Ed's pov

After I made sure Bella's heart continued to beat, I reluctantly let Carlisle watch over her until my return there was something that I needed to take care of down stairs immediately.

I was shaking with fury as I flew down the stairs, blinded with fury as I walked into the living the room.

"You mutt, are you crazy, how dare you imprint on my Bella!" I snarled loudly as I got up in his face.

If he thinks that I am going to let him anywhere near my wife he is sadly wrong.

He stepped back putting his hands up with slight fear in his eyes.

"I can't control this Edward, I was ready to give her up, but when Nessie finally came out it was like she pulled the one thing stopping me from imprinted." Jacob said lowly.

I growled loudly, and without think I grabbing his neck, and pinned him to the ground.

"I'll kill you!" I snarled loudly, but Emmett had me and was backing me away from him.

He got up shakily, and frowned as annoyance filled his ears as my baby let out a cry.

"Remember Nessie." Emmett whispered then let me go.

"Nessie?" I asked not sure if I liked that nick name.

"Yeah it's easy to say if you ask me." Emmett shrugged.

I rolled my eyes, and went to Rose who was trying to get Nessie calm.

She gave her to me quickly, and handed me her metal bottle.

I sat down on the couch smiling down at Nessie, and she stopped crying.

As I fed her I looked at her beauty, and how much she looked like my angel Bella, she would be so happy when she sees her.

Nessie's deep brown eyes looked up to me and a smile fell to her face.

Nessie, I loved her so much already, and now seemed to be a good time for her to see her mother.

The sooner I get out of this room and away from Jacob the better for both of us.

I stood up slowly and walked back up stairs, and was filled with anger as the dog followed after us.

"Can't you go jump off a cliff or something?" I snapped at him.

"I probably could and be back before you even make it to the room, would you hurry up?" Jacob sneered back.

"In case you didn't notice I'm holding a baby." I growled.

Jacob snorted but didn't say anymore which the smartest move he's made today.

When we got into the room I quickly took the only seat by my loves side, and looked at her pale form.

Jacob slowly walked to the other side looking at her with worry, and he began biting his lip.

I narrowed my eyes at him, but looked back down to Nessie.

She was watching Bella closely with love filling her eyes along with sadness.

Her soft hand came up and touched my face gently, and suddenly a thought came to me.

Is mommy ok?

I was stunned for a second, and beamed.

So this was Nessie's power.

"Mommy's ok Nessie, but she'll be sleeping for about three days." I said softly.

Did I hurt her, I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to. She thought.

I kissed her forehead gently.

"It isn't your fault my sweet, but please don't worry mommy will be fine I promise." I said.

Jacob snorted.

"You're talking to her like she actually understands." Jacob said glaring at the both of us.

"She can you mongrel, now shh you're scaring her." I growled as Nessie flinched at his gaze.

He sighed, and his shaking stopped and he looked back at Bella with love.

I bit back my growls of jealousy, and continued to talk to Nessie.

I don't like Jacob. She said with a slight frown.

I snickered.

"I don't either, believe me." I said grinning at my daughter.

I was rather glad that at least Nessie would hate him as much as I hate him, well I doubt anyone could hate Jacob as much as me, and hopefully Bella will feel closely the same.