Okay so this the Bloopers Special!"!
You don't have to read this if you don't want to, it's just a bit of fun! :) and if you do read it DON'T FLAME! THIS DOES NOT FOLLOW ON FROM THE ORIGINAL STORY-LINE! You have been warned!

"Hey I'm Blossom from I Love My Crazy Ex-Wife! and here is the Bloopers special!" Blossom announced.

Director: Okay scene 2... and ACTION!

Blossom stops outside the door 14 and starts tapping on the door then starts to full out bang. The door was pulled away from from her.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Brick shouts, Blossom opens her eyes to come face-to-face (literally) with the head of a gun, she falls to the floor with a squeak.

Brick looks down and starts laughing.

"What?" Blossom asks

"Sorry your face then was too funny!"

Director: CUT!

Butch looks into the camera on set his arms folded and he keeps glancing back towards the set.

"Okay it's 3AM and where shooting the scene where Brick and Blossom break into Townsville edits... as you can see it's pitch black and everyone is ready... except for our little princess Blossom who is still in make-up and wardrobe AGAIN!"

Director: Right Scene 3 take one and... ACTION!

"Want a jacket?" Brick asked Blossom looks surprised at his generosity and smiles

"Well yeah I w-"

"Oh should of thoughtabout thaaaaaa!" Brick says completely messing up his lines, Blossom starts laughing at the side again.

"BlahBlahBlahBlah!" Brick shouts, while Blossom is in hysterics.

Director: CUT!

Director: Ready people?... Scene 4 take one and... ACTION!

"Good afternoon and welcome to Mula-Money will you be checking out the newly-wed suite?" The receptionists asks.

"HELL YEAH!" Brick shouts

Blossom puts her head in her hands and starts laughing while the crew can be heard laughing in the background.

Director: CUT!

"Okay so it's 3:30AM and Blossom is still in her dressing room, but I now have Brick for company" Butch says, while Brick is standing at the side of him. They are both wearing huge jackets and scarf's and when they speak condensation from the air can be seen.

"Well it's absolutely freezing and Blossom still isn't ready! It's gonna' be a long night!" Brick says

Blossom and Brick are stood in the casino together while crew and extras are getting things set up and chatting to each other, Blossom pulls a face at Brick.

"Haha, yeah that's a good one but what about this?" Brick pulls a funny face and Blossom starts laughing.

"Do this" she said and began opening her mouth really wide then closing it and and repeating. Brick did the same. The director walked onto the set with his eyes glued to the script.

Director: Okay scene 5 and... ACTION!

Blossom and Brick Immediately stop pulling faces and go straight to work.

"Don't say anything, don't speak to no one...

Director: Scene 6 take one... ACTION!

"BRICK! wake up!" Blossom yells skipping over to the bed, she shakes his shoulders and looks at him. A goofy smile creped over his face he swings an arm around Blossom and pulled her on him.

He keeps pulling her round and pulls the covers over her so she's under the bed.

"BRICK!" Blossom giggles, Brick turns and looks into the camera and wriggles his eyebrows suggestively.

"Director (while laughing): C-CUT!

Director: Scene 6 take two... ACTION!

"Okay Bloss one point you happen to claim but that proves nothing and it doesn't mean I'm going to help you!" Brick yells.

"Of course it does because... I have your car keys!" Blossom yells snatching the keys from the table and legging it to the door. However Blossom trips on her heels and falls face first on the floor.

"OOoooo!" Brick laughs quickly going over and picking her up "You okay?" he asks while laughing, Blossom stands and walks off silent.

Director: Scene 7 take one... ACTION!

"You can leave now, I'm obviously a bother to you so you can go home or go to the police whatever! I don't care anymore I'll finish this on my own!" Blossom screams at Brick she turns but Brick grabs her arm, spins her round and dips her down placing a huge kiss on her lips!

"Forgive me now?" Brick says cheekily while Blossom and everyone else start laughing

"Jerk!" Blossom says between Giggles

Director: CUT!... okay Scene 7 take two and... ACTION!

"You can leave now, I'm obviously a bother to you so you can go home or go to the police whatever! I don't care anymore I'll finish this on my own!" Blossom screams at Brick she turns but Brick grabs her arm.

"No way I'm not leaving you! You'll get yourself killed-"

"Save you the fecking- wait what's fecking?" Blossom laughs, Brick laughs and puts his head in his hands

"Fucking Blossom... fucking!" Brick says

"F-F-F-F-F KINGGG!" Blossom says doing 'bad' vocal exercises.

"Director (tired): CUT!

"As you can see it's now 4AM and Blossom still hasn't made her appearance" Butch says, looks around and crew are sat on the floor bored while others are sleeping...

Director: Ready? Okay Scene 7 take 3 and ACTION!

Brick rattles the doors of Townsville Edits.

"It's Fucked"

Blossom and crew begin laughing.

"See what I have to work with?" Blossom yells

Director: Scene 8 take one and ACTION!

"Yeah I mean after about a year in our marriage you lost your stamina and speed... if you know what I mean..." Blossom trailed off, keeping a solid poker face, she looked at Brick who looked as if someone had just wacked him in his 'pride and joy' as he called it. Blossom pursed her lips.

"Take that back right now!" Brick yells at Blossom

"Uhhhhh" Blossom says looking around "What are my lines?"

"Oh for god sake!" Brick yells, Blossom stands there looking sheepish.

Director: 'Sorry Brick you lost your 'touch' Okay? So from the top... Scene 8 take two ACTION!

"Take that back right now!" Brick yells

"Sorry Brick you lost your 'touch'" Blossom grins, Brick was shocked.

"BRICK'S AN ANIMAL!" Someone off set shouts, everyone starts laughing.

"T-thanks!" Brick says while laughing.

Director: CUT!

Director: Scene 9 ACTION!

Blossom and Brick are sat in a small diner, Brick walks over to the table and slams a milkshake down rather forcefully causing the milkshake to spill all over the table.

"Brick!" Blossom shrieks


Director: CUT!

"As you can see it's the crack-of-dawn and Blossom still hasn't emerged from her dressing room and I think the Director is going crazy" Butch says into the camera, he turns slightly and we can see a man pacing back and forth with a rolled up script in his hand. Boomer and Brick are seen playing cards, Bubbles is asleep and Buttercup is watching the Director amused.

Suddenly a door swings open and Blossom struts out in her 'Lara Croft' outfit.


The Director looks at her and forces a smile.

"Places" He says through gritted teeth, Blossom rushes to her place and looks at everyone who is still either waking up or moving slowly to their place.

"Come on everyone we haven't got all night!" She says

"Oh dear" Butch mumbles

Boomer, Bubbles, Brick, Blossom, Butch and Buttercup are all standing facing the camera smiling.

"We would like to thank every single person who has viewed this and made it such a success!" Blossom beams.

"It couldn't have been possible without you!" Brick says.

"So we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts so..." Bubbles says.


End scene, fade to black and cut!

So that's the end, again this time from me THANK YOU all so much! You all rock and are the most awesome people ever!
I really hoped you liked the story, the ending and the 'gag-reel' if you didn't like the gag-reel please keep it to yourself thank you :)

Hope to see you round shortly! And keep your eyes peeled for updated on Bang Bang Your Dead!


Cornelia Jade Rose x