Audrey Evelyn Weasley

May 31st 1979

Audrey was comfortable with death.

What remained of her family was gone by the time she was sixteen and her magic had isolated her well before that.

She was the last member of her family.

She hated her father.

He left her. Abandoned her. He may have been justified.

Her birth had killed her mother.

She was a graduate of the Ravenclaw house.

She was smart, always able to think her way out of a problem. Though the hat had also wanted to put her in Hufflepuff. The hat told her justice and loyalty drove her to courageous acts.

She asked for Ravenclaw, being loyal and brave was great, but it was frightening to think about offering loyalty to the wrong people.

Audrey was a powerful witch,

She was creative in the use of her magic. Summoning water, ice and fog from the air without the use of a wand was something she had always been able to do. Septimus helped her refine the ability to a precise art.

It made her more dangerous.

She never flaunted the skills she had.

Only if the lives of others were at risk as Audrey wanted to keep a low profile. Her time as a wartime resistance leader made her someone she did not like.

She wanted a quiet life.

She was near cripplingly shy.

Crowds would always make her nervous, and meeting new people was scary.

Being a Muggle-born during the war had left its scars.

She had a perfectly reasonable fear of Molly Weasley.

Audrey saw her take down Bellatrix Lestrange at the final battle after Audrey had put two Death Eaters on ice. There was a look in her eyes that was so protective and boiled with rage at the gleeful hag as the ground cracked and smoked at her feet.

Audrey hoped and prayed she would never make Molly Weasley angry or met her in a dark alley.

Percy was one of the brightest spots in her life,

They were two people scarred from conflict and had made decisions they regretted. He was steady and kind, sublimely awkward and caring. Audrey had a long list of things she loved about him.

Granted, he had his pratish moments.

A balance to her darkest moments.

Audrey the resistance fighter was (in her mind) a cruel, combative monster. Someone willing and able to torture and threaten to protect those in her care.

In a sense, her life afterwards was redemption for these acts. Percy kept her grounded to the present and her head out of the past.

Apprenticeship suited Audrey very well,

Audrey and Septimus were a part of a team. He was not as mobile, not as young, and to noticeable to do what they needed to do. Septimus taught her everything she needed to know.

She was his right hand, his apprentice, not his handmaiden.

Cooking, not so much.

Audrey was a horrible cook. She had no skill for it only being able to put together a sandwich, soup and a few other small things. Percy was a bit better at it but not by much.

Between the two of them, Audrey was impressed nobody had starved.

Audrey was truly afraid to be a mother,

She loved Percy, heart and soul, and she knew and accepted children were going to end up part of that deal. Audrey had never had a mother of her own and was unsure how to be one.

The demons from her past whispered her inadequacies into her ears as the months went on.

She knew nothing about babies,

Molly was so tiny, so fragile. Audrey was filled with visions of dropping her, and the girl growing up to hate her they way Audrey hated her father. Then Percy swooped in and tended her like this was his only purpose in life and Audrey felt the fear subside.

Until she realized Molly was less than an hour old and that was not enough time to screw up a child.

But Mrs. Weasley was a source of comfort when the baby first came home.

Audrey had a hormone induced breakdown in the Weasley's kitchen while visiting one afternoon a couple of months before her due date and Molly gave her tea and chocolate and listened to Audrey's fears spill into the room.

Molly told her she was going to be a wonderful mother and she would be there to help her whenever she needed it.

Her girls were named after living war heroes.

Molly after Percy's mother was an obvious choice. She was kind, protective and an incredibly loving woman.

Lucy was named after Audrey's best friend Lucia Selwyn, a woman who looked death in the face, defied her family, and laughed about it. She was also little Lucy's Godmother.

Her daughters were magically gifted.

Molly was a powerful healer, understanding the intricacies of what made a spell powerful for that purpose. Lucy got the brunt of Audrey's battle skill and creativity.

Audrey pitied them both.

Lucy was the one who worried her the most.

Lucy was a fighter like both of her namesakes and seemed to have great things before her and Audrey wanted to protect her from everything that could do her harm.

Audrey had every right to be worried, Lucy had a talent and passion for combat that Audrey feared would get her killed.

The world changed dramatically after the defeat of Voldemort.

The changes were slow. Achingly so as these things tend to be, and Audrey saw a lot of them in person or at least the groundwork, but more radical ones came within the next thirty years.

Those changes made Voldemort's defeat look like a mere ripple in the pond.

Seeing her father Aran Causey later in life was painful.

He had not changed. He was still stubborn, lonely and in emotional pain. They had nothing to say to each other. Though he and Lucy got along all right.

Maybe Audrey had not changed as much as she wanted to.

Audrey loved being a witch.

No matter how much it affected and altered her life. If she did not have magic, her life would have been radically different. Magic gave Audrey the kind of life she was suited for.

Her life was never dull, as she never completely lost the wonder of it all.

AN: Audrey has a few issues. A lot of insecurities. Audrey's the heroine of A Friend to Government Pigs and plays a more minor but important role in the other books in the Septenary Universe.

I may do more twenty facts later, but my current focus is on the rewriting/editing of the Septenary Universe. My new job has cut into my writing a bit, considering I am now a full time employee and I'm teaching myself programming to get into something better.