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"What the- What do you mean you don't want me to do the movie! What the hell happened to 'Oh you should reconsider because the movie is supposed to an international hit!' bullshit! How dare you change your mind at the last minute! The director won't be able to find another actor as great, or as hot, as I am in enough time if he wants to stick to the release date he's aiming for!"

"I don't care. I changed my mind because I don't want you near Squall. You won't be 'uke'ing to him."

"It's a fucking movie! It won't be real!"

"Right…like he wouldn't place his fingers in areas that are reserved for me on purpose… I don't care if you think I'm overreacting or not. You're still not being in that movie."

Sephiroth glared daggers at Cloud, who was glaring right back at him. He'd forgiven him for humiliating him with the cock ring and vibrator yesterday…even though that happened months ago, but Cloud's gone too far now. He was Sephiroth for Pete's sake! Since when does he take orders from a cadet?

"Who the hell do you think you are…? I used to be you're goddamn general and you dare tell me what I can and cannot do?"

"Last I checked I'm Cloud Strife and you are correct. You used to be a general whose ass I kicked three times in a row. In this world, you're a uke actor in denial and I'm your seme made uke lover. So technically, I'm the one in control here!"

Sephiroth gasped as his eyes widened in shock before narrowing them in suppressed anger.

"DENIAL! Technically I should drop kick you in the face for saying that! The only one in denial around here is you for thinking that you're a seme!"

Cloud smirked and leaned against the wall of their bedroom and saw how angry his tall lover was becoming as he didn't stop pacing around the room. He was so damn sexy when he was angry…especially when he was wearing that too big buttoned down shirt night gown that stopped at the beginning of his thighs. He knew that he may have went to far with saying that he defeated him three times, which he was true as was him being in denial about being a uke, but seeing Sephiroth's shocked expression was stirring his nether region. The funny thing was, Sephiroth had yet to catch on that he was purposefully pissing him off to where he'd get flustered enough to stay home and not hang out with Genesis to wee hours of the morning like he used to. To say that Genesis was pissed that he hadn't seen Sephiroth's ass since he returned from his tour was an understatement.

"You're really starting to piss me off Cl- What the-! ARE YOU HARD!"

Cloud cursed as he looked down. Damn silk pajama pants…


"Oh calm down…it's not that big of a deal."

Cloud quickly dodged the vase of flowers that was thrown at him and heard it land and break on the floor behind him…along with the picture frames, radio, remotes, shoes, pillows, and whatever else was in his lover's path when he felt like throwing something.

"You keep this up Sephiroth and this will be like how many squats I can do in three minutes."

"FUCK OFF!" Sephiroth yelled as he threw the large stuffed Teddy Bear that Cloud bought for him as an anniversary present. Cloud caught it before it hit him in the face.

"I know you're mad at me, but don't take it out on Teddy…" Cloud said as he made a pouty face and held the smiling Teddy Bear next to his. Sephiroth gasped before he quickly walked over to him and snatched the Teddy Bear out of his hands before cuddling it.

"I'm sorry Teddy. Daddy didn't mean to throw you in hopes of hitting Cloud hard enough in face for him to lose his footing and fall down the stairs…" Sephiroth said apologetically as he snuggled Teddy. He stopped snuggling his bear when he heard snickering.

"Wow… I wonder what Genesis, Angeal, and Zack would say if they saw The Great General Sephiroth, Demon of Wutai, snuggling a stuffed animal!" Cloud said as he began to laugh. Cloud stopped laughing when he heard a noise and opened his eyes and was hit in the face with his alarm clock that send him tumbling down the stairs. Sephiroth looked down the stairs at a groaning Cloud, who was sprawled out on the bottom step, before shrugging and walking back into their room to take a shower.

Cloud glared at Sephiroth as he held an ice pack to his head and watched as Sephiroth grabbed his coat before heading to the front door.

"And where are you going? I thought you'd at least make me some soup or something as an apology for the huge bump on my forehead."

Sephiroth stopped opening the door and turned to look at Cloud.

"Aww! You poor baby! Why don't you find a female or a uke to do that for you while I go and hang out with Genesis for the rest of the day… Don't wait up!" Sephiroth said with a fake smile on his face as he opened and closed the door after he blew a raspberry at his glaring lover. Cloud rolled his eyes before plopping himself down on the couch and turning on the television. His forehead had better heal up before Sephiroth gets back because tonight they would be fighting for dominance of their relationship…

"Have I told you that I missed seeing your ass in those leather pants while I was on tour?"

"Yes…you've been telling for the past 10 hours since you've seen me…" Sephiroth said sarcastically as he and Genesis were sitting at the bar in a club that Genesis picked out after they spent the day shopping at the mall. Though he was still pissed off at Cloud, he felt guilty about giving him a bump on his head and spent most of money buying stuff for him rather than himself, which surprised Genesis and made the redhead somewhat jealous.

"I'm serious! I really have! I'm not saying that those pictures that I took of you when you were just wearing a cock ring and had a vibrator in your ass didn't work. Oh no…they definitely helped get the job done…" Genesis said as he smirked at the disgusted look on Sephiroth's face.

"I swear that you don't know where my boundary lines are…"

"No I don't…but I'd love to find out, if you know what I mean…"

"Must everything be about sex when it comes to you!"

"Only when you're around..."

Sephiroth frowned.

"What the hell is wrong with you and Cloud! Why do you both insist on pissing me off!"

"Because you're very hot when you're angry..."

Sephiroth rolled his eyes as Genesis laughed.

"Speaking of Cloud, how's that possessive blond of yours doing?"

"Ugh. He's possessive as ever! Can you believe that he told me not to do that movie with Squall anymore because of what happened at our house months back? I mean seriously…what the hell does he think he's doing trying to control me like that! It pisses me off!" Sephiroth growled before taking a sip of his beer. Genesis shook his head.

"He's not trying to be controlling, he's trying to protect you. Shit, if I was your boyfriend, Squall wouldn't be alive anymore after trying to kiss you in my damn house. Then yet again…if I was your boyfriend, we wouldn't have answered the door since I would've had your face in a pillow as I continued to-"

"Get to the point, Genesis."

"The point is that you and would be having sex every-"

"The other point."

"Oh, right… The other point is that Cloud's just trying to look out for you. Last I checked, I thought you didn't want to do the movie because you would have to be the uke…which isn't exactly a bad thing since you have the body like-"

"Say that I have the body like a uke and I will throw this bottle of beer at you…" Sephiroth said as he glared at the redhead. Genesis smirked as an idea popped in his head.

"Why are you drinking beer anyway? Too much of a uke to drink real liquor?"

"No, I just don't want you to touch me if I drink too much."

"So I'm hearing that you're a uke that can't handle his liquor well…?"

Genesis' smirk turned into a grin when Sephiroth fell right into his trap.

"I can handle my liquor well!"

"Prove it."

"Order up then! I'll show you that I'm not a goddamn uke!"

Genesis happily got the bar tender's attention and ordered the most heavily mixed drinks that the club had to offer. Poor Cloud…he was going to miss his uke for the night…

"Teehee! But he's like…soo big that I want to uke for him, but then I like …hic…change my mind at like the last second! Isn't terrible of me Genny? Hic!"

Genesis grinned at the giggling Sephiroth in front of him. He had to remind himself to ask the bar tender before they leave tonight what did he put in that drink to make Sephiroth become this drunk with only two and a half drinks instead of the normal six shots of vodka.

"Yes it is. You're such a tease Sephiroth…such a bad, bad tease…" Genesis said as he growled, making Sephiroth stat giggling all over as leaned in close to him seductively.

"Oh yeah? Then…maybe you should punish me…"

"I think I'll be able to give you what you're looking for..."

Genesis eyes widened as Sephiroth turned to look at Squall, who wrapped an arm around he drunken silverette's waist.

'Where the hell did he come from!'

"Really? Then, hic, prove it! I'm seme enough! Psh! Teeheehee! Come on, let's go!"

"Uhh…no Seph. You should really stay with me." Genesis said with seriousness in his tone. He knew how Squall worked and he wasn't about to let Sephiroth get involved with him over his stupid idea. If he had known that Squall was in the same club as them, he would have never let Sephiroth get wasted... This was turning ugly as Sephiroth pouted at him and Squall raised an eyebrow at him before smirking.

"What's wrong Rhapsodos? Upset that what you're trying to sleep with tonight wants me instead?" Squall said as he licked Sephiroth's neck, making him moan. Genesis narrowed his eyes.

"No. I'm trying to prevent a breakup and another broken nose from happening. You should be thanking me."

Squall scoffed.

"Please, Cloud was able to hit me since I wasn't paying attention to him. If I was, he would be in a hospital bed."

Genesis snarled. He knew that it was probably the truth since Squall was one hell of a fighter, but he was also a trouble maker... What he wanted, he got. One way or another…

"Heeeyyy! Don't…hic…fight over me! You both can share me!" Sephiroth said happily. Squall grinned.

"Sorry, but I don't share my prizes with anyone… Let's get going, shall we?"

"Noooo! I wanna…hic…dance first!"

"Then let's go." Squall said before turning to smirk at Genesis.

"See you later Rhapsodos. Oh…and make sure to tell the blond I said thanks for letting me borrow his uke for the night."

Genesis watched as Squall led a happy-drunk Sephiroth to the dance floor.

"FUCK!" Genesis yelled before taking out his cell phone. As much as he knew that Cloud was going to kill him for letting Sephiroth go with Squall, he needed to know what was about to go down if he didn't get here in the next fifteen minutes…

Cloud was still watching television when the phone rang. He muted the television to hear the caller ID to see whether or not he should pick it up since some bill collectors felt the need to call late at night. Cloud stared at the phone with an eyebrow raised as he heard the caller ID say it was Genesis. He didn't know why he would be calling him at 12 in the morning, but he knew it had to be important. Cloud reached over to pick up the phone and pressed the talk button cautiously.


"Slip on something and come to the club that on the corner of Loveless Avenue and Gaia Drive right now."

"Why? Where's Sephiroth?" Cloud asked seriously.

"I don't have time to explain everything right now, but if you don't get over here in the next fifteen minutes, Squall-"

"I'll be over there in ten."

Genesis flinched when he heard Cloud hang up the phone as he continued to watch Sephiroth and Squall on the dance floor to keep an eye on their whereabouts for when Cloud arrived. He wasn't surprised when he saw Cloud walk up to him 10 minutes later, completely in a seme mode that made Genesis feel 10ft. smaller.


Genesis pointed to the direction they were in and watched as the angry blond pushed through the crowd of people to find Sephiroth. As much as he felt as though he should go, he made himself stay just in case Cloud needed back up.

To say that Cloud was pissed was an understatement. Not only was he pissed off at Genesis for not forcing Sephiroth to stay with him, but he was beyond angry with the fucking brunette that his lover was grinding against. It wasn't hard to tell that Sephiroth was completely gone…especially since his cheeks were pink and he was smiling. Cloud couldn't help but smirk. If the prude Sephiroth saw this, he would probably lock himself in their room to make sure he never went outside again. When he saw Squall slide his hand down to Sephiroth leather pants and undid the button of the pants, Cloud decided that it was time to make himself known.


Cloud smiled when Sephiroth turned to him and squealed before attaching himself to him.

"Cloudy! I missed you and…hic…Teddy! I looveee…hic…youuuu!"

Cloud laughed at how drunk Sephiroth was and kissed his neck, which made him start to giggle.

"I love you, too. Let's go home."

"Hold it."

Cloud turned to glare at the frowning brunette that was walking closer to them.

"He's not going-"

Apparently Sephiroth's stomach didn't agree with the drinks he was given as he threw up all over Squall's pants and shoes. Squall stared down at his pants and shoes in horror as Sephiroth groaned and Cloud smirked.

"I believe you're going to need to take care of that before you finish what you were going to say…" Cloud said while motioning to his pants and shoes before taking Sephiroth out of the club with Genesis following right behind him.

As Cloud was driving a passed out Sephiroth home, he couldn't believe how much stuff Sephiroth had bought for him when he was with Genesis. After he placed Sephiroth in his car, Genesis was moving his bags out of his car and into his while telling him that most of the stuff was for him as a way of saying that Sephiroth was sorry for this morning. Even though he couldn't see out of his back window, he was happy that Sephiroth had thought of him. He let out a groan of pleasure and almost lost control of the wheel when he felt his cock engulfed in a warm, sucking, moist heat. He quickly looked down and saw nothing but silver.

"Sephiroth! What are you…hmmm…doing! Trying to get us…killed!" Cloud yelled while panting. The sober Sephiroth rarely sucked his cock because he thought it was degrading for a seme and refused to do it, which ticked him off to no end… Sephiroth released his now hard member and looked up at him with intoxicated green eyes.

"You don't like what I'm doing?" Sephiroth asked in a sad voice.

Cloud was about to say no, but he grinned before pushing Sephiroth's head back down to let him resume his…task… Thank god he knew a long route home…

Sephiroth groaned in pain as he awoke from his bed as the sunlight shined in his face. He felt as though he'd been hit by a car and then some…which confused him. What the hell did he do last night? He tried to move but stopped when pain shot up his back. God he felt awful… Maybe he should just stick to hanging out with Cloud around the house… Speaking of Cloud…

"Cloud? Where are you…"

He heard the bathroom door open and slowly turned his neck to see his blond leaning against the doorway with a smirk on his face. As much as he felt like questioning why he had a smirk on his face, he didn't have the energy to do it right now...

"How you feeling…?"

"I'm in pain…I have a headache and my back hurts…for some reason…"

"I'm not surprised. You got drunk with Genesis and fell down the stairs when I tried to make you get in the bed. I'll fetch you some aspirin and water. What would you like fore breakfast?"

"I don't know. Whatever you make is fine. But before you go downstairs, can you bring me Teddy?"

Cloud chuckled before grabbing the large stuffed bear off of the floor and putting it near Sephiroth. He watched as Sephiroth slowly wrapped his arms around the bear and snuggle it before letting out a sigh of contentment and closing his eyes.

"I bought some things for you yesterday when Genesis and I went to the mall by the way…"

"Yeah, I saw…thanks for the clothes."

"You're…welcome…" Sephiroth said before drifting off to sleep. After Cloud shut the door, Sephiroth heard the noise Cloud's laptop made when the blond recieved new e-mail messages. Deciding to see what it was since he knew that Cloud didn't mind him checking his messages, he slowly got out of the bed and made his way over to the laptop and brought it back to the bed so he could look at it while laying down. He raised a brow when the message was from Genesis and the subject said "Congratulations!" and had a video attatchment. Feeling very curious, Sephiroth clicked on the video attachment and waited for it to download. Once it finished downloading and Sephiroth hit the play button, he felt his eyes widened as he became so pissed off and angry to the point where all he could do was sit on the bed and watch the video repeatedly as he waited for Cloud to come back. He was going to kill the blond...

Cloud chuckled evilly as he flipped the pancakes over. Though he was still angry with Genesis, he had to call him later on today to tell him thank you and what the name of the drink he gave to Sephiroth was called so that he could keep the liquor in his stash. He never knew that liquor could bring out Sephiroth's inner uke and not just a regular uke…he turned into aslutty one that was in heat… Sephiroth couldn't keep his hands, lips, and tongue off of him last night, not that Cloud was complaining about any of that. Oh no…not by a long shot… Cloud smirked as the memories of last night cam back to his head. Oh he knew the real reason why Sephiroth's back was hurting, and he wasn't about to tell him anytime soon. Why? Because, he didn't feel like being killed by Sephiroth… If Sephiroth ever found out what really went down after Cloud picked him up from the bar, he was very sure that Sephiroth would throw kitchen knives at him while damning him to hell and back. So, Cloud decided to lock the memories of last night in is head and smiled as he carried Sephiroth's breakfast up the stairs on a tray. When he opened the door, he noticed that Sephiroth wasn't sleeping anymore and was on the laptop that Sephiroth bought for him. Cloud felt a shiver of fear slide up his spine when he saw that Sephiroth's face was emotionless and appeared to be watching something.

"Sephiroth, I have your-"

"Cloud…what really happened last night when I got home?"

Cloud felt the fear become stronger when Sephiroth slowly turned his head towards him.

"You weren't your normal self when you walked through the door, so I told you to go to bed and I tried to help you up the stairs, but you fell down them. So, I picked you up and placed you in bed. The end..."

"Ah, so…nothing else happened?"

"Yeah…why?" Cloud asked, trying not to let his nervousness show. His eyes widened and he turned pale when Sephiroth turned his laptop towards him and showed him what he was watching. Why did Genesis record Cloud fucking Sephiroth on the stairs then decide to send it to his laptop when he knew that Sephiroth sometimes uses it too? He didn't know…nor did he feel like finding out since Sephiroth's emotionless face quickly turned into one full of anger and rage… Cloud began to nervously laugh when Sephiroth slowly rose from the bed and began to walk towards him with a deadly aura surrounding him.

"Now Seph…I just want you to know that I love you and that you totally came on to me first and-"

"Is there a knife on that tray?"

Cloud dropped the tray of food and ran down the stairs and out of the house with an angry Sephiroth on his heels with the kitchen knife in his hands. Cloud should have listened to himself the first time when his head told him that topping Sephiroth wasn't worth it…and now he knew the real reason why…

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