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"BRICK MOVE IT!" I screamed at my ex-husband

"Shut up woman! I can't believe you dragged me into this!" he yelled back at me from the driving seat of his car, I was about to scream back when a bullet flicked off the windscreen as we both flinched

"Give me your gun!" I ordered him, his eyes filled with fear

"Blossom you'll kill us!" He yelled back, I rolled my eyes he had to give me some credit I knew how you use a shot gun. A bullet blasted at us again as Brick swerved the car throwing us into a river, the car filled with water and was being dragged beneath. The last thing I was was Brick's panic stricken face before I blacked out.

Ahem I guess I should take you back 24 hours earlier

I woke up in my small apartment and dressed for work. Hi my name is Blossom Jojo- I mean Utonium, Blossom Utonium. I'm a retired Powerpuff girl of Townsvile, and a lot has changed over the past 18 years in case you don't know I used to be a small little 5 year old girl with 'stumps' as hands and feet, large eyes and okay I'll admit it an over large head. I had two sisters Bubbles and Buttercup who also looked like me and did I mention we had super powers? At 5 years old three little girls where protecting the city of Townsvile from crime and monsters.

However soon after out 10th birthday myself and my sisters all went under 'puberty' as you could call it, and we gained fingers and toes and our heads thankfully shrunk to normal size as did our eyes. We all looked like normal teenagers by the time we where 13 (well except the fact I had pink eyes which isn't really normal). Anyway unfortunately for us by the time we turned 15 all of our powers had completely fizzled out, the professor did some tests and saw that the Chemical X that gave us our powers dissolved into our blood and was of no use any more.

Buttercup was devastated so joined the police force just so she could carry on fighting crime, Bubbles was bit more sensible about it and went to veterinarian school and became a vet with her own practition! Myself went to college and university and I ended up as a journalist. I love my job and at the moment I'm onto a huge story!

I looked at my dresser and my eyes scanned over all the pictures I had on their, I first of all spotted a photo of my sister Bubbles and her fiancee Boomer Jojo from the Rowdyruff boys.

Oh! I'm sorry I forgot to mention what happened after we 'retiered' well fortunately for us our counterparts the RowdyRuff boys all went through the same type of 'puberty' as us and in turn gave up their life of crime. With the boys out of the villain banner most other criminals followed. Mojo jojo got too old for a monkey to be running around the city so he spends most of his time in his lab making inventions to aid him around his home. HIM was hardly heard of so we left him alone.

Anyway when I was at university I ran into Brick Jojo there, and lets just say we got caught up in a whirlwind romance; we started dating for 1 year and we married for 2 years until we divorced. We went through a really rough time, it all started by me falling pregnant. We where really happy up until I miscarried, we where both heartbroken and after time we drifted apart and well I guess you know what happened then.

Bubbles and Boomer also started dating and are soon to be married and Buttercup and Butch are just discovering their love of each other, well it's either that or their 'friends with benifits'.

So that's been my life so far I guess, shifting my eyes to the clock I was running late. I left my hair hanging mid back and wavy, grabbed my bag and dashed out of the door. I called a cab and sat in.

"Townsville Edits please" I smiled as he set off, looking outside we passed Brick's apartment my hand flew to my stomach as it usually did when I though of him and I sighed. I knew Brick was an undercover cop but his 'cover occupation' was a mechanic. I shook him out of my head as the cab driver pulled up outside Townsville Edits.

I plopped down at my desk and began to work.

I had been working on this story for about a week now, Scott Harper was one of the richest men in the world and had apparently committed suicide my jumping off a bridge and drowning. However the week before that he had $10 billion stolen from him, the police say that he was in such a state of turmoil that he committed suicide but the facts just don't add up.

"Hi there pretty lady" I looked around and Dexter who shared the same block as me rolled his chair over. I rolled my eyes, Dexter had this huge crush on me but I so wasn't interested.

"What do you want Dexter?" I asked annoyed

"Well you have been working on this story for a week now I was wondering if you wanted to pair up... together?" he asked wriggling his eyebrows, I really did pity the boy.

"Dexter we made out ONCE at the christmas party... I was insanely drunk I would have kissed anyone" I explained again

"Yeah but you didn't you kissed me" he said rather smugly

"Ugh! I need the bathroom" I said walking away before I wacked him.


"Hello?" a man with shaggy brown hair answered the phone, he was behind a bar and was wearing a black T-shirt that said 'I rock' in white writing.

"Mitch? Is that you?" I asked

"Blossom? Wow long time no speak! How you been?" He asked Mitch was an old childhood friend and I knew if I needed any dirt to go to him for the gossip. Such I could go to my ex-brother-in-law Butch who was an expert in digging up information but he might tell Brick who would tell the police who would stop me and my story!

"Hey... actually I was wondering if you could help me?" I whispered

"Sure... but why are you whispering?" He asked, I was stood outside on the roof but I was still fearful Dexter would find me

"I'm hiding from a stalker" I said honestly I heard him laugh "But listen I need you to see if you can find anything out about 'Scott Harper' he committed suicide about a week ago but I think their is more to his death" I explained

"Sure, just wrote it down I'll let you know if anything pops up"

"Thanks Mitch you rock!"

"Yeah I know" then he hung up

Walking off the roof I should have noticed a pair of yellow eyes watching me.

But I didn't.

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