Amy was awoken by a loud banging noise, waking up groggily she found herself on the couch in front of what appeared to be 'The Great Outdoors' the last thing she remembered was coming home having something to eat and settling down on the couch to watch 'Home and Away' repeats.
Standing up from the couch she walked over to the door. Opening it she found Alex holding a bag full of food.

Alex looked at her as she opened the door. Hr had never seen her look so relaxed like she was right now wearing track pants and a jumper that looked too big for her but at the same time she looked comfortable. Her hair was down and a little messy. This was most unlike the Amy the Mt. Thomas Community had come to know – the one in control and ready to nab a crook. To Alex she looked somewhat like a child in her brother's oversized clothes and she looked amazing.

"Come in" she told him as she opened the door a little wider.

Alex entered and followed Amy through the house "I hope you don't mind. But I brought some dinner over. I don't know about you, but I'm starving. It's Chinese. I err...didn't know what you liked so i got some of everything" he said as he watched Amy nod silently and watched her stretch and scratches her head.

"That's fine" she answered. 'I'll go get some drinks. Lounge room's in there" she told him as she pointed through to a room as she made her way to what Alex gathered was the kitchen. "Make yourself comfortable" she called over her shoulder.

"So did they saw why they did it?" asked Amy as she returned from the kitchen and sat on the couch next to Alex.

"Not really, they only set out to rob people by Toby thought it was a good idea to write the letters. They kidnapped us as they had no idea what to do with us."

"So what happens to them?"

They are being processed in St. Davids. So you look like you had a good rest."

"Yeah I don't remember falling asleep actually" Amy commented as Alex gave a small chuckle. "Thanks for coming over"

"NO worries" replied Alex honestly. "What did you want to talk about?" he asked tucking into his food.

"Alex" she began somewhat nervously. "What happened last night...I want you to know that...?"

"It was a mistake right?" guessed Alex.

"No. Not at all. Look I want you to know that I think I have fallen for you. I know that last night that you would not have taken me for granted nor done anything that I would not have wanted and I appreciate that. I was wondering if you'd like to give a relationship a go" she asked as she looked expectantly at Alex.

"You asking me out Foxy?" he asked with a grin. "Look I know what you've been though and I want you to know that I would never hurt you. And last night I never took you for granted. I think I have fallen for you as well. And I'd like to give a relationship a go"

"It won't be easy" she told him seriously, hoping that he would understand.

And he did, he lent in and kissed her and Amy hugged him.
She stood up and took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Before falling asleep that night; Amy smiled to herself. She felt safe in Alex's arms and she knew that he was never going to hurt her.

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