Victoire Fleur Weasley

Born May 2nd 2000

She was born a month early

The way her father tells it, half the family wound up with a few years off their lives after Fleur's water broke at the memorial ceremony. Others started making jokes and smart remarks about a joke from the beyond. According to Victoire's mother, it was nowhere near that peaceful.

She hates pink

Through out her childhood she had this incredibly gaudy pink bed quilt her French relatives had sent her. She didn't have the heart to tell her mother she thought it was hideous.

When Louis had an unfortunate bout of stomach flu one evening while they were playing cards Victoire was finally able to get rid of that ugly thing.

But that didn't stop her from being a girly girl

This was made more obvious by Dominique's extremely tomboyish nature. This may be why Victoire had always gotten along with her mother so well.

She always thought she was the only normal one in the family

They were loud, crazy about Quidditch, and ate enough food for a small army. Victoire was all of this in moderation.

She had known that she was in love with Teddy since she was fifteen

Until then she thought they were just really close childhood friends. But after an incident involving a bludger to the back of the head, Victoire realized how much she really cared for him as he was taken to the Hospital Wing. Victoire was by Teddy's side his whole stay.

She was the brightest of her generation until Lucy shattered her record with twelve Outstandings

She was so proud of her ten O.W.L.s. Victoire loved having the attention that came along with it. Though she was disappointed at being knocked of the pedestal years later, she was more disappointed for the younger cousins because there was no beating twelve Outstandings.

Victoire never realized how much she pushed her opinions on others

Until that one fateful day when Dominique and Victoire had a huge fight in one of the school corridors. They shouted screamed and James swears that at one point they both began forming beaks and feathers. Though Victoire thinks she might have noticed if Dominique started turning into a bird during that argument.

She admits she never saw Professor Slughorn when she tried to hit Dominique with a silencing charm.

She had moments of complete obliviousness.

Victoire was the last to notice that the Wood boy had a complete crush on her cousin Lucy. Everyone else had suspected as much for years.

To be fair, Lucy didn't notice her friend's feelings at all.

She enjoyed her Veela gifts less than ten percent of the time

Most of the time it's completely unintentional when she uses her magic. Victoire always feels bad after a particularly nasty dose, considering all the looks, both love struck and pissed beyond all reason she gets afterwards.

As she got older, she realized how much like her mother she was

They fought, bickered, and had very vocal opinions about just about everything. But when they weren't arguing they would talk and laugh about the things they enjoyed and just found strange.

She changed her mind about careers no less the seven times

She couldn't decide. She was torn. All of these careers sounded so promising, all she knew was that she wanted to see the world and have grand adventures.

For the briefest time, she considered becoming a travel writer. Then she found that she really had no talent as a writer. Now Hugo on the other hand...

Her Aunt Audrey got her to support the Irish Quidditch team, but green was never her color

Victoire knows that her sweet-tempered aunt was brought up in a very Irish household. Victoire swore to herself that she would never fall prey to the corruption Aunt Audrey had inflicted on Molly and Lucy. Until that one fateful evening when she heard the game on the wireless. Victoire fell in love with the strategy and tactics used by the Ireland National Quidditch team. They played some fantastic Quidditch. She wondered when she could have the opportunity to try some of those new moves they invented.

When she painted her face Ireland colors when they faced off with the Chudley Cannons Victoire was convinced there would be a very successful murder attempt by her family and the many Cannons' supporters nearby

It was the scariest two hours of her life.

She finally decided to follow her parents in a career with the bank; she wanted to travel before she settled down

The only downside was that it took her away from Teddy.

Victoire and Teddy had almost broken it off three times

The long distance relationship took its toll. That's all Victoire would say about it when her sister asked about it.

She always thought Dominique was a superb Quidditch player

But Victoire wasn't going to tell her sister this. Her Chasing ego was big enough as it was.

She wonders why Louis went to France to become an artist.

Victoire never asked. She presumed he wanted to be closer to the Delacour side of the family. Or he was on a grand trip of inspiration.

Her mother made sure that all of her children knew French

From birth Fleur spoke to the children in French until they knew the ins and outs of the language their mother spoke with complete fluency. Victoire, Dominique, and Louis spent their summers in France where the skill was very useful.

She wanted a large family

No less than six children.

She had two beautiful children and the family felt complete

Besides, being in twelve hours of labor for both children was bad enough. Never again.

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