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(Line Break)

It was a warm summer night, and a small midnight blue Bunny hopped through the brush; her pale lavender eyes searching helplessly for her one inspiration, an orange Fox. It was common for her to just watch him get stronger every day, taking on the world and any animal that got in his way. She hated to admit it, but the fox had stolen her heart. And there he was, but what she saw broke her heart and caused her to duck back into the brush and hide her pain as best as she could.

The orange fox was trying to impress the Cat. This cat was beautiful and unique, her pink coat was silky and smooth and her bright green eyes were an attention grabber. No way could the Bunny compete, she thought to her self, but it made her angry that the Cat would just ignore the Fox, who was trying his all to prove him self. The Bunny wanted to show the Fox she was impressed and that she would give up the world just to be with the Fox but, she blushed at the thought of doing that; she didn't have the nerve.

The Cat just stuck her nose in the air and turned away, leaving the Fox alone and sad. The Bunny wanted to ask the Cat, what her problem was. Why couldn't she see it? The Bunny followed the Cat, with swift and silent movements, but she what worried her is that the Cat was going into dangerous grounds, they could be killed. It was dangerous for her to be here and alone. All the Bunny had to protect her self was her quick speed and some claws on her feet but that was it. The Bunny also feared a bit for the Cat because she didn't look much like a fighter.

The Cat was very well kept and not to mention in the best of shape a cat could be in. A bright red bow was around her neck that her owner had probably changed everyday, since it was perfect everyday. The Cat was walking with a bit of a bounce in her step, almost excited to be in such a bad place. This place was full of predators that brought a chill to the Bunny's spine and forced her to run in the bushes beside the trail, where the Cat openly walked.

The Bunny watched cautiously, also checking her surrounds in the event that an animal of prey finds her, she hopped along and found that the Cat was headed to the lake side, where the Wolf sat drinking the clear water. The Bunny coiled back as the Cat rubbed against the Wolf and sat next to him, also taking a small drink of water. Now she knew why the Cat ignored her beloved Fox, she was interested in the Wolf.

He was big, scary, and over all very mean. The Bunny had seen this same Wolf before, hunting and just walking through the forest. He had black fur and dark red eyes. He had small bits of white on his underbelly and chest, not to mention the tip of his tail. He was a loner and traveled alone, or as far as she knew. The Bunny stayed a ways away from the Wolf; he would kill her in a heart beat, and then eat her for lunch.

The Cat was very calm and walked seductively around the Wolf, in hopes of grabbing his attention. But it never worked. The Wolf openly ignored her and growled out when she got too close into his personal space. She knew her boundaries now, this has been only one in a thousand of visits she did, just to see her precious Wolf. He hated seeing this pampered house cat walk around the forest like she owned it. He had to admit, the first time they had met, she had caught his attention, but it was because of her odd coloring and the bright red ribbon was hard to miss in a forest of green. The Wolf made it obvious at first that the Cat was bothering him and should fear him, but she was as stubborn as he was and refused to leave him be. Soon it became clear that she would visit him once or twice through out the day. Today, she had been late- not that he really cared- but he had thought too soon. The Cat was persistent and once had hissed at another animal, a small Boar that had tried to approach the Wolf. He had once almost barked happily when she had given the Fox a good paw to the face, but he refused to show anything around the Cat.

The Bunny had watched in complete silence as the two interacted, even though the Wolf did not make any attempt to show that he even noticed the Cat. She was a bit confused at why the Cat kept trying, wasn't she embarrassed that he paid no attention to her, like she was just a plant. Or even sad that he would growl when she was too close to him. She remembered once that the Fox had growled at her, he had mistaken her for someone that wanted to fight him. She had coward back in fear and quickly ran away, hurt that he would growl at her like that, like she was the threat. She looked back to see that the Cat had been roughly pushed to the side as the Wolf passed her and began to walk away, but the Cat followed with a few meows here and there. If the Bunny had been any braver, she would have stood up for the Cat; she wasn't though, just a plain old bunny. She hoped out to the water and decided that spying on the Cat and Wolf would be pointless and that her thirst was more important. As she bent down to drink, she had noted that the Wolf had left a clear paw print in the mud; she starred at it for a moment. The Bunny placed her own front paw that looked insignificant against the Wolf's paw and not to mention it created a small dent.

The Bunny did what instinct told her to, she sniffed it. It was something you were just born doing, she did it when she tried to find her hole, or when she wanted to find a certain food; you smell it once and it will always be stored away in the back of your mind until you need that knowledge again. Once she got past the smell of the dirt and water, she found a distinct smell of blood. She expected it since he ate meat, but it wasn't as strong as she thought it would be. Maybe it was from his washing it off as he walked through the water and times. Not only that but she caught the smell of pine needles and wood, she liked that smell. The last distinct scent she caught was the one you would expect from the Cat, it was a smoky, like he had been close to a fire once. She sat up and was slightly confused. What was with the smoke? She would have noticed if there was a fire near or in the forest, but there had been none. The Bunny just let it slip into the back of her mind and went on quenching her thirst.

Suddenly, the Bunny heard a sudden crack; she stood strait and looked around for the threat. This was the perfect timing to be hunted; the Bunny was well disguised by the dark, thanks to her dark coloring. This was the only time she was happy to be so dark colored, she blended in well in the dark, any other time it made her stand out and gave her unwanted attention. Though, she hoped that it would get the attention of the Fox, but it never did; the Fox only liked bright colors, she guessed. The Bunny listened close, trying to find out where the sound was coming from, but it was deathly silent.


Not the right choice of words she had used. The Bunny took another drink of water and washed her face. Just because she was an animal, didn't mean she didn't like being clean, she then went on her way back home. The Bunny decided to follow the trail that the Humans had made through the forest, since it was cleared of brush and weeds. It was also uncommon for any animal to walk the trail except for the cat and any animal big enough not to see the Humans as a threat. The Bunny liked to take this route only at night, since she hid well, but it also went right by her home in the fields. She loved the smell of flowers, or any plant really, that's why she lived in the field; she was surrounded by flowers and tall grasses, not to mention her hole was hidden well in the fields. The Bunny hopped off the trail and went strait to her little hole, but a small blur of orange flew by her, causing her to flinch back.

The Fox had been after the Wolf for a long time, he hated just because the Wolf was bigger then he was, that he somehow had the right to ignore him and brush him off like he was nothing but a bug. He wanted to show the Wolf that he was better, faster, and stronger then him; not to mention he wanted the attention of the Cat. She was so pretty to him, an unknown beauty to the world that was hard to come by. He knew that if he could prove that he was stronger, she would love and adore him like she does with the Wolf. Right now, he was trying to catch a firefly, he picked the fastest thing he could find and chase it. If he was fast, he'd catch it, and if not, he would try and get faster until he could catch a firefly. As he ran by, he saw a small little blue blob and had to stop to see it a bit closer. He knew he would not catch the firefly, so he would need to be running all day and night, tomorrow. The Fox became aware that it was the oddly colored Bunny that had once tried to fight him, but right now, she looked scared out of her wits. The Fox smiled a bit, rabbits were fast, right? Sure she wasn't grown up yet, but he guessed she'd be pretty close to fast. He jumped around playfully and smiled brightly at her.

The Bunny couldn't help but have the glee show in her eyes and tried to not jump around. She was ecstatic that the Fox wanted to be with her, to play with her. She got down in a pouncing position and took off running in the field. The Fox made a bark-like sound and ran after her; she was greatly impressed at his speed he was gaining up on her pretty quick. Now the Bunny was upset, she wasn't even a challenge for him. She wanted to be a challenge, to help get stronger and able to achieve his goal of being the best fox ever.

She picked up as much as she could but, he had pounced on her and they tumbled to the ground. The Fox was on top of her and panting lightly with a smile, he quickly got off of her and waited for her to get to his feet. He loved chasing the Bunny, she was hard to see in the tall grass and that whole time we relaying on smell and sound, he barley ever did that. She was making him better and soon he would be able to beat that Wolf and win the heart of the Cat. Once she got to her feet he ran on ahead; he looked back to see that she wasn't following him. The Fox ran back and looked at her and then motioned with his head for her to follow. The Bunny got it and nodded, once the Fox took off, she was right after him.

The Bunny my not be fast, but the one thing she had was great hearing and smell, but all she could relay on was her hearing. She could hear his four paws hit the ground and compared to every other animal, he was very loud. She wasn't able to keep up with him and tried a new approach; she knew he was headed toward the lake. She went to a short cut and a faster route to get to there. She worried that the Fox might think she was cheating and maybe that would be the last time he would ever ran with her, but she had to take that chance now.

The Bunny smiled as she ran into the open area, not really looking where she was looking, and ran into something very hard, and kind of soft. She tumbled back and once she got back on her feet, she shook her head and opened here eyes; she really shouldn't have done that. Her eyes went wide as she starred into those of the Wolf. She cowered back and trembled under his look. As she got a good look at him, she could see that his eyes were cold and fierce; nothing like the Fox's or evens the Cat for that matter. The Bunny was ready to run away if the Fox hadn't of showed up and began to growl in a low tone; it didn't help her. She was even more scared then before and didn't want to see the two begin to fight, in fear to see the Fox hurt. The Bunny didn't need to care about the worry about the Wolf, in her book he was the second biggest threat to her, any wolves were. The Bunny just didn't want to leave the Fox there alone, but what could she do? She didn't know how to fight, only to run.

The Wolf wasn't worried about the Fox, just a bump in the road that always found a way to being in his way. What did intrigue him thought was the small blue Bunny. She was young, like him but at least he had size on her, but for she was tall for other bunnies. She still retained baby fat on her body, but –dare he even think it- it made her…cute. He mentally smacked him self for even think it and glared at her, like it was her fault that she was too cute….but, it kind of was. Couldn't she roll around in mud just to ruin her appearance, though, he only thought it would be even cuter. The Wolf glanced over to the Fox that was about to pounce on him until that Cat come back. It was night, the moon was in the sky, and he would have sworn that the Cat would be locked inside her house at this time. He rolled his eyes and walked past them, but the Cat and Fox were persistent. They followed him where ever he went, but the Bunny didn't, she kind of looked upset. The Wolf groaned, great, he thought, and another little fan to bother him. But to his surprise, she was starring at the Fox. The Wolf did a double take and had the look of shock on his face. How could a quiet, smart –he could only assume- and quite pretty bunny want…that?

The Bunny looked away quickly before the Wolf did his double take, and began to hop back to her hole, not taking the trail. She couldn't believe that the Wolf and Cat could ruin her one moment with the Fox. All the odds were in her favor, the Cat was suppose to be at home and by now even that Wolf should be in his home sleeping, or at least out hunting for a meal. The Bunny only needed one night to get him to notice her, but his attention turned to the Cat in a heart beat. She tried to shake it off as she hopped through the field of grass and flowers; it was able to bring a smile to her eyes, knowing she lived in such a beautiful place. She slowly hopped into her little hole and nestled into the burrow she had dug a few years back. Her burrow was fairly big, but not anywhere near the size of the one her family once had; but she moved a long time ago. It wasn't right, she felt that she was really dependant of her family and thought that living on her own would be better for everyone. She did it sooner then everyone in her family, in reality she was only a child. The Bunny nestled into a comfortable position and slowly fell asleep, sad that she was so very alone.

(Next Morning)

The Wolf was greatly annoyed; this Cat had been here since the morning. He couldn't go hunting with her trailing behind him meowing and scaring away his meal. He was this close to eating her, but feared she'd taste awful. He was about ready to bash his head into a rock until he heard some idiot animal going down the path; he smirked to him self, and only one thing was on his mind: food. The Wolf got low in a pouncing position, ready to grab and kill but, yet again, the Cat meowed and purred loud enough to cause the animal to stop. He growled loudly at her, causing her to take hesitant steps back in fear. He turned his head back to the path and slowly began to move forward. He was happy to see this time, the Cat didn't follow. The Wolf went on and sniffed the air, finding that a scent was different then the nature around them, so he followed it. He walked with soft steps, trying hard not to make a sound and not to scare his meal away, but the closer he got, he suddenly realized what was to become his meal.

It was the Bunny.

He was surprised she hadn't heard him approaching, or that she would openly walk a path made by the humans. She was currently at a berry bush, picking off berries to eat. He was about to take a step foreword, but a twig snapped under him and the Bunny took off into the bushes.

The Bunny was terrified, she heard the Wolf. She knew it was the Wolf because she caught his distinct smell. She could never forget it now. She hid in the bushes hopping that the threat would just pass by. The Bunny shouldn't really think threat, but it was instinct for her to fear the Wolf; instinct trumped being nice. She watched as the Wolf got closer and sniffed the air and had the look in his eyes like he had just won. The Bunny felt a chill go down her spine and her body tensed up greatly; she slowly tried to back away, but the Wolf was too fast. As the Bunny took one step back, the Wolf was right there behind her. She went wide eyed and starred up at the smirking Wolf, not knowing whether to run or pray for a painless death. She just waited for him to make his move, his red eyes sparked with interest as he bent his neck down. The Wolf didn't know why, but he wasn't hungry anymore.

Now, it was instinct to smell the animal you know nothing about, but it made the Bunny very uncomfortable. The Wolf had slowly sniffed her, and was invading her personal space. She fell back as he just buried his muzzle a bit deeper into her chest; her eyes were slightly open, but his were just closed, taking in the scent. The Wolf thought the smell to be odd for the Bunny to have, and he had smelled a lot of odd things in his life time. Something about her smell calmed him down; he forgot about the Cat that annoyed him daily and the Fox that fought with him constantly. He was very relaxed. The Wolf lied down and rested on the ground; he watched the Bunny get back to her feet and kind of just stare at him with confusion. He just had a child-like look in his eyes, like he wanted to play with her. The Bunny didn't think someone like the Wolf would want to play. The Bunny did have one thing in mind though: run. Her muscles tensed up and she got on all fours, but the Wolf followed suit, only he was still on the ground. She saw it in his eyes, he was playful but he was ready for the thrill of the chase. She shouldn't have…..but…..

The Bunny took off.

The Wolf smirked and ran after her with great speed. He now knows that all his training has paid off and that the Bunny is a lot more of a challenge then she lets on. He would know since he had spent his time training with that Bird. He was paled eyed and had white feathers, but there was no emotions in his eyes and would gladly race against the Wolf anytime, any place. The Bird also kept a close eye on the Bunny, but never led on that he cared for the Bunny.

The Bunny ran as fast as her legs could take her and didn't dare look back. The Bunny ran into the thick bushes, to stop and catch her breath, and hid there hopping that, if the Wolf was still following her, he would just pass her by. The Bunny slowed her breathing and looked around her; she was in a very thick bush. The Bunny looked down at herself and smelled that the Wolf had left a scent on her, so she slowly began to clean herself and try to get ride of the scent. The Bunny was ready to role in the dirt to get ride of the scent but her ears twitched as she heard four paws hitting the ground softly. She stood still as possible and watched as the Wolf slowed to a walk and tried to find the trail; the Bunny smiled to herself, he had lost her trail and she couldn't have been happier.

The Wolf lifted his nose into the air and sniffed. His eyes slowly closed and he just stood there for a moment, in complete silence. The Bunny didn't know why, but she was happy to see him so relaxed. He stood there unmoving and, as she listened to the Forest, everything was quiet. The Bunny could hear animals walking about the Forest and the wind blowing through the trees; she felt calmed and relaxed. She looked back at him to see that the Wolf…. was gone. She ran out into the opening without her even realizing her mistake until it was too late. The second she turned around the Wolf had her pinned to the ground under his paw; it wasn't enough pressure to crush her, but enough to cause her to squirm under his hold. The Bunny began to scratch at his legs with her feet, trying to get free but nothing seemed to work and she was trapped.

The Wolf just rolled his eyes. He thought it was foolish for her to even think to try to escape his hold. It was obvious that he was stronger and that fear would soon cause her to stop being such a bother. He wouldn't admit it but those scratches hurt a bit. He put a bit more pressure on her chest, causing the Bunny to give out a slight whimper and stare up at the Wolf with a fearful look in her eyes. The Wolf had a sudden feel of guilt; he was upset that the Bunny was this scared of him, knowing that she really feared him; sure he could understand it, but that didn't mean he had to like it. The Wolf took his paw off her chest and lied down with his head on her chest.

The Bunny was offended, he just attacked her and nearly crushed her and then he just lays his head on her stomach like they were the best of friends. But…..isn't that what she's always wanted, a friend? The Bunny did want a friend, but she never thought that it would be the Wolf. But, he didn't eat her, so that could be an upside to this. The Bunny moved a bit to get the Wolf's attention, which worked. He slowly lifted his head and watched as the Bunny got on all fours and stepped to the side. He was ready in a blink of an eye, and was in a pouncing position. The Bunny smiled at his, surprising, playfulness and ran a bit to the other side.

The Wolf got it now, she wanted to play catch. It was odd that he would even consider playing with anyone, but he had to make an acceptation when it came to his new little playmate. He got low and with his eyes, watched her carefully as she began to turn around. The Bunny was ready to run off and see if he could catch her this time, but she doubted that idea, he had lost her scent once and he would lose it again.

That was the most fun she'd had in a long time. The Wolf wouldn't show it, but he was having a great time too.

(Line Break)

The Bunny slowly hopped out of her home and rubbed her eyes cutely. She looked to see that the sun had just come over the horizon; the Bunny groaned loudly. She had always been getting up too early for her liking. She didn't know why, but it was a habit she could not shake off. The Bunny slowly began to run toward the edge of the field were she would be able to find a small creek to wash her face in and drink from without having to go to the lake. This little creek was so nice, she could wade through it and not get taken by the current, and nobody knew that it was there. A lot of the animals didn't like going to the creek cause it was so close to this little house that was on the outskirts of the village. She didn't mind it really, the last time she saw anyone living there was…never.

The Bunny sat in the creek, close to the shore, and cleaned her self gingerly. She loved the feeling of the cool water on her skin and the ray of the sun warm and dries her fur. She hopped back to the shore and shook herself dry, but stopped when she heard footsteps coming her way. The Bunny dashed into the bushes, getting dirt and leaves in her fur. She waited for whatever came her way to do what they need and then leave but, to her amazement, it was a human. This male looked young, with dark hair and very pale skin. He wore plain blue jean, a white t-shirt, but he had left his home without shoes. He looked very cruel as the Bunny watched him sit against a rock and pull out a sketch pad, and taking a bite of the apple he had been holding in his mouth. She found it quite odd that a male human would be out this far away from the village; yet again, the Bunny had just been giving something to do during the day.

A test, she thought. The bunny would see if this male meant any harm, by running out and re-cleaning her self. She had saw many other animals do this before, if the human comes your way, you either run or be ready to attack. Sometimes they approach slowly and speak in a soft voice, trying to coax you in closer; it's either a trap or its being nice. The Bunny wanted to know which one it was, so she put a lot of distance between the male, who was drawing in his sketch book, and her self. The Bunny hopped out like she hadn't seen the male and proceeded on like she did before he arrived. The Bunny got back in the water and cleaned her self off, again she might add, and glanced up to see the male hadn't even noticed her yet, or so she thought.

The male had noticed the Bunny all right, but only took small glances. He didn't want to scare her off and he thought she would be the best model for his art piece. The bunny was an odd blue color, which was almost as amazing as the pink cat he calls: Ugly. He smiled to him self and, as quietly as he could, sketched the Bunny. She had water dripping off her fur and her lavender eyes shined in the red and orange sun-light. The Bunny was about to shake the water off of her body, but she looked up and caught site of him looking at her. Everything just kind of froze up and the two just starred at one another. He thought for sure she was going to run, and she thought that he was going to try and catch her. On the other hand, the world was kind of peaceful, it seemed like nothing could go wrong in the forest.

The Bunny stood strait and kept her eyes on the male. She didn't know why, but he smiled lightly to him self and went back to drawing in his book. She was confused; he didn't do anything. The male just sat there drawing in his book and taking small glances at her. The Bunny sniffed the air and caught the smell of the apple, and it reminded her that she hasn't eaten yet and was very hungry. Her stomach gnawed in hunger and she eyed at the apple in his mouth while he kept drawing. She couldn't help but slowly hop over to him; she hopped through the creek very hesitantly. The Bunny watched as she approached closer and was even more hesitant. She caught the smell of paints, inks, and the wood of a pencil. She stopped before him when he looked back to where the spot she once was and looked upset.

The male was greatly upset that his little model had gone missing. He had gotten the basic sketch down but he wanted to get the color just right. He was slightly surprised to find her very close to his feet, so surprised that he jumped a bit causing her jumps back as well. He smiled lightly at the Bunny, but the Bunny saw it as very fake.

"Hello there Bunny-chan," the male said. He turned the sketch around and smiled as he showed her the picture. "What do you think Bunny-chan? It was hard to get the shadowing just right." The Bunny just starred at the picture with amazement. It was another 'her' captured on the page, water was dripping off her body and the sun was almost right behind her. She was facing side ways and her eyes were slightly closed; not only that, but she had to admit, it was life-like. The male smiled, "I'm glad you like it." He wrote his name in the corner. It spelled out 'Sai'. This male, was called Sai; she looked up at him with a happy look in her eyes. She liked the name.

"You're about the second animal I've drawn," he picked up the book and flipped to a previous picture. It was the Cat, the drawing was perfect and it was even colored great. No detail was left out; he even got it right down to the dirt on her paws. The Cat must have seen this picture too; the Bunny saw a scratch mark through the corner of the page. Why didn't she like it? Sai saw her starring at the scratch mark and groaned, "I showed Ugly, but she was so mad. Her owner said that I had left out her lover the Wolf. What idiot cat falls for a wolf that is probably ready to eat her?"

Well, she never thought anyone would see it the same way she did. The Bunny didn't think the Cat was idiotic for loving the Wolf, but he showed no interest in her. Like the way the Bunny loved the Fox, she didn't show it because he would reject her. Sai, though, openly ridiculed the cat and the Bunny didn't find it very nice. She thumbed the back of her foot angrily, to show him he was angry. Sai ignored her and she decided that it was no use; the Bunny began to shake the water off until Sai yelled for her to stop. She did, but was still wet and the sun was now warming her too much.

"You're getting my book all wet Bunny-chan," Sai said trying to protect his book, but she had gotten little droplet's of water on the book. The Bunny looked down in shame and tried to hide her sadness. "Oh don't get like that Bunny-chan," he said putting the book down and throwing the apple core into the bushes. "Let's get you dried up without ruining my drawings." He gave that fake smile and removed his white shirt, showing off his flat stomach. He wrapped his shirt around the Bunny's body and dried her off. The Bunny felt odd but she liked this method much better then just shaking it all off. When he finished, her fur was fluffed lightly, but Sai smoothed it out nicely, while petting her. She leaned into his touch, it was nice. "Why don't you come with me Bunny-chan?" Sai smiled and picked his book back up and stood, "My dad's garden full of food that I bet you'd like." He slowly walked foreword and waited for the Bunny to follow him, but she stood in her place. "Come on Bunny-chan, don't be so shy."

The Bunny didn't really want to follow him, in fear that it was all a trap; but….as he walked away she slowly hopped after him. She didn't want to be left alone, not to mention that she always wanted to see where the human lives. She wondered what his family would be like, she was actually happy that she didn't live her family. She knew that her father would be giving her a mouth full since she was following a human and the day before she was spending the day with a Wolf that could kill her with a swipe of his paw. The Bunny smiled as she began to smell a wonderland of foods, even some she had never seen growing in the forest. She watched as Sai opened up the gate and held it open for her. She hopped through and went strait for the garden.

Sai chuckled, "My dad does have a knack at being great at everything," he crouched down and pulled a carrot out of the ground. "I'll just clean this up for you," he walked over to a small well, pumping a bucket of water. He washed off the carrot and handed it to the Bunny. "I read in a book that rabbits like carrots and they use to eat them all the time back where we used to live-"

"Sai," a grey haired man opened the back door and looked to him. "Why are you not wearing a shirt?" Sai shrugged and hung the shirt over the line of drying clothes. "You know your mother hates it when you run around here like nothing can hurt you. I'm going to guess you aren't even wearing shoes." He shook his head and then caught site of the Bunny, eating his carrots. "Woah!" He ran over and the Bunny dropped the carrot and ran for the fence, but couldn't get away," I told you to close the gate-"

"Calm down dad," Sai walked over to the Bunny and carefully picked her up. He frowned as he felt her shake in fear, "You nearly scared Bunny-chan to death."

"Bunny-chan?" He questioned him, with a look that said: 'do-I-need-to-put-you-in-a-mental-house'

"Yes," he slowly put her back down by the carrot, "and I let her in and gave her the carrot. It's not like she'll come and steal them."

"Just wait Sai," he pointed, "there will e a hole under our fence and this garden will be gone-"

"What are you two arguing about?" The two boys turned around and saw a smirking black haired woman with red eyes. "Kakashi," she put down her bag full of things from the market, "why do you always have to fight with him? And why are you barely dressed?" She ran over to him and held his face in her hands. "You're going to get sick or if you're attacked by some animal or got your foot stuck in a trap-"

"I'm fine mom," Sai blushed lightly and pulled himself from her grip.

"Don't baby him Kurenai," Kakashi said and pointed at the Bunny. "Look what he brought back to the garden, this rabbit is going to end up stealing out food-" he sweat dropped as Kurenai smiled brightly and kneeled down before the fearing Bunny. "Don't tell me you accept this behavior."

"She's so cute Kashi-kun," Kurenai squealed and smiled at the Bunny. She picked up the carrot the Bunny had dropped and held it out to her, "Come here…"

"Her name is Bunny-chan," Sai smiled and kneeled down next to her. He pulled out his sketch book and showed her the page, "she was my little model this morning." The Bunny was slightly confused, but was really hungry and approached Kurenai with caution and began to eat at the carrot while it was in Kurenai's hands. The Bunny was glad that she set it down and continued to eat as the other humans talked among themselves. "Look at her odd coloring, this is the first time I've ever seen a blue rabbit."

"I'm the only one that is afraid that this rabbit will eat everything in out garden and that it will lead all the others rabbits here?" Kakashi was completely ignored as the two cooed over the Bunny who had finished eating. The Bunny hopped over to the gate door and waited patiently. Kakashi was a bit confused and opened the gate door; the Bunny looked back at Sai and then ran off into the forest. "Well that was kind of unexpected."

"That's life Kakashi," Kurenai smiled and stood up, "now both of you inside. Sai, you go put some clothes on and Kakashi you can help me with breakfast."

(Line Break)

The Bunny hopped through the forest with a full stomach and just feeling better then she would have felt any other day. It was beginning to get brighter and the forest came to life quickly. She was in a good mood was just taking a walk through the forest to clear her head. All was fine until she heard to animals growling at one another and the familiar meow that could only come from one animal. She raced over to the nose and felt more like groaning; the Fox and Wolf were at it again. She hopped out and just stood there to watch how it would end. She silently hopped that the Fox would get to show its strength, but he wasn't doing very good at all. The Bunny went over to the Cat that was standing between the two, and with her head tried to nudge her out of the way. She would get hurt; the Bunny knew that for sure, so when the Cat just looked at her she tried one more time.

The Cat didn't think it was the Bunny opinion whether she should be there or not. She was greatly annoyed as the Bunny began to push her out of the way of her lover and the annoying Fox. It also began to bother her that the meek little Bunny was able to push her that far without much effort on her part. She quickly turned around a smacked that cat upside the face. She smirked as the rabbit fell to her side and she staggered a bit to get up. There was an obvious scratch on her jaw, which turned her fur a light purple color. The Cat was about to do it again, but the Fox had approached the Bunny and sniffed the mark on her jaw. The Bunny backed away from them, looking at the Cat with horror. The Cat hissed loudly and with that the Bunny took off. The Cat was about to go back to her Wolf, but he growled at her loudly and walked off in the direction the Bunny ran off in. She was shocked beyond belief, but walked back to her home, happy that the Fox followed her around like a lost puppy; the Fox would make the Wolf jealous sooner or later.

The Wolf was greatly upset that the stupid Cat would just hit his playmate. He was ready to knock her against the tree, but that would cause her owner to hunt him down and kill him. He searched for his frightened friend in hope to help her before she bled out. The Wolf knew he was getting close when the faint scent of blood was close by, but it began to worry him when the scent began to get very strong. He quickly followed the scent, in hope it wasn't from the Bunny.

She was such an idiot. The Bunny cursed herself as she tried to get out of the thorn bush. It cut at her as she hopped through and with one last jump she broke through, but it caught her side cutting it severely. She lied there on the ground and panted loudly; she felt the blood run down the cuts on her side and heard that animals began to approach the injured animal. She tried to drag herself to the safety of the bushes, but it hurt too much to move herself. The Bunny just waited for what ever was to come. But she was surprised to find the Wolf approach the Bunny and sniffed her softly and stood over her as other animals approached for a free meal. He bent down and picked her up in his mouth. She surprised to know that he had a gentle touch, and that he didn't snap her neck with his jaws.

The Wolf didn't know why he was doing this, but he sure didn't want to see her get eaten by other animals. He took her back to his home, no animal ever goes there and it's been a long time since anyone but him. The Bunny caught the Wolf's scent, but in the air. The pine trees that surrounded his home, and there it was the smell of smoke. It lingered in these woods, and it hit her, there was a fire around these parts of the woods. She was so young though that she might have been in her family's burrow and caught the faint of scent from in there. And the scent of wood was all around them, she still really liked the smell. She was relieved to be placed back on the ground, and she noticed that she was on some soft grasses. The Bunny slowly began to close her eyes, feeling very tired.

The Wolf bent down and sniffed her again as she slept; he had caught the smell of something that concerned him. He sniffed and his worries were confirmed; the Bunny had been very, very comes to the humans. It's not that he cared, but with them close by, it won't be long till they come further into the forest. The Wolf looked back down at her and regretted doing what came to his mind; he slowly began to clean her cuts. He's never done this since he was a small pup, and that was helping his brother with the wounds he had obtained while fighting a dog. His brother had showed him the right way to do it, making sure the cuts wouldn't get infected. Since the lost of his family, the Wolf only had to clean himself and didn't have to worry about anyone, until now. She wouldn't and couldn't do it by herself and when she got to it, and then the cuts would be infected. The Bunny pretended to be asleep and not notice that the Wolf was clearly stepping outside his comfort zone. As he finished the Bunny had really fallen asleep and hoped she was safe.

The Wolf lied down next to her and just watched as her side moved up and down. The Bunny looked at peace, and didn't like frightened anymore. He couldn't help but think how cute she looked and since no one was there to see it; the Wolf cuddled close to the Bunny and fell into the same peaceful sleep.

(Line Break)

The Bunny woke to the sound of crickets chirping, which only meant that it was late in the afternoon. She flushed in embarrassment as she came to realize that she had slept through most of the day. The Bunny stretched her soar muscles and was happy to see that her cuts had healed nicely; she was about to stand up until the faint sound of someone breathing caught her attention. She looked over to see that the Wolf had been sleeping beside her this whole time, and she blushed. It was odd to see him sleep, or even not look angry all the time, but she got over it and just sat there. The Bunny fixed her self up and hopped around the small den in fascination. She looked over to the mouth of the den and decided that she would take her leave and let the Wolf sleep in peace. She tried to get over the ledge, but it was much too big for her to get over.

The Bunny huffed in annoyance and what seemed like a lifetime of trying, gave up and just stood by the mouth of the den. She tried to think of a plan to get over, and thought a running start would work, but before she could set the plan into action the Wolf was standing behind her with a smirk. The Bunny looked away and thought of another way to get over. She crouched low and once again tried to jump over, but fell back on her bottom. The Wolf shook his head and simply pushed her up and over the ledge with one swift motion. The Bunny tumbled to her feet and looked back at the Wolf who was just walking out like nothing had happened.

The Bunny shook the dirt out of her fur and began to hop away, ignoring the Wolf, who followed beside her. He just rolled his eyes and with one quick pivot was in front of her blocking her way. She looked up at him with a stoic face and just turned away from him, but he only did it again with a playful smirk on his face. The Bunny refused to fall into his little game and tried, once again, to ignore him.

Nothing worked.

The Wolf refused to not be the center of attention at the moment. He grew more devious the more she tried to not play his game; he found it amusing that she kept trying. He could see it that she would soon break in and take off running, inducing him to chase after her and then the game would start again. The Wolf was sure that he was right and as he stopped her, again, he got close to her face and let out a small snarl.

The Bunny had enough, if he wanted to play, fine. He wins. The Bunny ran through his legs and took off at great speed, and looked back to see the Wolf was right behind her. The Bunny made a quick left turn and caught the familiar scent of paint and oils, she, unfortunately, forgot about her game and ran toward her newest discovery, Sai. The Bunny looked back to see that the Wolf was no where to be found, but she just assumed that he had found something more interesting to do then chase after her. She continued on and smiled when she spotted Sai sitting just outside his fence, an easel in front of him and he was painting the fields. The Bunny hopped up to him and sat beside him looking up at his painting, she thumped the ground to catch his attention and she ran around his feet in a playful manner.

Sai looked down and smiled, "Hello Bunny-chan," he bent down and patted the Bunny on the head. "What brings you back here?" He chuckled as the Bunny just lied at his feet, almost like a dog would, but then bounced up and twisted in the air. "I read that's what rabbit do when they are very happy." The Bunny did it once more, but before she could do it a third time, she stopped and lifted her nose into the air, and she took in the smell. "Holy crap!" Sai cursed dropping his paints and brushes as he spotted the Wolf coming through the bushes.

The Wolf was pissed, he had taken his eye off her for one minute and she goes missing. The only reason he had stopped was to see that the Fox had fallen asleep with the Cat. He smirked, hoping that, that would get the Cat off of his back. He had continued on, but had lost track of the Bunny completely. The Wolf had only been lead this way was because he caught the scent of the grass in the fields. He had just assumed that the Bunny would have gone here to be in a comfort zone. He was greatly displeased to find that his Bunny was hanging around that…human. The Wolf began to growl low under his breath and slowly approached them. Sai panicked and did the one thing he shouldn't have.

He picked up the Bunny and jumped over his fence, into the safety of his yard.

The Bunny tried to get out of Sai's grip, not knowing why he was freaking out all of a sudden. She gave up when she heard the Wolf bark in anger and growl at them as he jumped over the fence. The Bunny had to admit, he looked fierce. The Wolf's ears were pulled back and his fur on his back almost stood on end. He was slowly approaching the two, and the Bunny could see the rage in his eyes. She was slightly afraid, and knew that it was her duty to make sure Sai wasn't hurt; the Bunny gave one last leap and fell from his arms to the ground. The Bunny shook herself and began to approach the Wolf. Sai was about to call her back, but his family came out.

"Sai! Get in now!" Kakashi yelled pulling him the house.

"Bunny-chan," Sai yelled trying to push his dad back, but Kakashi was surprisingly strong. Kurenai just stood there in horror as her husband and son fought and the little Bunny walked strait towards the Wolf.

"Kakashi!" She yelled pointing to the two animals, "get the Bunny!"

Kakashi rolled his eyes and pushed his son to the ground and slowly got up and tried to approach the Wolf and Bunny. The Wolf began to glare at Kakashi, daring him to get any closer. The Bunny just stopped and looked back at Kakashi try and save her. She rolled her eyes and stood before the Wolf; she thumped her foot against the ground. Once she got his attention, she lied down on her back, exposing her belly. The Wolf looked down at her, then back up at the family. It looked like he just smirked at them. He had won and the Bunny was back on his side; the Wolf lied down next to the Bunny laid his head on her belly.

The family was greatly surprised, and Kurenai began to laugh. "The two *snort* they're friends?"

"My day can't get any weirder," Kakashi slumped down to the ground and lied next to Sai who was starring at the two. Sai just smiled and walked over to the two; he ignored the Wolf's growls and lied down next to them. He sighed loudly and closed his eyes. The Bunny looked over at him and got out from under the Wolf.

She climbed up onto Sai's chest and lied down. The Bunny had to admit, he was very warm; she also liked how his chest moved up and down as he took in deep breaths. The Wolf was a little jealous that Sai was getting the entire Bunny's attention and just glared at him with all his might. Sai ignored him for the most part and couldn't help but let by a small smirk settle on his lips. Kurenai came out and lied down next to Kakashi. It they just stayed like that, not knowing why or really caring.

(Line Break)

Weeks passed by and the Bunny had been able to learn a lot form the Wolf, her speed has increased and for some reason, she let the Wolf teach her how to hunt. The Bunny would never need it, but she would not deny the Wolf's happiness to teach her. She learned that hunting wasn't as easy at it looked, and she had coasted the Wolf a lot of meals do to her not being able to creep up quietly. The Wolf also learned where all his prey would be, since the Bunny showed him where she would run to safety and where she ate. The Wolf was not able to stand when the Bunny would make a trip to where the humans lived; she did it every day and it bugged him. He hated going and didn't really like Sai, or his fake smile. But he managed to put up with it, for the Bunny's sake.

Today was different though; the Bunny has been out all morning and was not able to find the Wolf. She checked everywhere, even asking the Fox and Cat if they had seen him. The Cat was mad to find that the Bunny was looking for the Wolf, but the Bunny ran away fast enough to not get hit again. The Bunny began to worry, it wasn't like him to not come find her, or at least be somewhere she can find him. The Bunny was so worried that she went to his den, maybe he would be there. The Bunny tried her best not to go to his den; he didn't like to be bothered. Also, he's been a bit moody and would get aggravated very easily. She thought she would only take a peek and if he was there she would leave him.

She hopped through the pine trees, fear running up her spine with every hope. It always scared her when she came through here, with the Wolf or by her self; today was a good reason to be fearful; she had caught the scent of three new animals. The Bunny hid behind a tree and looked out to see that the Wolf was talking to a few others. She began to feel sad, he had found a pack to travel with; not that she wanted to stay alone forever, but she would miss him. The Bunny watched as the Wolf spoke with a clear voice, which was harsh and cold and then lead the group deeper into the forest that was known for its predators. The Bunny wanted to run out and stop him, but that would be stupid, she wouldn't be able to bring him back, so she just turned around and went back to the forest.

News traveled fast, and the Cat and the Fox had stocked off somewhere. It was awful, not only had the Bunny lost her friend, but she also lost her love to the Cat, forever. She knows the two would band together and try and bring him back. She knew that they had forgotten about anything else that wasn't related to the Wolf.

The Bunny hated the Wolf.

He had left her, and made the Cat take away her one love. From then on, she grew bold and stood up to anyone. The Bunny had continued her training; she got stronger and faster. Sometimes she would encounter the Fox or the Cat, or, if she was lucky, both. They would just stare at one another, then go one wit their business. Sai and his family began to worry when the Bunny stopped coming; even Kakashi began to miss the Bunny. It was three long years until Sai had found the Bunny again. He had spotted her at the creek, but she had changed into a full gown Rabbit. She had lost all her baby fat and when she stood, she was a good foot and six inches tall. Her body had matured and almost retained a curvy like figure. The Rabbit spotted Sai, and she looked very happy to see him. He had grown up, a lot. He looked around seventeen now and she ran over to him.

"Ne," he crouched down, "Haven't you grown up Bunny-chan." The Rabbit shook her head, "Oh right," he chuckled lightly, "I mean you look great Rabbit-chan." The Rabbit stood tall and put her paws on his knees and laid her head down. "I heard about what happened, the Wolf leaving." The Rabbit's ears perked up a bit. It's been so long since she even thought about the Wolf. Earlier that year the Cat and Fox took off after the Wolf, ready to bring him back. She looked back up at him, "He's caused a lot of trouble around the town, nearly killing a person trying to run off." He sighed and picked her up, "Why don't you come with me, get you something to eat."

The Rabbit was amazed to see that nothing had really changed around the house, it was all still the same. She was set down by the garden and was happy to see that Kurenai was out tending to the plants. Kurenai smiled at the Rabbit and left her a carrot, and then went inside. Everything was back to normal, except for-

"The Wolf," Sai said starring out at the field. There stood the Wolf, looking very scary and staring back at the two. The Rabbit turned away form her food and looked back at the Wolf. She didn't feel, anything….which was odd. She expected to be very emotional and maybe even cry, but, now, really seeing him, she wanted him to leave again. The Rabbit didn't want to see him, not now, maybe not ever again. Sai looked down at her, "Be safe Rabbit-chan, remember" he stood up, "you're better then him." He went back inside and left the two there. He knew the Rabbit was stronger and didn't need his protection, but he watched from inside, hoping he was right.

The Rabbit hopped out the opened gate and kept an eye on the Wolf. He just followed her with his eyes not even moving a muscle. The Rabbit slowly hopped towards the forest and once the fear began to eat at her, she ran for her life. The Wolf smirked and ran after her with all his might, and this was also a way to get away from the Fox and Cat that were on his trail. He had been running from those two all day and was lucky that he had stumbled upon his little bunny, which was now a Rabbit. He was hoping she would run. It would give him a chance to see if he really did get any stronger over the three years he had left.

(Line Break)

The Rabbit did not need to deal with this now. She stood as still as possible as she tried to get around the snake in her path. It was one thing to get past a snake, but it was another thing to get rid of the snake forever. She hated snakes; ever since she was little she's had a terrible fear of snakes. The Rabbit stood her ground as the snake had tried to approach her, maybe looking for a quick snack, but the Rabbit smirked at the thought. She would kill that thing before it even got near her.

The Rabbit was wrong, she had let it out of her sight for one second and it had gotten behind her and nearly bit her leg. She bounded ahead and swiped the snake away a few feet. The Rabbit was greatly impressed that she was holding it off, but she wanted it dead, so it couldn't hurt anyone else. The Rabbit was then distracted that scent, she knew it well and not only that, but the Fox and Cat were close on the Wolf's trail. The Rabbit glared at snake, and went for a killing strike of her paw.

But he got to her first.

Pain shot through her leg and she felt the poison travel through her veins, making her suffer. She slumped to the ground and waited for death to take its toll, but she new one thing. The Rabbit had died fighting, she had defied what everyone though a regular rabbit to do. She congratulated herself; at least she did something worth wild. It was odd, she would have thought the snake would finish her off, but she slowly moved her head to see that the Wolf had killed it. He slowly looked over at her and approached with quietness. The Rabbit got to her feet and tried to run off, but her body was being eaten alive. The Wolf sat in front of her, waiting for her to run. He then knew, from the way she looked at him.

She was dieing.

He saddens and lied down, pulling her in close to his side. She didn't stop him; she just wanted it to end. The Fox and Cat watched, the Cat was in shock and hissed loudly at the Rabbit. The Rabbit just ignored her, she didn't need this. The Fox walked up to her and the Rabbit smiled lightly and stood up, or tried. But when she got to her feet, the Fox backed away from her. The Rabbit looked at him oddly and tried to approach him again, but he backed away and stood by the Cat's side; the Fox was now concerned with the Cat's well being.

The Rabbit made small whimpers, trying to tell the Fox what he meant to her, but he refused to listen and the Cat just smirked at the Rabbit's feeble attempts. The Rabbit just slump to the ground beside the Wolf, since it was he was the only one to care for her. The Wolf stood up and carefully put the Rabbit on his back and carried her away to a place of peace. The Wolf gave one last glare to the two animals, which just watched him walk away, with shock on their faces. He took her to a quiet spot in the field where she lived, she smiled at him and was happy that he had came back, even though she had hated him for the past three years he was gone. But in the end he had tried to save her and was no comforting her in her last moments.

The Rabbit felt a burning sensation and her lids began to lower and her chest stopped moving. The Wolf looked away, not wanting to see another one of his loved ones die before him. The Wolf was surprised that she had died with no regrets, and not only that, she was smiling. He would get back at the Fox for, once again, hurting her. That Fox had hurt her for the last time, and this time the Wolf was going to show him what he did wrong. The Wolf dug a small grave, so animal couldn't dig her up; he then thought about the humans. He would lead them to her later, once he took care of the Fox.

(Line Break)

Over the years, the Wolf came back every day and just lies down next to the Rabbit's grave. Though, a patch of lilies had grown over her, which he knew it would make her happy. The Fox came once in a while, when he could and the Wolf was no where in site. He apologized every time he came, knowing that it was no use. They didn't know it, but the Rabbit had forgiven them all. She would run around the fields at night and would smile as the Wolf passed by, she was only slightly upset he couldn't see her, but she didn't want to hold him back. She was happy that everyone moved on, that their lives were not full of sorrow; even Sai, Kakashi, and Kurenai would stop and place flowers, and Sai had framed his picture of her and brought it with him as he just sat by her small grave and drew what ever he felt like drawing that day.

The Rabbit was happy. She had a happy ending.


I hope you have enjoyed this one shot that came to me while napping on my basement floor. Sorry if the ending seems rushed but I was running out of ideas. I'll be doing a few more of these and I hope you leave a nice review.