This story is written by Moi but the idea came from the fabulous: Goose1998

I write this story for her xxx

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Wooh this story will start as soon as I can be bovd! Which will be soon considering tha crap weather rite now...but 2moz I am goin on a sleepova, next weekend I am going camping in a field party wit my mates, then goin on holiday...but yeh I'll start sometime next week xxx Also at the end of the hols I is having poneage party gona rock wild man!

Anyways preface...

We turned to face the crowd of awaiting people. Kings and Queens, presidents and Priministers from all over the world.

"We are both very happy that you could make it today." Leah stated calmly.

"As you all know, there is a serious issue that was left in our hands to be taken care of." I continued.

"Now, we have taken in what all have you said in the vote and have made a decision." Leah, again.

"As Isabella Marie Swan and Leah Jane Clearwater, rulers of the world, we hereby declare that the colours grey, brown and black do no longer exist."