So this is the NarutoXOuran(plot wise) crossover I planned since this is one of those other clichés that people try to write and some have done really well, others have more of just ripped off the Ouran script and just changed the names. So this is my take on this plot.

I hope you all enjoy

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(Line Break)

Konohagakure Academy was one of the grandest and privileged private academies that the country had to off for the famous families of any nation. The academy listed number one in sports, theater, arts, and academics in the continent that it was placed in. Its students only came from the wealthiest and famous of families that the world had to offer. Heiress and Heirs fought for a spot in the academy and did about anything to get it; the academy received most of its funding through private business donations. Teachers fought for a chance to even get an interview with the academy. The academy also took its place to be run by a business tycoon, Minato Namikaze; the delightfully exuberant man who loved and knew all of his students. And while he was out and about on a nice little drive in his limo, he saw something rather awful. There were poor students (literally and figuratively) having to suffer from poorly funded public academies; these students showed so much more potential. He watched as boys played in the streets with skill he had seen from his number one soccer team. There were young girls who showed such an eye for fashion, but, unlike the academy, most public academies frowned on such a career choice.

So, that was when Minato Namikaze decided that he would offer to help at least get some of these poor students into his perfect academy.

The board was not happy with the idea, middle-waged families were not known for their intelligence, formality, or even basic table manners the elementary academy students of Konohagakure Grammar Academy had learned. Though, they did find the idea of opening up to one low income family the chance to attend as a great publicity stunt. So, news went out the night after the meeting that one lucky student of low incomes family would get the chance for a full scholarship to Konohagakure Academy, based only on intellect though. The academy didn't need more athletes it would be a nice addition, but allowing a student of average intelligence was a large negative. Minato didn't get what he wanted, but he was pretty close; just to see that student's smiling face at the chance to learn with the wealthy would be enough for him.

Though, his student never seemed to have a reason to smile.

The student was rather meek and shy; he could hardly believe that the student even made it past the front gates and speak to someone about finding the testing room. All testers came in their finest clothes, while the meek one came in a large black sweater with a white button shirt that was also too big, black pants, dulled loafers, thick old man glasses, and looked to have just risen from bed from the state of the student's hair. The test was supposed to be five hours long; this meek little student was about the fiftieth to finish at four hours. Each test was graded, re graded, looked over, and evaluated.

The meek had the highest score with only one wrong answer, but only for the reason that the question had been cut off, even then the student left a page of answer to what the question could be asking. And when Minato had met the student in person, they only offered slight stutters, never made eye contact with him, and spoke with a formality that he was not used to hearing from someone of that social standing. He was upset that he didn't get his smiles but he had received a thank you card and a homemade cake from this rather bashful student. Minato wished the student the best of luck and that he hoped they enjoyed their three years at Konohagakure Academy.

But only after a few weeks, she began to hate it there.

Everywhere she went some student was pointing at her, whispering about her, and then referring to her as a young boy.

Not that she mined though, gender wasn't much of an issue with her or how she held herself. If they thought she was a boy, big deal, and if they knew she was a girl, that wasn't much concern either. She didn't know why that people made such a big deal about it; she thought everyone was equal: body and soul.

She sighed lightly as she fixed her glasses as she looked about the grand library; the fourth one she had seen within the first fifteen minutes of her free period. She only needed a place to take her extra notes and study for the quiz. She didn't ask for complete silence, but these students were chatting, being served tea and desserts, and some even chatted away on cell phones and computers. She didn't have time waste a period in hopes that everyone would leave and she could spend an hour or so in an empty library after the academy let out. She didn't believe in wasting the little time she had to make all her goals come true. She closed the door and turned to walk down the hall in search of an open room that was not being used. The academy was so grand that there had to be at least one. She walked past large windows that allowed the sunlight to pour in and looked over a small man-made shallow lake. As she came to the end of a hall, she looked down both halls that led deeper into the school and then ahead to see that there was a room right there. She smiled as a blush came to her pale cheeks. 'The Third Music Room' to be exact, so that meant it was the third on the list to be used. She placed her books back in her bag so that she could open the doors. She learned that these doors were ten times heavier than they looked. She grabbed hold of both knobs and with a light grunt opened the doors.

She gasped when she was surrounded by rose petals. Mesmerized but the site, she took a few steps only to have the door close behind her and trap her in the room. Her glasses fell down the bridge of her nose as she blushed and the group of men before her. She was rather concerned at why they were placed in such a set-up and as to what they were really doing. She backed up against the door when one of them finally spoke up.

"Awe," one with spikey brown hair said with a frown, "it's just the poor kid from class."

"The scholarship one?" A blonde that sat in the center said with a rather bright smile. "How wonderful!" He stood up and went over to her. She blushed red as he put his arm around her shoulders and led her further into the room. "I hope that you are enjoying are lap of luxury poor man." She found him oddly like Namikaze-dono. She blinked as she glanced at him; bright spikey blonde hair, big blue eyes, and even that same hero-smile. "So I humbly welcome you to Konoha Host Club my poor man!"

"H-Host Club," she said under her breath as her eyes were wide in fear. She read about these types of places in the magazines at the doctors or dentist. She tensed as he pulled her attention back to the men before her.

"Now, tell me my poor man," he bent in a little closer and whispered in her ear, "who would you like?"

"W-Wh…" she was unable to finish since her mind slowly caught on and her face burst red.

"You are frightening the boy dobe," the dark haired pale skinned boy said with a smirk as he crossed his arms over his perfect black and white uniform.

"Yeah Dono," the spikey brown haired boy said with a smile, "he's gonna faint."

"The poor man has the same right as anyone that walks through that door for the Host club," he said with determination, "he must not know that well of us yet." He pointed to the tall dark haired bow that wore a pair of sunglasses and a white scarf around the bottom half of his face. "Shino Aburame, the silent type." Then to the spikey brown haired boy, "Kiba Inuzuka, the rebel." Hinata followed and took in each boy's appearance and 'type'. "Sasuke Uchiha, the teme cool type." He chuckled when the Uchiha sent him a cold glare. "Or the smart type, Shikamaru Nara."

"This is troublesome Naruto," the male with dark hair pulled up in a tight ponytail said with a tired look in his dark eyes. He didn't even bother to look up from the touch pad in his hands. "Hinata Hiroshi isn't one to take part in such an activity;" he looked up at her and then back down. Hinata could have sworn that a light bulb went off above him. "He is studious, not frivolous."

"Wait," Hinata looked over to the last male and felt her heart drop. "Hinata…" the male said in a light voice with his pale eyes in shock. He had long brown hair that was pulled back with a small hair band.

"N-Neji…." She said under her breath as a little bulb went off above his head too.

"So you at least know of Neji Hyuga, the protective type." Naruto, who she was now sure that Minato had talk about having a son in the school, said with a smile. "Or perhaps," he lightly blew in her ear and smiled as she jumped and covered her mouth to keep from yelping in surprise. "I'm your type; I have been told I'm the wild one."

"N-No!" She pushed him away and began to panic as so many things flew through her mind. "I-I just wanted to st-study…" she forced a smile as she fixed her glasses. "This i-is a s-silly m-mistake and I-I will be o-on my way…" she backed away more than she should have.

"Hinata!" Neji yelled but it was too late.

They watched as a light pink vase shattered on the ground. Hinata felt herself pale as she scrambled to pick up the pillar it stood on and looked to all the small pieces. "I…I-I'll pay for th-that…" she said as she looked back at the group.

"You can't even afford a proper uniform," Kiba scoffed as Hinata looked down at the clothes she had worn on the test day. "What makes you think you can afford that vase?"

"He does make a point," Shikamaru said as he picked up one of the pieces. "This was going to auction for a starting price of eight million yen." Hinata began to hyper-ventilate as the panic began to set in better. She couldn't get that kind of money, not without a loan or some very dirty deeds. And even then, she would probably had a set amount of time before well-dressed men came to her door and beat her to a pulp for not being able to pay.

"I'll pay for it," Neji said as calmly as he could for the situation he was in. He crossed his arms, "Just so we can get this over and done with."

"We get it," Sasuke rolled his eyes; "you are the protective type. Drop the act; he isn't going to like you just because you saved him from crippling debt."

"I think I have a way for our poor man to pay," Naruto spoke up as he sat back down in his chair. "Hinata, are you familiar with the term, 'If you cannot pay, you will pay with your corpse'?" He asked with a smile as Hinata nodded her head. "Then from this day forward, you will pay off your debt by becoming the host club's dog."

Hinata was stock still for a moment; had she really heard right? She was to serve these rich kids like she was a maid, or in this case, a butler? How long would that take; the three years she was there, longer?! What if she was forever in debt to these group of men…the things they could ask of her (not that she would think Neji would…but it has been a long time). Hinata felt her head get lighter as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She blacked out before her head hit the ground.

Oh Okaa…what did I get myself into?

(Line Break)

Hinata looked around the room with a blush on her face as she held the brown bags closer to her chest. After she came to, Shikamaru had left her with a list of things they needed picked up from the store, the club's card, and another list of 'chores' she needed to do. Hinata wasn't one to fight and it was the best way for her to try and repay them for that vase. Not to mention, this gave her a great place to be after school so she wouldn't bother her uncle.

The site was rather impressive; girls in their crisp light yellow dresses with white bows and trimmings flooded the room. She was surprised at how well the host club actually was; she figured that men would throw themselves at these girls for free. Well…the club was rather free, but she saw a catalogue for calendars, magazines, even a manga about the club. There were also vacations the girls could take with the club; Hinata almost fainted again from the high prices. She flushed as more girls passed her and whispered about her and giggle about it. She ducked her head and tried to continue forward until the 'Dono', as Kiba said, called to her.

"I see you finished with the shopping poor man," he smiled as she walked up to the group of girls that sat with Naruto.

"I-It's Hinata…" she corrected in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

"He is rather shy Naruto," one of the girls said with a smile and blush, "it's so kind that you are helping him."

"What can I say," he shrugged with a smirk, "no way I'm gonna let this guy fall through the cracks." The girls awed at his kindness. "And it's wrong for people to think that just because he's poor he doesn't have any talent." Hinata flinched a bit as the girls awed at the man like he was going to bring world peace. "Who are those people to make these stupid rules anyway," he smirked as the girls blushed more and squealed at how 'cool' he was. Hinata was about ready to roll her eyes. She had thought all those dramas about the rich were overdramatic for the show; but they are actually that dramatic. "So," Naruto bounced up, "what did you get?" He began to rifle through the bags, nearly knocking Hinata over. "The hell…" he pulled out the plastic container, "what's this?" He held it to Hinata's face.

"C-Coffee?" She answered back, not sure what was going on.

"But…it's already been ground up." Naruto said as he scratched his head. Hinata grew nervous as a crowd began to form from this new discovery. She did take notice that one girl still sat and sipped her tea. "I know," he gapped, "this is instant coffee!"

"Whoa!" Kiba took it and looked it over, "it's so cheap too! This is poor people coffee." The girls began to whisper in awe, like they had discovered Atlantis.

"Sorry," placed the bags down on one of the carts she had left out earlier. Hinata took the container back, "I-I didn't kn-know what to g-get…s-so…" a light smile spread on her face, "I-I got wh-what my mother u-used to b-buy."

"How can your mother stomach this stuff?" Kiba took it back.

"Sh-She loved it," Hinata smiled. Shikamaru took a noticed at the number of girls that blushed lightly. "Sh-She made i-it every m-morning…b-b-before work." Her smile saddened a bit, "I-It's how I-I knew sh-she was h-home."

"Quickly poor man," Naruto took the container and Hinata sweat dropped a bit. "Prepare this for me," he shoved it into her arms. "I am going to drink this coffee!" He proclaimed as the others clapped for him. Hinata almost wanted to punch him for being so stupid. She sighed as she wheeled the cart into the kitchen and prepared to make the coffee. She couldn't understand why they were so shocked; sure, the coffee they drank must have been so much better but this wasn't so bad. Hinata quickly wheeled out the cart in hopes that she could get this over with quick. She was suddenly the star of the show as she prepared the instant coffee; it was enough to cause her to blush and glance up just to see how many were watching. She again saw the one girl that still sat at the table with a frown on her face; like she had just been ditched.

"Th-There," Hinata said as she finished stirring the last cup. "I-Instant coffee," she bowed and walked away as they began to try it. All it led to was more flirting and making Hinata feel rather red in the face.

"Oh please," the girl that still sat at the table said as she picked up her glass. Hinata was passing behind her, "He'll get sick from trying to stomach that crap." Hinata flinched a bit from her voice, but continued on before she noticed that she had been right behind her. Hinata stopped before she went back into the kitchen and looked back at the group of giggling girls and flirting boys.

"I-I just don't get it," she said to herself without much stuttering. She only stuttered when in public. "What is so gr-great about them?"

"It's just a natural personas being used to the best of their abilities," Shikamaru informed her. Hinata had jumped from being scared out of her wits. She looked at him as she fixed her big glasses. "The idea was all Uzumaki-sama's idea," he looked down at his touch pad as he seemed to type, "True genius from the boy that comes barely above average in his studies." He smirked as he glanced to Hinata, "You'll learn to get used to it."

"I-I don't th-think so," she shook her head as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"Hey Hinata!" Kiba jumped over and put his arm over her shoulder. "You should totally come by for some soccer practice. A little exercise will help you grow some actual muscle dude," he teased. "You can't be anything without a good image."

"I th-think it d-doesn't matter that much," she shrugged lightly, still a little tense. "I-I mean," Hinata smiled up at him, "just having good character can get you pretty far too." She walked off into the kitchen and didn't catch the blush that brushed over Kiba's cheeks, and the little light bulb lit up above his head.

Hinata spent the rest of her time in and out of the kitchen and looking to her watch to see when the club finally closed for the day. There was always something to do: someone had to get tea, more coffee, and tons of cleaning. Hinata was in the middle of reading through her math book and was putting away some of the tea sets since it was getting very close to closing time. She came back out with a coffee pot and went over to Sasuke's table, where he was busy just sitting back with a bored look on his face. "C-Coffee?" She asked lightly not looking away from her book.

"Oh, yes please," the young pink haired girl said with a bright smile as she looked up to Hinata. Hinata glanced over and looked at the girl with a light smile; she was in class with her. Sakura Haruno, the heiress to a medical bio lab company that her god mother ran. Hinata thought the girl was rather pretty and seemed to have a very big crush on the Uchiha heir. "Don't you like this instant coffee, Sasuke-kun?"

"Hn," he shrugged and the girls sighed dreamily.

But Sakura needed more than that. Hinata could see it; she wanted affection, someone to at least talk to her. Even though Sakura still blushed and smiled as she picked up her newly filled glass. "I-I bet," Hinata began with a light smile, "y-you would b-better enjoy s-something…sweeter," Sakura looked up at her as Hinata blushed lightly. "I-I'll get s-something with better fl-flavoring." Sakura nodded and smiled sweetly. Hinata walked off and missed the blush that bloomed on the pink girls cheeks.

"Wow Shino-kun," one of the girls clapped her hands, "you are probably the smartest person in your year," she gushed as the others nodded. Hinata filled a few cups and as she was about to leave, Shino grabbed her book and handed her another.

"O-Oh," Hinata looked over the book. It was of a higher level than hers. She took a look through it and smiled, "Th-Thanks you, Aburame-sama…" she said lightly as she walked away with her nose buried in the book. The girls awed at how nice Shino was as Hinata went over to Shikamaru and poured him coffee without question. She had learned that the man practically lived on it; and since she had no expensive version, he had to drink it. As she was going to go back in the kitchen, she nearly tripped if Neji hadn't of been there and caught her. She looked up at him and he looked back at her. Hinata swallowed loudly, "Hyuga-sama…" she whispered.

"Hinata," he answered back with the lack of formality she knew him for. "You should be careful," he nodded to her as he walked off back to his table. Hinata smiled lightly as she walked back into the kitchen to wait out for the rest of the girls to be escorted out.


She jumped, nearly dropping all of the plates she just cleaned. Hinata looked over to see that Kiba had kicked open the door and looked to her with a smirk, "Shika says that you have to clean the floors since the dope knocked over a full tea pot while he was trying to get the drop on the jerk." Hinata nearly sweated dropped as she put the plates on the counter and then went over to grab a mop. As she walked out, she tensed when Naruto grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face him.

"You know Hinata," he smirked, "I could give you a few tips on courting a woman." Hinata flushed red as Neji had to keep back from pulling the blonde off. "I can tell by the way you walk, stand, talk, and even look that you have no idea how to treat a woman."

"Th-That is t-true," she whispered sarcastically but Naruto didn't get it.

"See," he smiled at her as she tried to walk away. "Now, this is how it goes. My god father taught me this," he added as he began to spout away rules on being around girls.

Hinata blinked a few times as he got very animated as he spoke and just suddenly blurted, "You talk too much." She slapped her hand over her mouth and scolded herself for being so bold. These people could buy her if they wanted…and then sell her too! She watched as the blonde suddenly paled and turned to face the wall. "S-Sorry…" she said as she tried to get away from the situation and run, but as she turned she slipped on the spilled tea. "Ow…" she whined as she got up to her knees and squinted when she saw that there were no glasses on her face. "O-Oh man…" she muttered as she felt around for them, "th-those were gr-grandfathers…"

"Wow," Sasuke smirked, "I've never seen someone shut him up so fast," he walked over and crouched down. "I guess I won't have to try and get rid of this annoying little pe-" he was suddenly cut off when she looked at him. Sasuke was caught staring into a rather fascinating face.

"Wh-What?" Hinata asked as she looked to see who was talking about her. It sounded like the Uchiha, but she wasn't sure.

"What are you staring at teme," Naruto bounded over, suddenly over his sadness. He took one look and then snapped his fingers. "Shikamaru get a uniform."

"Yeah…" he muttered and he whipped out his cell phone.

"Shino, I need contacts. Neji, go and send a notice to the Dean about more members. Kiba?"

"What do you want me to do?" He asked with excitement.

"Clean up since Hinata will be busy," he said as Sasuke was quick to catch his drift and grabbed Hinata. Kiba groaned but went to cleaning anyways.

"Wh-What is going o-on?" Hinata asked, slowly losing her stutter as her panic rose more and more. She didn't have time to waste on falling over words. She needed answers! She yelped as she was put down into a seat and heard the snipping of scissors. "H-Hey!"

"Sit down," Sasuke said harshly, "I'm a natural at this and if you tell anyone," he held the scissors to her neck and whispered, "I will kill you," he threatened. Hinata nodded and he went to cutting. Before she knew it, he grabbed her and pulled her into a dressing area as he took the suit from Shikamaru. "Change into this and don't try to talk out of it," he tossed it at her and then waited. "Today Hiroshi-" before he could finish his threat she began to push him out.

"Fine, j-just get out!" She pushed him past the curtain and as he regained his footing, the light bulb went off. Sasuke frowned and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I am such an idiot." He walked off to find the others in the kitchen, trying to make some of the cheap instant foods Hinata had bought. He decided not to say anything and just pretend like he knew the whole time and just wanted to see if anyone else did.

Hinata sighed as she put in a pair of contacts that had been mixed in with the clothes. She could guess what was happening; Hinata knew she had a bit of a charm about her, and when she saw the uniform she knew her job just got more complicated. She blinked a few times and smiled at her reflection; the Uchiha really was a natural at hair styling. Her blue hair looked neater, but still rather boyish for her taste. She then changed into the boy's uniform and walked out as she tied her tie. "I-Is this re-really a good i-idea?" She asked. Hinata looked up and saw that no one was there. She walked back out into the main room, "A-Anyone?" She looked about. "Weird…" she said to herself as she walked over to the slight mess that Kiba left. "Well…he did pretty well," she smiled lightly as she cleaned up the rest. "I guess rich boys now less about cleaning than us commoners." She laughed lightly as she picked up what was left of her glasses. "Too bad you didn't make it," she said as she put them in her pocket. Hinata sighed as she carried the mop back into the kitchen, but was taken back when she saw all the guys waiting around the microwave as Naruto and Kiba were eating her instant ramen. "You l-like th-that?" she asked as her nervousness set in again.

"I love it!" Naruto yelled with a smile. "It even tastes better than the stuff my Okaa used to make for me!" He began to inhale more of the ramen.

"Who knew poor people could make such good food that cooks faster too." Kiba said as he tossed his cup into the garbage.

"Y-Yeah," Hinata said as she put the mop away. She turned around only to be face to face with Naruto. She jumped back against the closet as her face began to glow red from how close he was. "Y-Yes…?"

"You actually look good in that." He smiled as he looked her over. Hinata was a little flustered; she had never been looked at like that. "So, a new deal is to be made," he declared. "If you can get 100 girls to request you, your debt with be repaid."

"W-What?" Hinata looked at him with shock.

"You are now a member of my Host Club," he said with a bright smile and a thumb's up. Hinata kept back the need to groan and sigh.

"This is a bad idea Uzumaki," Neji said as he leaned back against the counter. "Hinata would not do well as a host," he said as he glanced over at her. "Like I offered, I'll pay the debt and we can get on with our normal lives." Hinata knew what he was doing; he was taking care of her like he used too. But he shouldn't anymore; that wasn't his job anymore.

"N-No," she said quickly with a smile. "I'll p-pay off the d-debt." She looked to Naruto and nodded her head. "It's a-a deal," she smiled and walked off past him." I-I must get home b-but I'll see you a-after school." She grabbed her bag and nodded to them, "H-Have a nice n-night," she called back as she walked out.

"Good job Naruto," Shikamaru said as he looked up from his pad with a smirk, "You actually picked someone good."

Sasuke scoffed, "I give him a week before he runs."

"You're police force can take care of that," Shino said as he fixed his glasses, "no?" Sasuke smirked at him.

"Doubt they can?"

(Line Break)

Hinata caught herself before she tripped with a full tray again. All the attention she was getting was making her nervous, but she rather liked it too. No one was whispering about her being poor; and a lot of the girls were actually really nice. She was actually making a few friends, sure they all thought she was a boy, but Hinata doesn't turn away an invitation for friendship. She was actually feeling a little lonely when she began school here. Not to mention she didn't have many friends at her old school either. This was great; she even began to get used to a few girls and host members that her stuttering came to a stop. She was getting used to it.

Though, it had been three days, and Hinata had no requests. Guess no one really wanted to sit with the poor shy guy. Shikamaru knew that some girls found the Hiroshi rather cute, but each member had an act, all but Hinata.

Shino was stoic but kind. He led on that girls were slowly helping him "open up" to others. Sasuke played off more of a player and bad boy. Showing slight affection to girls that thought they were breaking through to him. Naruto played off as a wild type and would pretend to sneak off with a few girls; a high paying girl could get him to take just her too. Shikamaru was just plain and brilliant with sarcasm and wit; he usually got girls that wanted the guy to crack them (which he could always do). Kiba was sporty and fun; he was loud, affectionate, and playful. Then there was Neji, who played like a knight. He treated every girl like a flower and 'saved' girls from trouble.

But Hinata…well…Hinata was still just a friendly server.

Shikamaru may be smart, but he didn't know what natural ability she had; Hinata being a female was hard enough for him to find a way for her to open up and flirt with other females. He sighed as he jotted down some notes and went to sit down at a table with a group of girls.

Hinata began to serve one of the tables that Kiba was sitting with, and quickly moved away when he made a move to get on the table. "So then, I had to start running since those jerks were right on my tail!" He laughed as he animatedly told the story and Hinata smiled lightly. It was like watching a little kid talk to their parents about their adventures. She even began to laugh lightly as he got to the floor showing how he fought off his attackers. "Hey," Kiba sat up and looked over at her, "why are you laughing?" All the others girls looked at her.

"S-Sorry," Hinata said between her laughter. "You look so amazing," she said as she clapped lightly. "I've n-never heard anything so amazing." Kiba began to blush lightly at the compliment. The others girls clapped and praised him as he quickly put on a goofy smile and thanked her. Hinata walked off, still giggling as a girl with long blonde hair watched her walk away with a blush on her cheeks, her light blue eyes wide with curiosity.

"Hiroshi," Sasuke snapped his fingers as Hinata was about to walk past. "I need more tea and cakes I guess," he motioned to the empty glasses and plates. "The girls are probably hungry or something." Hinata was so impressed that he could fake a blush like he did. The girls awed and thanked him for how nice he was, but he scoffed and pretended like he wasn't being nice at all.

"That's sw-sweet Uchiha-sama," she commented as she took empty glasses and replaced them with filled ones. She had to play along; that was his act after all.

"I am not sweet," he shot back at her.

"Maybe not like the cake, but more like d-dark chocolate," she replied just as quick. "I-I'll go get cake," she nodded and walked off. Sakura watched her a little more closely this time.

While Hinata was carrying a cake, she tripped up a bit. Hinata feared the worst, but she was suddenly caught by someone, as she held the cake tight. Hinata looked up and saw that Neji was holding her. "H-Hyuga-sama," she said as she quickly got up. "Th-Thank you…" she mumbled.

"You were always bad at being careful," he commented with a light smile. Girls gasped as they watched the two interact.

Hinata flushed, "I-I am careful," she said back with a blush.

"That's why I just caught you, right," he teased as he took the cake from her. "Uchiha wanted this right?" He asked as he walked off with Hinata on his heels. "Go back to getting the tea Hinata."

"I can do this Hyuga-" she stopped as he turned back and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Stop," he said, "I am not Hyuga to you. I never was and I never will be…" he spoke with such a serious tone that Hinata felt like a kid again. "And you know that," He set the cake down on a table and crossed his arms. "Say it."

"But…" she looked around and blushed.

Neji grabbed her face and made her look at him, "Do I have to shove leeks in your mouth again?" Hinata shook her head as her face was a pale white. "Now say it." She muttered under her breath and he smirked, "Someone's going to get a mouth full of leeks at this rate."


"What?" He asked again as other girls began to ogle at the site.

"Nii-san." She sighed out. He just smiled and squeezed her cheek.

"Thought so," he handed her a slice of cake. "Be good and try not to fall on your face." He walked off with the rest of the cake. Hinata just stuck out her tongue at him. "Saw that," he called back with a smirk. Hinata jumped and ran off into the kitchen and Neji chuckled.

"I got it," Shikamaru smirked. He saw the whole thing. He even recorded the whole thing. It was almost too perfect. It was the one thing he knew no girl could resist.

Brotherly love.

Shikamaru quickly followed Hinata into the kitchen. "I want you to pour tea and spill some on your hand," he ordered as Hinata stared at him as she placed her cake on the counter. "Understood?" Before she could question, he repeated himself. "Do it or I will make you work in a rice field for the rest of your young life," he threatened with a smirk. It had been a while since he used his power to get what he wanted. Hinata gulped loudly and nodded as she took a cart of teas and coffee. He followed her out, "Neji's table. I will be watching."

"Right," she nodded as she went over to Neji's table and hoped that someone needed a refill. "R-Refills," she smiled as the girls looked over to her.

"Me please," a browned haired girl smiled. Hinata was jealous of her wavy hair that came down a bit under her shoulder blades. TenTen Mitarashi…she was rather pretty. "Should I get tea or coffee Neji-kun? Or maybe that instant coffee?"

"Green tea," he said with a nod. "It will keep you healthy, since I know you spend long hours training, this will be sure you get the nutrients you miss from your diet." He stated and Hinata was a little worried he knew another girls routine so well.

"Then green tea please."

"Me too"

"And me."

Soon they all wanted green tea and Hinata smiled and held back the need to sweat drop. She knew Neji; he was the farthest away from romantic. She walked over to fill up a few glasses, but when she got to TenTen's glass she glanced over to Shikamaru, who was still waiting. Hinata tensed up a bit as she poured her glass and tried to play this off the best she could. "See," she looked up at Neji and smiled, "I-I said I could do i-"


"Watch out!"

Hinata yelped as the hot tea burnt her hand even though she knew it was coming. She quickly set the tea pot on the table and brought her hand to her chest. Like holding it tighter would help. She held back the need to curse too. "I-I'm fine!" She looked back with a pained smile.

"What happened?" Kiba came over with a worried look. "Dude! You're hand!" He gapped at how red part of her hand was turning.

"It's okay," she said as she tried to walk out. This was completely pointless. Why did he ask her to do this? Before she could fight off more questions, Neji was right in front of her and took her hand in his. "I-I'm okay," she said with a pained voice. It was burning hotter! The girls began to worry and blushed as Neji looked at her with such a pained expression. "Really,"

"I knew you would get hurt again," he picked her up and Hinata blushed red, along with most of the other girls. "I'm taking you to the infirmary."

"B-But," she looked over to his table of red faced girls, "I can't take you a-away from the g-girls."

"You are my top priority Hinata," he scolded her as he carried her off.

"I-I can walk," she said back.

Neji smirked, "You would probably twist your ankle if I let you."

"I-I can take c-care of myself," she tried to get out of his grip but he gave her a bit of a toss and she held on to him on instinct. Girls squealed in delight. "This is so e-embarrassing." She said as he opened the door and carried her out. Once it closed behind him, she sighed and whispered lightly, "Nara-sama made me do it."

"I took a guess," he responded.

"So you knew?"

"Hinata, you perfected tea pouring. It is impossible for you to spill on your own hands like that." He looked at her with a smirk, "But maybe you have become a little rusty."

Hinata smiled, "But why did you play along?"

"As much as I hate to say it," he sighed, "Shikamaru was playing at a very good way to get you and me more customers." He flushed lightly.


"Yaoi Hinata," he answered back not looking at her. Hinata's face burst red. "More in the terms of 'Brotherly Love' since Shikamaru knows how innocent you are and how protective I am," he looked to her. "Especially because of how much I baby you."

Hinata smiled, "You do. I figured…after I left…you would be free." He frowned lightly. "I'm not anything to you Nii-san. In actuality, you are above me," she smiled at him, "I should protect you."

"Never," he shook his head. "You will always be annoying little imouto-chan. She can't walk in kimono sandals, loves to press flowers, and is one of the best cooks I know." He said lightly. "No change status could ever change that." Neji turned a corner, "You could tell them Hinata. You don't belong in a host club."

"I have a debt to pay, by myself," she added before he said anything back. "And I don't mind," she shrugged, "boy or girl doesn't change the fact that I have to work. And being a host will make it easier. Especially with this routine we got going on." She nudged him and he just smirked. "I'm surprised some of you don't know."

"I think it's just Uzumaki at the moment," he said with a scoff, "he lacks the brains to figure it out." He stepped into the infirmary and sat her on the cot. He quickly got supplies and began to treat her burn. "This will be happening a lot you know," he finally spoke again.

"I can handle it. Anything to make the maidens happy," she added with a thumb's up like Naruto.

Neji just laughed and nodded.

(Line Break)

"Oh wow," one of the girls blushed as she and a few other girls watched as Neji was trying to pour Hinata's tea. They were still waiting for their turn, since there were still two more reserves before them. "It's like a dream come true."

"Hinata is like a little prince," one girl giggled with a blush. The others agreed, "Trying so hard to be independent."

"And then his wonderful knight comes in and saves him from his mistakes," another gushed as she held her face. The others sighed dreamily and giggled.

The girls at the table got a better show, with conversation between the two that was nearly to die for. Hinata was blushing as she pouted, "I-I don't need you to pour my tea," she glanced at him and then looked at her lap, "I'm nearly sixteen…"

"Your hand has not healed yet," Neji spoke calmly.

"If you don't mind," TenTen said with a light smile, "what happened?"

"I do not understand," Neji said as he gave her his full attention.

TenTen blushed and looked at her lap, "You say you're both brothers…a-and I can tell by the eyes…but…Hinata is the scholarship student and y-you're not Neji-kun." She looked back at the two that looked a little shocked. "So… what happened?"

Before Neji could answer, Hinata did. "My okaa was familiar with the Hyuga clan," she started off, "Nii-san and I…well, my okaa told me he was like a cousin. But," she smiled sweetly, "he always treated me like a brother." It took Hinata a while to refer to herself as a man so that she didn't give herself away. "I never knew my Otuo, so maybe," she shrugged, "we might be related or not…but," she glanced to Neji and blushed, "he'll always be my brother."

Neji blushed lightly, "You make it sound like we were separated at birth." The girls went red in the face as they smiled at one another.

"If we were, I-I got all the g-good looks," she teased. The girls giggled as Neji just ruffled her hair. "H-Hey," she tried to move away. Before another girl could try to induce more interaction between the two, Shikamaru came up to the table and ushered the girls away so the next few could come in. "B-Bye," Hinata waved, nearly knocking over the table. "Sorry," she blushed as Neji shook his head.

"Actually," Shikamaru said as he looked to Hinata, "you have been requested…for a solo." He motioned over to the table in the center where one woman sat. Hinata remembered the woman from before, she was the one that sat with Naruto and insulted her. So, why had she requested her? Hinata went over to the small table and quickly poured her tea before sitting down.

"You seemed to have settled in well," she said as she placed her elbow on the table and used her hand to prop up her hand. "To think that someone who was so poor could just think he can suddenly run with us higher-ups."

"W-Why was I-I requested?" She asked lightly, knowing this was going badly.

"Because I said so," she looked at him with a smirk and glare, "I can pay to have you sent away too. You see, no one here actually likes you. Not even your so-called brother. You're just a pathetic nobody that everyone is forced to pity." She suddenly stood and pulled out her wallet. She placed down a neatly folded amount of money that Hinata didn't even imagine that someone would have on them at one time. She lightly pushed it away from him, "With money, comes power Hinata," she picked up a pitcher of water, "remember where you really stand in this Academy." And without warning, Hinata was drenched in ice cold water. She gasped as the cold hit her rather hard, but made no move. It angered her that this girl was right…Hinata had no standing here. Gasped filled the room as she dropped the tin container on the ground and then began to walk away, "the money should cover a new uniform and my next reservation with the little Hiroshi," she smiled to Shikamaru, who just nodded. She strode out of the room without breaking a step. The room was quiet as the doors slammed closed.

Hinata took in a deep breath and then exhaled. She stood, her hair sticking to her skin and her clothes clinging to her small frame. She picked up the tin canister and set it back on the table, she took off the coat and draped it over the chair as she rolled up her sleeves. She went to the little cart that was fairly close and grabbed a cleaning rag. The girls frowned as she went to cleaning like she had not just been humiliated. Neji went over, a rag in his hands, and began to clean with her.

"You are better than this," he whispered to her.

"No," she looked at him, "I am not," she smiled lightly, "I'm just the scholarship student." Hinata got up and took his rag too. "You need to get back and I need to clean up," she walked off back into the kitchen. The girl's slowly went back to what they were doing before, a few feeling sorry for Hinata and trying to think of ways to cheer the scholarship student up.

"Are we just going to pretend that didn't happen?" Shino asked lightly as he stood beside Sasuke.

"As much as I would love to never see her again," Sasuke said with a frown, "she's one of the highest paying customers. Getting rid of her would be like burning all of our funding." He went over to Hinata's table and picked up the neatly folded paper money. "I think she left enough for another uniform…smart…" he scowled.

"I'll fetch him another uniform to wear," Shino said as he followed Hinata's course to the kitchen. "Hiroshi-" Shino came to a stop when he saw Hinata in only a white undershirt and her wet pants. The door slammed closed behind him and they both just stood there staring at one another. Hinata suddenly burst red and tried to cover her chest. Shino suddenly remembered how to breathe and quickly turned around; his light bulb nearly burned out at how bright it got. "What…What size should I get you?"

"Uh…" she looked around like the answer was somewhere, "a-a small…" she whispered lightly. She watched as Shino used his hands to block his peripheral vision as he went to a back room in the kitchen and pulled out another uniform.

"We keep spares just in case…" he hung it on the door. "Very sorry…" he said as he quickly walked out. All the girls, and some of the boys, jumped when Shino slammed the door closed and had his back pressed against it. The girls blushed and squealed when he pulled his scarf away to reveal his red face and the pained look of embarrassment on his face.

"Oh lord…" Sasuke scoffed.

"What a sight to see though," Shikamaru smirked as Sasuke suddenly turned a light pink. "Don't let Hyuga-sama catch you," he whispered as Neji glared daggers at Shino from across the room, only causing more girls to erupt with red faces.

(Line Break)

Hinata stood there, looking out the opened window where she had placed her things before trying to help Kiba get gum out of his hair. She looked down at the little pond, where her expensive books were floating in the water with her old bag and wallet full of grocery money. She stiffened as she heard the familiar giggle. "How rude," she said lightly as she passed, "who would dirty the water with so much garbage?" She laughed as she walked off. Hinata held back the need to glare at her and went the opposite way she did; she still had to go shopping.

It became a rather mundane routine. Hinata would host with Neji for most of the week, but for only a max of twenty minutes, this girl that did not like her, would sit with her and just take the time to beat at what little self-esteem Hinata had. And Hinata, like a good host, sat there and took it all. She kept calm, smiled, and served her without question. A few times, Hinata would suffer with cake in her hair and having water or cold tea thrown at her face. No one did anything though…it only further proved to Hinata that no one really cared what happened to her…along as the club still got paid.

Hinata slipped off her shoes and socks as she stood at the perimeter of the lake. "Maybe Nara-sama will loan me for the books," she said with a cringe, "I'll be working for them for the rest of my life…" she sighed as she rolled up her pants and wadded into the water. "Cold," she shrieked lightly as she began to pick up books and her soaked bag. That went on for ten minutes, until Hinata thought she had all of her stuff. "My wallet," she sighed as she sat on the stones while looking through her bag for the fifth time. Hinata looked back into the waters. Just as she was looking, she heard a laugh. Hinata looked up and then went back to searching when she saw Naruto standing there.

"You'll never find it like that," he said as she heard his bag drop to the ground. Hinata looked up and burst red when she saw that he was taking off his shirt. Hinata turned away and pretended like it didn't bother her. "You really got to get into it!" Hinata looked over and watched as Naruto searched for her wallet like a blood hound. Hinata just stood there with a light smile as she watched the male search. "Got it!" He jumped up, splashing Hinata in the processes. "That's how a man does it Hinata," he joked as he waved the wallet at her. His smile slowly dropped when he saw the smile she was giving him; it was really sweet. "What?" He asked.

"Y-You're just s-so nice Uzumaki-senpai…" she said lightly. Naruto just smiled brightly, with a hard blush on his cheeks. She took her wallet from him and bowed. "Thanks s-so much," she walked off to the edge, and Naruto quickly followed after.

"How did this happen anyway?" He asked as he stood by his shoes. If he ruined another pair his god father was going to beat him upside the head.

"They fell," she answered quickly. Naruto wasn't the brightest in his grade, but he knew when someone was lieing. She smiled at him, "Guess that'll teach me, huh?" She stuffed her feet into her shoes and picked up everything so it filled her arms. "Thanks again," she bowed her head and then walked off.

Naruto huffed as he stood there, "Huh…" he looked up to the opened window and saw that some girl was standing there watching; she even looked to be scowling. He frowned and the girl quickly turned away. "I think this has gone on far enough," he reached into his bag and pulled out a cell phone. With a push of a button he was being connected to the smartest person he knew. "Shikamaru," he said with a series tone that no one ever really heard from him, "time to take care of our spoiled princess."

(Line Break)

"Nii-san," she whined as she tried to walk away from him with her cart, "I can do this…" she groaned and pouted as he continued to follow her around. "You'll keep them waiting," she glanced over hesitantly to the table of girls that were watching intently with hearts in their eyes. "I-I'm really sorry…" she apologized to them like a child would.

"I am able enough to serve tea," he said as he was again trying to take the cart from her. "I think the girls will be fine with you sitting with them."

"But…" she glanced over shyly, "what if I do something stupid…?" They awed as the blue haired host blushed and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Ne Hinata," he lifted up her head with his hand and smiled lightly, "you'll be a perfect host." She smiled brightly and then nodded. "Now go," he waved her off and she went back over, pretending to trip in the process.

Hinata blushed and smiled as her table giggled as she continued over and sat down. "H-Hope I didn't k-keep you."

"Oh it wasn't long," one girl said with a bright smile. "You don't have to rush to see us."

"B-But that's m-my job," she said with slight panic, "to be sure th-that I can keep th-the maidens happy. Not that nii-san ever lets me try," she said with a pout as she crossed her arms over her chest. The three girls blushed and showered him with compliments at how sweet and nice he was. Hinata just blushed as she was complimented; it was nice, but she knew they just liked the character she played. They didn't really like her; they didn't even know her. But the smile was basically stitched onto her face by now; she had a debt to play. "I can serve you g-guys tea, right?" she asked as she was already moving to do it. They blushed and encouraged her to do as he pleased. Hinata poured shakily and even stuck out her tongue a bit to show how hard she was trying to concentrate on the task.

She wanted to run as they giggled and awed at her. She was just some show.

Watch the poor boy try. Pay to giggle and laugh at him. Then pay to torture him; the highest bidder wins it all.

"Hiroshi," her torturer said with a smile on her face. Her good looks covered the evil inside of her. "I believe that it is my turn…"

"I-I just need to finish," she said as she tried not to cringe at the thought of her. Hinata wasn't ready yet; she needed more time to prepare herself for the beating. As Hinata was about to serve the last one, she grabbed her wrist.

"Now, little Hiroshi," she smiled too sweetly. Hinata swallowed lightly and slowly placed the tea pot down. The three customers watched with worried faces as she was dragged away by her to another table in the dead center. Each host stopped to glance at her too, and then looked to one another. Hinata sat down across from her and just kept her hands on her lap. "Aren't you going to serve me?" She asked with a frown. Hinata nodded and served her tea and a slice of strawberry cake. "Getting a little rusty, hm?" She smirked as she picked up her cup, "With that attitude, they will surely force you out…and then what is the peasant to do?" She asked and then took a drink. "Well," she placed her cup down, "what would you do if they kicked you out?" She pushed with a smirk as Hinata seemed to fidget. "It's not like they like you." She smirked, "None of them like you. Naruto-kun only puts up with you cause you are pathetic; I wish you would stop bothering him-"

"You would be happy." Hinata suddenly said as she looked up at her. The girl, Hinata never knew her name (as she noticed), was suddenly confused. "Without me here…you would be happy…because you are jealous." Hinata watched her reaction. She went from confusion to sadness, and then straight to anger.

"Me jealous of you?"

"Inuzuka-sama trust me to help him, Aburame-sama studies with me, Uchiha-sama doesn't ignore me, Nara-sama talks to me, Hyuga-sama is my brother, and," she watched as the girl grew stiff. "Uzumaki-sama enjoys my company without being paid-" Hinata watched as she threw the table aside and pulled her down so that she was on top of her.

"S-Stop it Hiroshi-san!" She yelled with tears in her eyes as she looked to be protecting herself. Hinata was over her wondering what was happening. Before Hinata could try to get back to her feet, water was dumbed over both of them. Hinata and the girl looked up to see Sakura standing there. Hinata was wide eyed. "Haruno?" the girl asked with confusion and anger.

"You have done enough," she said with a glare. Sakura helped Hinata get to her feet and then looked to the girl. "Doing things like that to Hinata-kun was low, even for you." She pulled out her check book and quickly wrote one out. "Here," she handed it to the girl, "buy a new dress and leave." She threatened as the girl got to her feet, "I never want to see you here again."

"Oh," she smirked, "you can't just buy me off like that Haruno."

"I'm better than you, Sakura shot back with a smirk. "I am your superior, senpai," she crossed her arms over her chest. "Now leave Hinata-kun alone and never come back." She ordered again. The girl only huffed, tore up the check, and then stormed off out of the room. Sakura looked to Hinata and blushed lightly as she looked to Sakura with shock and awe. "S-Sorry I didn't step in soo-" she was cut off when Hinata hugged her. Sakura's face exploded bright red as hearts bulged out of her eyes. All the girls gasped and awed at the site.

"What?" Naruto yelled with wide eyes. "I was going to save Hinata!"

"Idiot," Sasuke said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked over to Neji, who looked rather tense as he watched Hinata hug the other girl. "You going to be okay there?" He smirked as Neji jumped a bit.

"Of course…why wouldn't I be?" Neji shot back with a glare. He walked off back to his table, still looking back.

"Worked out better than we planned," Shikamaru said as he looked at his watch. "Twenty minutes faster too."

"I wanted to save him…" Naruto anime cried as the other girls tried to soothe him with smiles.

"Oh," Hinata quickly let her go and looked at her, "I'm sorry. I got you a-all what," she smiled lightly. "I just…I didn't think that a-anyone really c-cared," she smiled softly as Sakura finally broke out of her daze to focus on her. "Thank you…Sakura-chan," Hinata smiled at her and Sakura felt her heart beat faster in her chest. "I'll be sure to repay you tomorrow, anything you like," Hinata nodded as she ran her hand through her wet hair. Hinata walked off as Shikamaru called an end to the day; he smirked slightly at the thought of the spare clothes he left in the closet.

(When all the girls are gone)

Naruto felt bad that he couldn't save his little friend; he had it all planned out and then Hinata would coo and awe at him like he did with Neji-san. Naruto smiled at the thought of being praised by the poor student, it would be like he was the hero of the story. But then, Sakura had to but in and save Hinata's day. Naruto could have been on the receiving end of that hug. He pouted as he carried in the towels to the changing area where Hinata was getting into some dry clothes. It would be kind of him to bring Hinata extra towels, just in case that the scholarship student needed it. He could really smile at the idea of how grateful Hinata would be for his kindness. There was nothing more uplifting than him being praised for helping. Not to mention that Naruto liked to be of help, that was why he had offered Hinata the idea of working off the debt. Naruto knew that Hinata would never have the ability to pay it off within a life time. He smiled as he walked up to the curtain, "Hey Hinata," he closed his eyes just in case Hinata was uncomfortable with being unclothed in public. "I brought you some extra towels."

"Th-Thanks senpai," she said with a smile. "Y-You may open y-your eyes."

Naruto opened his eyes but his face burst red and his eyes got wider. There, Hinata Hiroshi stood in the standard yellow dress for the female students. He saw the subtle curves of her waist and hips; he guiltily recognized her bust as well. Naruto gapped as he began to shake from a sudden nervousness. He had offered a hosting job to a woman. He had trained her how to court girls. He played and joked with a girl. He nearly walked in on her dressing!

"I-Is something wrong?" She asked lightly as she fixed her bow.

Naruto suddenly blurted out, "You're a girl!"

"Yes?" She said lightly with confusion and a tilt of her head, which only caused Naruto's heart to race faster. "I-I thought y-you knew…right?"

"Did you just walk in on Hinata?" Neji asked darkly as he stood behind Naruto with a glare.

"Ahh!" Naruto jumped away and protected his face. "I didn't know! I thought that Hinata would need more towels and th-that she was a he!"

"Idiot," Sasuke scoffed with a smirk, "you just find out she was a female?"

"How are you the heir to the biggest business owners in Konohagakure?" Shikamaru pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Get out!" Neji pushed them all out and closed the curtain. "You need to be more careful Hinata," he turned to face her. She blushed lightly and rubbed the back of her neck. "The men around here are like wolves."

"I-I can take c-care of myself," she pouted as she puffed out her cheeks. He only smirked at her as she looked at herself in the long mirror. "I'll h-have to start r-referring to m-myself as a m-male…l-like dude," she smiled as she looked back at him. "I-I can do this."

"I know," he nodded as she walked out back to the others that complimented her in her dress, and Naruto who was demanding to see some proof that Hinata was actually a girl. Neji frowned lightly, "It's what I'm afraid of," he whispered to himself and took a deep breath. He took in a deep breath and joined the others outside. He smiled lightly as he watched Kiba spin her around and try to piece together what happened to make her look like a man. Hinata only giggled as she went through the story from start to finish.

"You were dumb enough to get gum stuck in your hair?" Sasuke asked with a smirk as he leaned back against the door.

"I-I was r-really tired," she defended with a pout. "I-It fell out o-of my mouth w-while I was a-asleep…" she blushed as she realized how dumb it really sounded to her.

"Leave her be, Uchiha," Neji warned with a slight glare.

"Well," Shikamaru yawned, "I will be sure to get you another," he emphasized, "uniform so that you can continue to work off that debt." Hinata blushed as she rubbed the back of her neck, "I must be getting home and finishing up some…business…" he said as he walked away. "Until tomorrow I guess."

"Hey Hinata," Kiba smiled brightly, "you need a lift?"

Before Hinata could answer, Neji put his arm around her waist and began to pull her away as he glared at the boys. He placed her outside the room and closed the door. "I will make this very clear," he looked to them, "Hinata is only here to pay off a debt. Nothing more," he stressed as he glared right at Naruto. "Any 'inappropriate' actions towards her by any of you are forbidden." He turned and walked out.

"What an ass," Sasuke scoffed.

"For once, I agree," Kiba said with a huff.

"Hyuga-san is only concerned for his distant family member, who was once a big part in his life," Shino said lightly as he fixed his glasses.

"She's…" Naruto smiled lightly with a blush on his cheeks, "she's so pretty."

"Idiot," the three muttered before leaving.

(Line Break)

"You are going to fall Hinata-kun," Sakura giggled as she watched the blue haired host try to carry over a silver tray with a tea set, desserts, and a coffee pot.

"I-I got it," she smiled lightly as she struggled to balance everything. "Th-This is my one chance to do anything without," she made it to the table and whispered, "Neji-nii hovering o-over me," she set out everything and then sat across from her. "A-And I have t-to thank you as much as I can," she blushed, "you…you saved m-me."

"Oh," Sakura blushed as she looked at her lap, "a-anyone would have stepped in to help you Hinata-kun. I was just the first one to make the move."

"A-And all the more t-to thank you f-for," she smiled as she poured them some tea. "I-I was tired o-of always getting w-wet," Hinata tried to joke, but just remembering hurt a bit.

"You're too nice Hinata," she said with a light smile. "I never really thought I would like someone so nice," she blushed as she looked up to a confused Hinata. "I-I've liked Sasuke-kun since I was little, a-and when I heard he was a host…I nearly screamed." She laughed lightly as Hinata smiled. "But…it wasn't what I expected…he was so cool…but it wasn't enough anymore." She looked at Hinata with such loving eyes, "a-and you fill me with…something that Sasuke-kun couldn't."

Hinata felt her face turn a beat red. That couldn't be good…Hinata was just trying to be nice. Not make people fall in love with her. She opened her mouth to try to think of something, but she was speechless. "I…" she stared right at a hopeful Sakura, "I just want you to b-be happy," she smiled. "That's a-all I c-can do."

Sakura smiled sadly, "And that's all I can ask of you," she reached out and grabbed her hands. "And I can wait," she blushed with a bright smile, "once you become the romantic King instead of a clumsy Prince."

"W-What…?" Hinata asked.

"Oh yes," Ino sat down in another seat, "Hinata-ouji is trying so hard to not need his handsome night Hyuga-kun," Ino held her face as she was swooning.

"And soon," TenTen sat down on the other side of Sakura, "Hinata-ouji (prince) will be Hinata-ou (King)!" The three giggled and were lost in their fantasies. Hinata just blinked a few times and looked around to see if anyone could see this.

Naruto pouted as he sat alone at the moment, since the girls got up close to take in that moment. "She should be Hinata-hime," he muttered with a blush. He then grunted when he received a hard slap to the back of the head. "Ow!"

"Forbidden," Neji seethed. He then walked up and the girls parted for him. "Hinata-ouji," he smirked and bowed as Hinata frowned with a blush. The other girls gasped and squealed. "We are needed at another table with customers."

"Okay," she stood and smiled to the three and bowed, "until another time." She walked off after Neji and tripped lightly. She blushed and straightened up and continued like she didn't hear the giggles and awes.

"You are getting better," Neji said to her.

"A job is a job, right?" She said back as she picked up dirty plates. She smiled at him, "And soon, I'll be the popular one."

"We'll see about that…Prince."


Welp, tell me what you think.

Sorry for such slow updates, but between my job, school, and now Acen coming up in a few months. I am swamped. I'll try to update ongoing stories before one shots, but I just really wanted to write this one. And, I'll be giving out more details about Anime Central (Acen) that is in Rosemont, since I would love to meet some fellow fanfitction writers. I'm going as Kiki from Kiki's delivery service and pre-shippuden Karin from Naruto.

I'll talk to you all next time ^^.