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Warning: Shonen-ai (light male/male), some language, homophobia (kinda-sorta; it's really complicated), the slight possibility of violence, etc…

Note: This is a side story to my other story Geeks in Love. You do not need to read that story to read this story. This story actually starts before Geeks in Love, so Niou and Marui are not together.

- 1 -

Akaya liked to think that he was honest. He told people almost everything about himself. Key word: almost. There were some things that Akaya liked to keep a secret. Like how he still played with legos, or how he didn't really like playing those gory video games – he would much rather be playing Super Mario Galaxy or Zelda than Call of Duty.

But if told anyone that, it would ruin the fun of having a secret that only he knew.

Akaya was sitting at a booth in a small dinner, and Yukimura was sitting across from him. The jukebox was playing some old American song, and occasionally a young group of girls would go up and change it.

"So, Akaya," Yukimura said, grabbing his burger, "how are your studies?"

"You always ask that," Akaya said, taking a long sip of his soda. Coca-Cola was amazing.

"Because you're answer always changes."

Akaya shrugged, setting down his cup. He grabbed a fry and popped it into his mouth. "They're okay, I guess."

"What's that supposed to mean? You're failing, you're okay, or you're above average?"

Yukimura has always had a special interest in Akaya, mostly because Akaya was going to be the one to replace him as captain, and he couldn't have a captain who's ineligible to participate in tournaments because they're failing half their classes. Yukimura wanted to leave behind a good legacy.

"I'm passing everything," Akaya said. "But my English grade is a little low."

"But you're still passing?"

"Yes, Buchou, I'm still passing," Akaya said with a sigh.

Yukimura smiled and stole a few of Akaya's fries. "Good."

"Buchou!" Akaya whined. "Those are mine."

Yukimura sighed and looked at the five or fries in his hand. He set them on his plate, picked one up, and put it by Akaya's mouth.

"Say 'ah'," Yukimura said, moving the fry like a plane.

"I'm not a baby," Akaya mumbled.

"I'll play tennis with you this weekend."

Akaya's mouth opened up to form a giant 'o,' which was rather hard because he couldn't stop smiling. Yukimura smiled back, and fed his kohai his fry.

"So," Yukimura continued, "why is your English grade so low?"

Yukimura's other reason for taking a special interest in Akaya was because Akaya was simply Akaya, and Yukimura couldn't help but care about him.

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