"Lal, I'm going to help Reborn with something okay?"

"What? Again? Is it Sawada-san again?" Lal Mirch says with annoyance.

"Ma ma, don't get mad, kora." He smiles.

Lal blushes slightly, glaring at him, "I'm not mad Colonello…..Do they need my help?"

Colonello smiles and holds out his hand, "I want your help, does that count?"

Lal blushes more and looks to the side, "Idiot….don't say stupid things like that." She crosses her arms and starts to walk, "Let's get going then….." Colonello smiles at her, chuckling softly before following her.

.-. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .-.

"I'm glad you could both back it." Reborn says as soon as the couple steps into the room.

Lal crosses her arms, looking to the side glaring while Colonello smiles at Reborn, "No problem. What did you need our help with? Kora."

"Ah, yes. I need you to help Chrome with her mission." Reborn motions to the screen before them as their technician works magic on the computer. The mission was simple, they had to get into their enemy base and destroy it, getting information on their plans as well as their technology. An easy mission as long as they're with the mist guardian. "Chrome is already ready to leave, go meet up with her by the sixth gate; Giannini will open the door for you guys."

Colonello nods while Lal Mirch starts to walk away, "We'll be back as soon as possible then, kora."

Reborn hands the tall blond two headsets, "Just in case…."

Colonello smiles, "Thanks." He turns around and runs to catch up with Lal, taking her hand in his. Lal glares at him, blushing slightly, but doesn't pull her hand away. Reborn smirks as he watches the couple leave.

._. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ._.

Chrome bows and smiles at the couple when she sees them, "Thank you for helping me with this mission."

Colonello smiles back at her, "No problem Chrome. You sure got big…"

Lal glances at Chrome, "….much more mature too…."

Chrome blushes slightly, "Th…Thank you…." She smiles again, "Lets get on with our mission then shall we? I'm sure we all have plans after this…."

"Not really-" Colonello's sentence was cut off by Lal Mirch elbowing him in the stomach and walking away.

Chrome kneels down slightly, "Ano…are you okay Colonello-san?"

Colonello twitches slightly, forcing a smile, "Oh…yeah I'm fine….She's always like this." Lal growls softly, making Colonello stop and start to walk towards Lal, "Well, let's get on with the mission shall we?" He smiles at Chrome, encouraging her to walk towards the enemy's base. Chrome smiles shyly at him, walking over to them.

It wasn't long before they found an entrance to the base and easily got in. Chrome uses her illusions to hide themselves, and quickly going to the heart of the base with the help of Giannini while placing bombs all over the place. Lal walks up to the computer before them, her fingers flying over the keys as she transfers all of the information to the Vongola base. Lal glances at Colonello, watching him place claymores and C4s around the area. When they were both done, they speak over their headphones, "We're heading out now."

"Stay safe."


Colonello and Chrome quickly run out of the room while Lal quickly looks around the area to make sure that she didn't forget anything. Lal flinches when she hears Colonello's sharp tone, "Lal! Come on!" Lal quickly scans the place again before running over to Colonello.

Once they got outside, Colonello sets off the bombs, making Chrome and Lal flinch slightly from the sudden loud noise. Colonello and Lal turns back to look at the base, making sure that it was up in flames, which it was. They quickly reported back to Reborn, "The place has been blown up."

"Good job, mission accomplished then."

Colonello smiles at Chrome and Lal, "You guys did well."

Chrome smiles, "Thanks Colonello-san…."

Lal looks to the side, "Hmph…of course…."

Wrote this on a request, I hope it's alright TT~TT I rushed it a lot cause I have to go to work like...in 5 mins. Sorry! I promise that the next one will be better! I'll...turn this in a series cause it doesn't feel like it's a good ending...sorry. I did this in like...30-50 mins...forgive me my beloved Chrome...anyways...sorry again. It's really rushed, but I'm glad I have one that doesn't have Hibari in it...I'm too obsessed with him...anyone could tell you that xD Thanks again for putting up with my crap story!