get into our costumes and drive there,"

"A bit of warning is considered polite," the only way to 'win' with Sheldon was to point out the obvious social niceties that he missed,

"Oh. Noted." Leonard sighed. He really was such a pushover.

"Let's just get that comic and go," he said knowing Sheldon rarely did anything quickly. He would have to go through each copy checking for damages –then he would buy two – one for his collection and one to read.

Once inside Leonard stood by the door with a vague hope it made him seem less geeky to passers-by. He was just the driver … not interested in comic books at all … 'hey was that a rare early copy of Wonder Woman?'

Moving to the nearest shelf Leonard narrowly avoided being hit as the door was forcefully pushed open,

"Oh sorry didn't see you there," said a man not looking in his direction instead focusing on the new comic books

"Its alrigh …" Leonard trailed off since the Englishman wasn't paying any attention to him.

"Sorry about that – he can be so rude," another English voice said behind him. Turning he saw a very beautiful lady with bushy red hair and defined facial features. His breath hitched – he really wasn't good speaking to good-looking woman.

"That's alright," he mumbled looking away and taking a step back further inside the store,

"No it's not, Doctor! Say sorry," She certainly had a loud voice and now everyone in the place was staring at them Leonard blushed,

"I already did Donna!"

"Well say it again!" she ordered,

"It's fine really I …" Leonard started to say but was interrupted as the Doctor turned to look back at his friend and suddenly rushed back over,

"Oh my! Donna … Donna do you know who you're talking too?" he questioned in an excited way practically dancing from one foot to the other.

"No who?" she asked,

"That … That's Leonard Hofstader."


"Doctor Leonard Hofstader!"

"Do I know you?" Leonard questioned in surprise,

"Ok Leonard we can go now." Sheldon said appearing at his side. Leonard looked at him confused.

"Doctor Leonard Hofstader!" The Doctor again in awe,

"Who are you?" Sheldon asked suddenly noticing Leonard was talking to people,

"I'm Donna and this is the Doctor," Donna said automatically still surprised by the Doctor's excitement over some guy in a comic book store,

"Doctor of?" Sheldon asked. The Doctor had darted forward and was fiercely shaking the mans hand Donna answered how the Doctor usually answered,

"Of everything," she said with a trace of sarcasm and longsuffering that Sheldon missed,

"Ah a physicist," Sheldon said with a knowingly smile and nodding his head,

"What's your area?" he asked,

"Oh everything," the Doctor said finally turning away from Leonard who was glad to be free from the Doctor's piercing stare and tight hand grasp,

"Well yes but what particular study are you interested in?"

"Everything … Ah Doctor Sheldon Cooper." He said with sudden understanding,

"You know my work!" Sheldon stated rather than questioned,

"Of course," the Doctor looked around confused,

"Doctor Leonard Hofstader noble prize winner four times in row – no one beats that for a thousand years. Brilliant." the Doctor said knowingly. He turned to Donna,

"Sorted out string theory." He said to her which caused Leonard to laugh in disbelieve and Sheldon to laugh at what he thought was a joke,

"And his assistant, Doctor Sheldon Cooper,"

Now the two scientists stared at him as if he is crazy,

"That wasn't a joke?" Sheldon asked Leonard for clarification,

"Has it not happened yet? What year is it?" the Doctor asked,

"2009," Donna said looking at calendar frowning because it was a rather naughty one,

"Oh but it's supposed to be 2019. The TARDIS must have got it wrong again," he sighed and looked around again – although instead of adoring fans this time he was expecting screams and chaos. Suddenly he froze,

"Donna what day of the week does that calendar say it is?" he questioned with apprehension,


"Right that's it! I don't land on Sundays I'm going to give that TARDIS of mine a right talking to!" he started to walk off angrily before turning to Leonard and Sheldon again,

"Just … I am glad I met you," he said before exiting the comic book store fast,

"Come on Donna!"

"Give me a minute!" she yelled back. Her loud voice echoing around the comic store – not that anyone there would have dared ask her to be quiet. They were still all too busy staring at her in fear,

"So noble prize winner got quite a future ahead of you," Donna said trying to relax the two men. She could easily recognise their shell-shocked expressions; Sheldon was confused and a little bit worried they were insane and Leonard was confused and unassuming,

"I think he was confusing me with someone else," Leonard said faintly,

"Not likely; the Doctor is a time travelling alien if he says you're going to be a four time noble prize winner then that's what you're going to be!" she attempted to build up his non-existent self-esteem,

"But … but,"

"Donna!" the Doctor shouted.

"Gotta go, just remember the Doctor, considering how impressed he was with you I think you'll be seeing us again,"

She said and ran after the Doctor. Leonard and Sheldon watched as they slipped into an alleyway between the comic book store and another building.

"Time travelling alien …" Leonard whispered,

"Doctor . . ." the only other comic store customer said stepping closer,

"You don't think?" Leonard asked Sheldon,

"No, it couldn't b…" the TARDIS sound reverberated around the store as Howard and Raj opened the door to enter.