Mistakes and Miracles

Part 1 of 4

The News…

This day just wouldn't end… Simon had been sitting in his office for hours trying to get past this one programming error and had so far his only achievement had been wasting his lunch break. While he was waiting for the latest scan to run its course, he reflected on what had pushed him from his love of science into computers. As he sat there contemplating where his life had gone off course, his cell phone buzzed to life. He checked the display and was glad to see that it was his brother Theo.

"Hey man, how's it going? Everything alright?" he asked.

"Yeah, everything's going fine. Me and Ellie are just sitting here watching the kids." He replied on the other end.

"So how are my little nephews and niece?"

"Well, they had their eighth birthday last week you know, and then Colin found our old concert videos the other day and is still watching them upstairs on the computer." Theo said laughingly.

"No way, does he think we were any good?" Simon inquired, a twinge of sadness at the memory of those fun years playing with the guys and their friends, now gone and all but forgotten.

"Well, he keeps laughing, so I think he's enjoying himself."

"That's great. Well what about my goddaughter? Is she staying out of trouble?"

"You could say that." Theo conceded, "She's stopped locking the boys in their rooms when they annoy her."

"Wow, it sounds like she's in charge of things to me." he joked, "So Colin is watching our old videos, and Cindy is behaving, what about your youngest? Is Matt still cooking?"

"Oh yeah," Theo answered, "Ellie and I take turns showing him how to cook and bake, and he loves it. I let him use the beater the other day and the kitchen was covered in cookie dough."

Simon laughed at the thought of little Matt making such a big mess. "That sounds great Theo. But I take it you didn't call me to talk about cookie dough kitchens… what's up?"

"Well, Ellie just got off the phone with Britney and now she's calling Jeanette with the news. I figured I'd let you know." He offered.

"News? What about?" Simon asked, slightly concerned.

"Well, you know how she's been seeing this guy for about a year now?"

"Yes…" Simon replied, trying not to also mention that it hurt every time he thought about it.

"Well, he proposed to her this morning and she said yes."

Simon felt the floor drop out from beneath his feet. He had been anticipating something to do with Brit, but to him, this was horrible. His mind shut down and took him back to when his sadness had begun, ten years ago in their senior year of High School…

Simon and Britney were sitting on the hill overlooking the athletics field. The sun was setting in the distance and they had just finished their final exams for the year. Things couldn't have been more perfect for them as they sat in the grass holding each other. But something was clawing inside Simon's heart that ruined the mood for him, and she could tell…

"What's wrong Si?" she asked from her spot in the grass beside him.

"I've just been doing a lot of thinking lately…" he began,

"Well that's never good." She joked, smiling up at him.

"No it isn't." he agreed before continuing, "You know how people say that after graduation, everything changes?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"I just feel… I don't know, weird about the whole thing is all." He admitted, having trouble finding the right words.

"Simon," Britney comforted, putting her arms around him and pulling him close, "You are the smartest guy in school and you're going out with the most popular girl in the county… what is there to feel weird about? You're living the High School dream…"

"That's just it, I'm living the High School dream, but we're going to college in a few months. Different colleges…"

"And you're worried it won't work?" she inquired, "Is that it?"

"Not exactly, I just don't want to constantly worry that some guy is going to steal you from me." Simon said, shrugging off her embrace and standing up.

"I won't flirt with any guys Simon, and besides, I'll be just worried about what you're up to while you're off to MIT."

"Maybe… no, forget it. It's stupid." He started to say, looking off into the distance over the town.

"Simon, what were you thinking?" Brit asked, slightly scared of what he was going to say.

"I was just thinking, logically, if we weren't together, then we wouldn't have to worry about the other one getting taken by someone else…" he confessed stupidly.

"So you think we should break up now rather than the possibility of one of us having an affair?" She summed up furious that he had even entertained the concept, let alone suggested it.

"Britney, please don't take that the wrong way, I didn't mean it… it was a stupid idea." He said hurriedly, trying to keep her from freaking out.

"You're right," she said quietly, "It was a stupid idea. But it told me a lot about you just now Simon… you'd rather give up on something than risk it on the slim chance that things would go wrong."

"Britney…" he said, but realized that nothing he could say would change her mind.

"It's over Simon. If you don't even want to trust me alone, or you don't trust yourself not to act like Alvin around all those college girls, then we're through. Good luck on your graduation speech Saturday…"

And just like that, she got up and left the hill, and Simon, behind… alone. He watched her until she was completely out of sight, and even then he stared after her, complete shock numbing his very being. The one truly beautiful thing in his life had just walked out on him, and he stood there.

"Simon?" Theodore called out over the phone, "You still alive there?"

"Yeah Theo, I'm here…" he said snapping out of his most painful memory.

"So? You're going to the wedding right?"

"Yeah… tell Britney I'll be there." He said, trying to sound happy.

"Cool. Oh, and don't forget that our birthday is coming up this Friday. I know you forget things a lot with your job, but Alvin and I are going to the bar, so you'd better be there too." He warned, trying to sound intimidating to his brother.

"I'll be there Theo. Sounds like I'll have a lot to drink to." He joked, only half serious.

"Okay then, I'll let Britney know you'll be there at the wedding, now get back to work Mr. Science Man." Theo said before hanging up.

Simon put the phone back on the receiver and sat there in his chair, still mulling over all the news he had just gotten. Britney was getting married… he was turning 28… what the hell was he going to do? He put his hands to his face and groaned as he leaned back in his seat and tried to figure out where to start.

Should he try and at least tell Britney how he really felt? After all these years, would she even remember their time together, let alone want to hear him out? It was too much. He grabbed his jacket and sped out of the office, "I just need some space to think…" he kept telling himself as he drove out of the company parking lot and off to his apartment where he could at least stew in peace…

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