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The power of Mars whipping around her and never really felt as good as it did just then. She was tired, angry, and sick of being ordered around by a cocky man who was twice her size. And all of that just seemed to fuel the fire behind her planet. Anger, she knew, could be beneficial if it was harnessed correctly. Well She was more than ready to harness it.

"Justin," she spat, acknowledging him once again, this time as confident, even if she was dressed in some damnable mini skirt.

His eyes roamed over her appreciatively, and it forced her to acknowledge that he was still the hunter, and she the prey, even if the moods were slightly turned in her favor, at the moment.

"Serena, I want you to run," she whispered, a language long forgotten springing un-bidden to her lips in her time of need. She blinked softly, at Serena eyed her wearily, shaking her head as her answer.

"I won't leave you," she replied softly. Her own eyes daring her to argue with her.

"You can't escape you know, we will just hunt you back down." Justin purred, his fangs coming to rest back on his bottom lip, his blue eyes watching her with appreciation. "Come back now, and no lessons shall be taught."

She really didn't believe him, at all. She did know however, she had had enough lessons to last her a lifetime in the last few days--had it only been that long?--and she didn't need him to teach her anymore.

"Mars Celestial Fire, Surround." She ordered her magic, forcing the two men to jump backwards, and giving her the moment's time she needed.

She wasn't sure exactly how her she managed to do it, one moment there was a flash of silver, and the next they were standing outside the castle, somewhere in the woods, and she was starring at a gaping princess.

"Well, how DID you do that?" she demanded.

"I don't know," the girl admitted, her eyes gleaming with a thousand emotions that Rei couldn't identify. "I really don't know."

"We need to get moving." Rei replied gently. Her own expression annoyed as she looked around, before she was blinking in surprise, they were back. somehow Serena had teleported them home. but how?


"Distraction," Minako hissed, eyeing the men in front of her, her eyes snapping in irritation. "What we need is a distraction."

"Well, well, inst this a lovely picture? Three vampire lords, and there waylaid ladies, how nice."

Makoto felt the blood drain from her face, at the sound of the Werewolf Lords voice; a name coming to mind instantly. Hassan . There were two more with him, who she didn't recognize, but by the faces that Ami and Minako were making she had the distinct impression that they knew who they were far too well. She couldn't stop the half amused smile that lit her features. Fate just kept messing with there heads these days, one day, she might just actually be able to pull off a normal day.

"Minako," Ami hissed, "don't ask for anything else within a hundred years of my death please."

The blond women just looked murderous, a look that was mirrored on the faces of the three Vampire Lords.

"There ours," Kunzite snarled.

"Here we go again," Makoto groaned, only to have Nathan shoot her a glare.

"Hold your tongue wench, when I want you to speak I shall ask," Hassan snapped at her.

Minako watched with idle fascination as Makoto's brows flew up, and her emerald eyes darkened, to deep hues. "Repeat that," she hissed.

The Werewolf Lord turned and looked at her, his own eyes darkening with lust as he smirked down at her. "When I want your opinion I will ask for it."

It probably wasn't the smartest or the wisest thing in the world to do, but Makoto lashed out with a full body tackle, knocking them both back into the wall, a growl emitting from her throat as she did so.

Ami sighed, her body tensing, "here we go again."

Makoto barely had time to wince, as she felt herself crash into the wall, before she was tossed like a rag doll. Tensing her body, she managed to throw her hands back and prevent herself from hitting the wall that was once again rapidly approaching her body.

"Bastard," she spat. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught a flash of yellow, as Minako, somehow, had transformed herself into Venus. A grin lit her features, before one of her six senses warned her of oncoming turmoil. Managing to duck whatever it was that was throwing itself at her head, she rolled. The sound of something crashing into the wall next to her caused her to wince.

A hand snagged her by the neck--in an undignified manner--and she was thrust up against a hard body, as a pair of chocolate brown eyes glared down at her. "Stay put," Nathan growled, before dropping her in a corner of the room.

Anger flared up in her again at the command, and she blinked as she allowed her eyes to roam the room. Apparently her impromptu ness had started a full fledged battle, for the Lords in the room were at each others throats. She winced in sympathy as Ami was tossed into a table by Hassan. The girl shook her head, her eyes flashing with fury, before wincing and standing up once again.

Darting her gaze around the room, she grinned when she saw Minako, the women had a broken chair leg in her hand, and was currently beating it over the head of Hassan, who had Kunzite by the throat. Strangely enough, the General didn't look to worried, and she didn't have to wait long to find out why, as Zach appeared from know where and sent he werewolf flying in the opposite direction of the general, his gripe, somehow releasing Kunzite.

'Interesting maneuver,' she admitted. Her gaze met Minako's by accident over the fray and she could only grin, as the women winked at her, before singling to catch up with Ami. Shrugging, she darted through the mess and still fighting men, slightly winded from all the impromptu dodging that she had been forced to undergo.

"Minako has a plan I think," she gasped out.

Ami nodded, before slamming an ice shard in the direction of one of the werewolves. "I have decided I despise them more than I do the Vampires," she admitted.

Kieke who was calmly standing beside her sister now, was picking up things and chunking them at Andrew, who from Makoto could tell, she was calling the 'stupid, evil one.' She decided that she liked the little spit fire. Damn cute, and had a temper, she might actually inspire Ami at some point into becoming a little more outgoing.

"Okay distraction accomplished, Ami do you think that you could pull a fog out of somewhere, I don't want them to see how we get out."

Ami nodded, a grin lighting her lips, someone beside her had come up with a plan, the day might just go well enough to get them out.

"One fog coming up, Kieke come here," she ordered, not wanting to lose the puppy in the middle of the fray.

A moment later a gentle fog lit the room, and a flash of yellow light was the only reminder that they had even been there.


Zach's first indication that something had gone wrong was when he felt the cool touch of Ami's fog, the second indication was when there was a power surge, and then he could no longer feel him bond mate. Fury the proceeded to cloud over his judgment, moments before he managed to send Andrew flying out the nearby window.

Instantly whipping around he searched for any sigh of the tiny blue haired women. only to find none. He had expected that, only the teleportation remains were a complete mystery to him, he didn't think they had that much skill.

"You lost them two uh?" Justin questioned, as he casually picked up the last remaining werewolf and sent him flying out of the castle.through the wall.

"When did they learn about teleportation?"

Justin shrugged, his hair was slightly mused, and his dark eyes were gleaming with anger, Endymion was standing behind him, and didn't look much better. The only difference where Justin's eyes had just darkened with anger, was Endymion's were black, making him look like a dark Prince.

"Where would they have gone?" Nathan questioned silently, cursing the fates that had made it daylight.

"More importantly what in the world were those idiots," Zach said, jerking his head in the direction the Werewolves had fled, "doing in our territory?"

"She is up to something," Endymion replied softly his dark gaze drifting to each of his generals. "I can feel it."


"What just happened?" Ami demanded, forcing the nausea that was threatening to rip through her, back down. "I think I am going to puke."

Minako eyed her, "you look green," she replied with a nod. Her own stomach was not doing to well, and the only one who didn't look effected was Makoto, though she was holding some sort of stick in her hand like it was her life line.

"Where did you get that?" Ami questioned, having have spotted it just as quickly as her friend did.

"Better question," she breathed, "where are we?"

Looking around at the swamp grounds, Minako blinked.. She could hear a slight hissing, and to her, it looked like the whole world had suddenly turned around and dumped itself upside down. It was a horrid blend of colors, some black, some brown, some grey.. And she suddenly had a very bad feeling about the whole thing.

"The swamp." Ami breathed her own eyes wide with surprise, and horror.

"I HATE swamps," Makoto whinnied, as her heels decided to make a squishing nose as she moved, a frown painted her face. "Great, just great, whose IDEA was this?"