I figured that 500 words and 5 themes weren't enough to cover some of the things I wanted to squeeze into the main "Mass Mayhem." So I'm picking seven of the 20 weeks and writing up a "deleted scene" for each (without a word limit). This week is for Week 1.

I do not own Mass Effect. BioWare and EA do.

Beyond Limits
by Universitas

1. Victor Shepard – Earthborn
After the Fact

"So I guess this makes us fags."

Victor and Jake sat on trashcans on opposite sides of an alley. Both of them avoided eye contact; Victor chose Jake's knife as the focus of his gaze, while Jake stared off towards the alley's end.

"Yeah," Jake said. "I guess."

"If the others ever find out…"

"I know, dammit." Jake's stare drifted to the rusted metal ground. He slid his thumb up and down on the knife, retracting and extending its blade over and over. "They'll beat the shit out of us and leave us to the Fangs or something."

"Guess this is a fuck-up, then. We shouldn't go on with this."

Jake looked up at him; doing so drew Victor's eyes as well. "I didn't say that. I—" He sighed. "Lemme say this again. They'll try to beat the shit out of us. But the Old Man would kill them first. Without us, the Reds are outta hackers. The Old Man's not the fag-hating kind of guy, anyways."

"You never know."

"I don't think he'd be surprised."

Jake was set on it, and as always, there was no stopping him. Also as always, Victor was dragged right along with him. But it wasn't like he didn't want it. It was different. Intense. Dangerous. Victor kinda liked that.

There you go, another piece of Victor Shepard's story. Thanks for reading!