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"Baby I've got you on my mind..." sang Alex along to the radio while out on an early morning patrol.

"Singing about anyone in particular?" asked Kelly stealing a glance at the Snr. Constable from her position in the driver's seat.

"Take your pick...Susie, Amy...you"

Pffttt...Yeah right!"

"Honestly I just like the song" Alex told the young Constable.

With the car parked out the front of the station, both entered for another day of paperwork, light banter and the complaining of the station's resident idiot Joss Peroni.
Alex sat at his desk, reading over some paperwork and lifted his head when he heard movement outside the mess room "Morning Foxy" he cried in delight when he saw the detective.

"Snr Constable Kirby" greeted Amy, making her way to the office.

Amy sat at her desk studying the notes she had made about the case she and Alex were investigating. The case they were investigating was baffling; someone would break into a home and steal something and then leave a note saying how they knew of their nasty little secret and when the people of Mt. Thomas found out, they would be run out of town. The only problem was that the victim's secret was already known to locals.

A knock on the door disturbed Amy from her thoughts "Sorry to interrupt but we have had another burg. Alex is busy with another matter and asked me to go" Susie informed her as Amy looked up from her notes.

"Where are we headed?" asked Amy as she did up her seatbelt.

"The pub" came the answer.

The two women entered the pub and found Chris in her office waiting for them "What was taken Chris?" asked Amy.

"Only myself portrait"

"Anything else?" inquired Susie.

"No, but they left me this" Chris answered as she handed the letter over with shaky hands.

"Did you see anyone sus hanging around?"

"No one out of the usual" replied Chris with a shake of her head.

"So I wonder what Chris' dirty little secret is" wondered Susie out loud while walking back to the car.

"I dunno. Have to ask the Boss" replied Amy.

"How'd it go?" asked Tom coming out of his office, glasses in hand when he saw Amy and Susie return from the pub.

"Same as the others" Amy told him, as she held up the note.

"What was taken?"

"Self portrait"

"Ah boss what is Chris' dirty little secret?" inquired Susie.

"As far as I know she doesn't have one. But a couple of year s ago she did have a relationship with a 21yr old. Maybe that's what the letter is referring to" Tom finished as he went back to his office and Amy to hers.

"Hey Foxy, I've been thinking about these letters" Alex began as he burst through her office door.


"And a couple of letters are capital and the rest are in lowercase. So I put the capital letters together and it spelled out a name – Will Heymas"

Amy grabbed the piece of paper from Alex and looked at it herself "Your right, let's see if the Boss knows him" suggested Amy.

Knocking on Tom's door and hearing him tell them to enter they both entered and stood in front of Tom's desk "Boss, Alex seems to have found a link. There are capital letters mixed with lower case spelling out a name"

Tom looked disbelieving at them both until he had a look for himself.

"So have you heard of Will Heymas Boss" inquired Amy.

"No but that dosent mean he dosent live in the area , he may have just moved here. Go look him up on leap ...well done Kirby"

"Any luck" asked Amy a few minutes later.

"Nup this bloke is clean, not even a parking ticket"

"Well how bout you ring Birth, Deaths and marriages" suggested Mark, looking up from the paperwork in front of him.

"Well that was hatch, match and dispatch" stated Alex as he hung up teh phone and leaned back in his chair.

"And..." proded Amy

"And they have no record of Will Heymas"

"Great, now where does that leave us?"


Joss lesiurly strolled into the station "Oi Amy, i think i may have just solved your case"

"That would be a first" snorted Kelly.

At hearing Joss Amy left her office and walked out in to the main part of the station ""Oh yeah" she answered interested.

"Yeah ive been to the Widgree Markets" Joss explained happily.

"Congradulations mate" Alex said, as he slapped him on teh back.

"No, no would you just listen. Look what i brought ...A framed portriate of one Chris Riley"

"Did you recongise who sold it" asked Amy

"I can do one better than that. I got the car rego" Joss said as he made his way to the computer and typed the rego into the computer database. "The car belongs to a William Gordon" stated Joss, looking up from the computer screen.

"Thanks Joss. Alex, what do you say to a trip to the Widgree markets?"

"Before you do" began Tom. "Go and pick up the lunches" he told them with a smile.

"Here for the lunches" asked Chris, noticing Alex and Amy walk into the pub as she finished wiping down a table.

"Ta Chris" answered Amy.

"So who's the case going?" Chris asked out of interest as she returned to the bar with a box full of lunches and leaning on the counter.

"Glad you asked Chris" began Alex. "Look what our favourite young Constable Joss Peroni found today" continued Alex as he showed Chris the evidence bag that contained her painting. As Chris broke into a smile. "You know you were a bit of a looker back in the day Chrissie" Alex told her with a smirk.

"You'll keep Alex Kirby. How long till i get it back Amy"

Amy gave a little shrug "Hard to say. But you will get it back as soon as possible" Amy explained as she began to leave the pub.

"Oh and Chris" Alex began as he looked over his shoulder as he followed Amy out "If you ever need another toy boy lover ...Joss is available" he laughed.

"Not in his lifetime" she with a smile as she threw the tea towel that hung over her shoulder at Alex.

After dropping off the lunches at the station, they began to make their to Widgree.

"Hey Amy, thats the car Joss told us about" Alex exclaimed about the car that drove past them on Widgree Road. "Look at the rego, 580 RAS"

Amy braked and turned the car around, following the car she turned the sirens on. "Radio the station, tell them we are following William Gordon. For gods sake pull over" she said in frustration.

"Hey we got him now" declared Alex as they entered the National Park.

Amy pulled up and stepped out of the car. With guns drawn both her and Alex went to the suspect's car that was stopped in front of them but found nothing.

"Where are they?" Amy asked confused.

"In there i guess" Alex said with a shrug as he lowered his gun