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Kira mumbled something about music as she tossed and turned on her little cot. She suddenly froze and her face contorted into one of agony and she let out a blood curdling scream. Sitting up, her eyes snapped open and her screaming was abruptly cut off by her gagging. Tossing the covers aside, she stumbled into the bathroom and retched in the toilet. Holding her long locks back, she continued on for about ten more minutes. After calming down, she sat back and leaned against the tub. Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she wiped her mouth. The smell was absolutely fucking putrid.

Standing up on shaky legs, Kira flushed the toilet and gripped the edges of the sink. Glaring in the mirror she let all her hate and anger show on her face. Those foolish mortals were all walking around as if they were not in danger; as if she couldn't go berserk and finish off every last fucking one of those pathetic bags of flesh and blood. Bending down, she washed her mouth out. When she came back up, she beamed innocently at the mirror and fixed up her blonde-dyed-black hair. She made a bubble in her mouth and crossed her eyes.

Letting out a gut wrenching laugh, she stopped making the funny face and strutted out of the bathroom. Today was going to be great! And maybe she would find some friends. Walking out of the little apartment the awesome hokage gave her, she kindly greeted an elderly woman. A few children kicked around a red ball and it flew away then hit Kira in the shin. Her face darkened as she bent down to pick it up. "Hey lady, can we have our ball back?" a dirty runt asked her. Malice glowed in her eyes as she tilted her head.

"Fuck off you dirty piece of shit." Squeezing the ball until it popped, she threw it down in front of the boy and stepped on it as she walked away. The boy started wailing as he ran back to his friends. Kira turned, concern etched onto her face. She wondered what happened to make the poor boy cry like that. She sent a sad smile in his direction and hoped he was okay. Greeting a young couple, she let out a huge grin on her face as she bounded towards the hokage tower. This village was just the best!


"Precision… accuracy… precision… accuracy…precision… accuracy…" Hinata chanted the mantra in her thoughts as she hit the plank of wood with gentle but deadly strikes. Not realizing her palms were bloody and little ringlets of blood dribbled down the piece of wood. As the chanting became more sporadic, her hits became punches and tears streamed down her face. With her last punch, Hinata collapsed to the ground as her scream echoed throughout the forest. Gritting her teeth, she growled menacing.

"Stupid fuck-" She couldn't finish as the wind was knocked out of her. With her last moments of consciousness, Hinata gave a frightened shriek as her eyes grew large… and filled with innocence.


Kira wondered into a deserted training field and plopped onto the grass. As she was about to close her eye, she spotted a crumpled body lying near a blood-stained post. Gasping, she got up and ran to the girl. "Are you okay?" She gently shook the indigo-haired girl, but her attempt was futile. Frustration overtook Kira and she growled. Winding her fist back, she rammed it into the girl's gut. The girl let out a strangled grunt as her eyes fluttered open. Waking up to Kira's face, a blush crept up her neck and fanned out on her face.

"A…Ano, Who are you and what am I doing here? Where are sensei and my team members and… and…" Kira closed her hands over a panicked Hinata's mouth.

"Shhh, I don't know what you're talking about, but this is Konoha and you were passed out on the ground there." Hinata's eyes widened in shock. How in the world did they back here? Was her mission over? You stupid bitch… Hinata's eyes widened even further as she heard the angry voice echo throughout her head. Kira gave her a worried look. "Are you okay girl?"

"My name is Hinata." Hinata said absently. She was trying to figure out where that menacing voice had come from. Giving up, she turned back to the dark skinned girl who was talking nonstop.

"A-ano, who are you?" She asked again. Kira stopped midsentence and just looked at Hinata. Her eyes narrowed in recognition and she cupped Hinata's chin, turning it side to side.

"You're a Hyuuga! Everyone in the cloud village always talks about fucking with one of you!" Hinata froze as her entire body shut down. Kira saw this and laughed. "Don't worry Hina-chan! I'm not into Hyuugas." Hinata laughed nervously, just what in the world was going on? Suddenly Arashi bounded into the training ground.

"Hinata, where the hell are you? Sensei wants-" he stopped dead in his track as he saw his teammate pressed into the chest of a dark skinned girl. "Um, am I interrupting ..?" A blush appeared as his eyebrows furrowed. This caused Hinata to blush also.

"W-well Arashi-kun-" Kira didn't give Hinata enough time to finished as she tackled Arashi to the ground.

"Yo! Do you know Hina-chan?" She grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently. Arashi gave Hinata a dazed and weary look. Wait- did she just stutter?

"H-Hinata's back… Hinata's back!" Kira let go of his shoulders and gave him a confused look.

"Well of course, I found her passed out in this clearing." Kira spoke softly; her confused look melting into a mellow one. Arashi ignored Kira and ran to Hinata. Hugging her and resting his face into her neck, he cried.

"You had some freaky spell cast on you and you acted all dark and murderous and you killed all of those men! But now you're back and we can be jest like we used to!" Hinata's face went blank as she registered what Arashi had just said.

"I-I killed people?" He lifted his face up and wiped away the tears, giving her a rueful grin.

"Yeah, but you did it to save us and it's thanks to you that we all made it to Konoha safely!" Hinata gave him a small smile, but on the inside she was fuming. What happened to her? Kira, suddenly feeling like an interloper parted swiftly and quietly, careful not to disturb the happy-fucking- couple.

Her eyes widened and she froze mid-step. Where the hell did that thought come from and why was she not happy for Hina-chan?

"It's because I've gotten sick of playing this game with you Kira. All we're doing is running in circles, and what possessed you to pick a trashy name like Kira? Lord Orochimaru won't like that you've actually tricked yourself into believing that this is real."

Kira's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Fuck." She mumbled. Live ten fucking years in a body and you pick up everything, thinking that it was actually your own. What was her mission again? Lord Orochimaru was an idiot for thinking that she could actually pull this off without ruining the whole plan. If only she remembered the plan. Growling angrily, she fisted both sides of her head, trying to beat the sense, the understanding back into her skull.

"Idiot, the plan was to infiltrate the Leaf Village and recruit that Uchiha brat into coming to Lord Orochimaru's side."

Kira gagged, effectively cutting the voice off. She rushed to a tree and heaved up what little content she had managed to stuff down. A wave of frustration overtook her and she fell down to her knees, squishing the undigested chunks of food. Tears streamed down her face. She missed her father, she wanted to go back home. He shouldn't have sent her away like that. Not when she was so young and defenseless.

Her head swirled with dizziness and she slumped down against the tree. She closed her eyes and took a shaky breath. "Daremoga sono takai o motte iru," she started to sing, "Daremoga sonohi o motte iru, Shikashi, dare no egao ga eien ni wa tsudzukanai, daremoga tsuneni karera no hōhō o motte imasen." A crunch of leaves alerted her and she lifted her eyes to see Arashi standing there quietly. He shifted from foot to foot, looking anywhere but at the girl before him.

All tension left as a smile stretched her coated lips. It was always better to hide. "Hiya! Is Hina-chan okay?" Her voice was raspy due to all the acid she had been spitting up. Arashi's eyes finally locked onto Kira's form, and he motioned to his lips. Shame bubbled up in her throat and her eyes watered as she turned to dry heave some more. Arashi turned away in disgust. Honestly, he had rather been anywhere else but here, but Hinata made him go look for the girl.

'Always worrying about others.' He thought fondly. The noises stopped and his eyes snapped back to the girl, but she was gone. He looked around and saw her back as she fled. He yearned to let her go, but Hinata had wanted him to deliver a message of gratitude. Sighing, he rushed after the girl.

Kira choked back a sob. Why after all these years was the body rejecting her? She thought ten years would be enough. Not looking where she was going, a branch whacked her in the face and she stumbled back and fell on her ass. The blood trickled down her nose but she'd had enough. Lord Orochimaru wouldn't mind if she killed herself right now, she was nothing to him anyway. Just another experiment that went wrong in father's eyes. But what about her friends?

Who the fuck was she kidding? None of the other really liked her much. She would always be alone in a tube filled with black liquid. Father would study her, stick her with needles and then fuck her to feed his twisted desire, or relieve his frustration, whatever came first. Her face contorted into a thoughtful one. Who had taken her place when father sent her away, maybe that stupid, foul-mouthed, red—headed bitch? Crunch.

She slowly turned her head and there stood the same boy from before. Her eyes glinted ever so slightly, why the fuck was he following her? She was shamed enough, he should just let her crawls into her hole and-

"Hinata-chan wanted me to give you her deepest thanks for helping her." Kira snorted. She should have just left the little runt alone, and then none of this shit would have exploded in her face. Standing up, she dusted off her old worn clothes and walked away, not once looking back. She needed new clothes. Arashi studied her back for a few moments, then shook his head and took off, only to stop and turn around. Kira's body jerked forward and then she collapsed face down. A strong nagging pity urged him and with a sigh, he went over to her.

Gently picking her up, he decided to take her to the hospital. A hand suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt and he had to stop himself from screaming. Hot breath fanned out against his neck as she whispered her address. He nodded and flew through the trees. Who was this girl? Where did she come from? She looked to be about two, maybe three years older than his sixteen. Maybe a new ninja? No, then there would have been an announcement from the hokage. As he laid his eyes on her sleeping form, he cursed. He forgot the address she had told him. Sighing once more, he turned and headed to his aunt's house.


Arashi trudged his way back up the stairs with a tray of food in his shaking hands. He didn't realize that the aura this girl gave off was making him nervous. He walked into the room and almost dropped the tray. She was standing in the middle of the room with only a small towel to hide her wet nakedness from him. She looked up at him. "You…" Her voice was dry as he absently handed her the tray. The girl slowly sat on his bed and took the tray. Taking the glass, she chugged down the liquid, and then her nose crinkled.

"Wh-what is this?" Arashi could help the laugh that escaped passed his lips. The way she was glaring at the glass was quite funny.

"It is cranberry juice… my aunt would always give me this when I was sick." She stared at his lips as he talked. When had his voice become so soothing? She nodded and sat the glass back down. A tense silence washed over. Arashi observed the girl as she continued to eat the rest of the food. After, she set the tray aside and played with her hands in her lap.

"Do you, have any clothes I could borrow-I-could-pay-you-back-as-soon-as-I-" Arashi held his hand up, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

"Yes, free of charge." Kira's lips twisted into a small smile. Oh how weak and vulnerable she felt right this moment. Arashi left the room and she scratched the back her leg with her other foot. Why the hell did he bring her to his house? Arashi came back with a set of brand-new clothes. A deep purple shirt with only one sleeve: a black skirt and black sandals. She reached for it with thanks on her tongue. Their fingers touched and it died in her mouth. The clothes dropped to the ground and they both bent down to pick them up.

"I'm sorry!" The stopped and looked at each other. A grin stretched across their lips and they both burst into a fit of laughter. The tense air lifted and Kira shot out her hand.

"Kira." Arashi took it without thought.

"Arashi."They laughed again and Kira got the clothes. Before Arashi left the room Kira stopped him. She gave him a soft smile.

"Thank you so much for what you've done for me. And I will pay you back!" She pecked his cheek and pushed him out in the hallway. A bright blush spread across Arashi's face as his back landed against the opposite wall.


Naruto cursed as he looked around for his shirt. Temari groaned. "Your shirt's over there." A poked out from the sheets and pointed to the chair. Naruto snorted and pulled it over his head. Before he left, he smacked Temari's bare backside. She squealed.

"Remember, you guys are meeting my team today." She groaned again and Naruto chuckled as he left. Naruto, feeling energized, actually let a crooked grin grace his lips. He always was more laid back when he got laid. He heard a familiar voice shout, but before he even had time to react, he was on the ground, a much tanned girl with long hair straddling him.

"Kira! Running through crowed streets isn't the best of ideas." Arashi stopped and almost fainted when he saw who his friend had run into. He laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, "Oh, hi sensei. What a coincidence running into you…" He said weakly. Naruto didn't even hear Arashi. Kira couldn't help but to stare into Naruto's eyes. Naruto's eyes widened in surprise when he felt her chakra.

"You're-" Her hand clamped over his mouth and in turn, her mouth found the shell of his ear.

"Tonight, bar on East Street. What a pleasure to finally meet the infamous Namikaze Uzuimaki Naruto. He is very attractive. He felt pressure on his lower region and narrowed his eyes at the smirking girl. She was up and talking to Arashi before Naruto had the chance to comment. That girl was fast, too fast for someone of her age. Naruto slowly got up and gave Arashi and his new friend a look.

"Next time watch where you are going girl." She gave him a salute and Arashi blushed in embarrassment. Naruto reminded Arashi about practice and vanished. As he made his way home, he huffed; that was no girl. But he was certainly going to that bar… He was curious for what she had to say. That and he had an inkling that meeting up with her would cause property damage.

Naruto was never caught off guard, but she totally surprised him. And from the looks of her chakra, she was just like him. "A bit more in control, which should be impossible since she's about a decade younger than me."

Just who was this Kira character?


"Gee Arashi! Your sensei seemed so strong!" Arashi suddenly found himself up against a building wall. "I want to meet this Sasuke person Shishi-kun! He sounds so cool!" Arashi put his hands over Kira's and smiled.

"Okay Kira-chan, but remember not to say my… name in front of the teme?" Kira nodded eagerly. Letting Arashi go, she grabbed his hand and swung it in between them. Arashi blushed for the umpteenth time that day, still not used to a girl's contact this head on. Kira gave Arashi a hundred watt smile that made him forget who he was for a moment. Her smile was one of her biggest assets, along with-

Arashi snuck yet another look at her chest and tightened the grip he had on her hand. Kami what he would give to have her sweaty body writhing underneath- He suddenly stopped and Kira was pulled back. Turning around, worry danced in her blue eyes as she looked at Arashi's crimson face. "Shi-kun? What's the matter? Having second thoughts about seeing your buddy?" A deep groan escaped his mouth and he blinked rapidly. What the fuck was happening to him? He was never this… sexual towards a girl like this before. Kira bit her lip and cocked her head to the side.

"I-I'm fine, let's go." He hurriedly pulled her along, praying that she, along with everyone else, wouldn't notice the slight bulge in his pants. It was like some heavy fog of arousal had seeped into his mind. Behind him, an odd glint twinkled in Kira's eyes. Pumping more of her chakra into the air, she narrowed her eyes at Arashi's back. When it came down to the final moments, would she actually do it? To kill and eat their flesh? Devour their souls? That was the real mission, to become the monster father made and wanted her to be.

"Here we are!" Arashi's voice cracked at the end. Kira grinned and took in the deserted Uchiha compound. Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke. The little fucking faggot father would not stop gushing about. She was going to swallow him whole.

"So big Arashi-chan!" Not giving Arashi enough time to react, she ran in and started to shout Sasuke's name. Arashi cursed and ran after his energetic friend.


Sasuke stepped out of the shower, only to see a tanned girl sitting on his counter. His eyes widened and he quickly searched for something to cover himself with. "Uchiha Sasuke." He opted to just use his hands.

"Stupid fan girl! How the hell did you get in here? Get out!" He hissed. The girl lifted her head to look at him. Sasuke took a step back from the coldness in her eyes. She was no fan girl.

"Uchiha Sasuke," she slid down and slowly stalked towards him, "It's nice to finally meet the famous last Uchiha." A heavy fog fell upon them and Sasuke's thoughts raced. "Except for your brother of course. You two look so much alike, sound the same, smell the same…" she put a finger to his dripping chest as drew a circle. How was she doing this? How could he not move?

"I wonder if you taste the same." Her words went straight into his ears and traveled down to his groin. The girl's finger stopped moving and instead poked his chest. "Ask me what my name is."

He felt his jaws unhinge. "What's your name?" He immediately asked. A smirk formed on the edge of her lips and her hand fanned out against his chest.

"Kira." She breathed. He looked down into her big blue eyes and swallowed.

"H-how do you know my brother? Where is he? Tell me-" Kira silenced him with a finger to his lips.

"All in due time Sasuke-kun." She purred. The door opened and Arashi barged in.

"Yo Sasuke-" Arashi opened the door and gasped in shock. "Um, s-sorry!" He quickly shut the door. Sasuke blinked and Kira was gone. No trace of her in the bathroom. Was that even real? Sighing and remembering Arashi, he pulled on some pants and walked out to his room. His eyes widened and he took a step back. The girl-Kira—was yapping away to a slightly distracted Arashi.

"You." Sasuke cut Kira off in midsentence and she stopped and looked at him expectantly. Any words he was about to say died in his mouth the moment their eyes met. The color of her eyes was the same, her skin, even her clothes were the same, but everything else was completely different. She grinned and stood up.

"Ah, so you must be the teme!" Her voice was light and innocent, nothing like the dark husky voice like earlier. This couldn't possibly his hormones screwing with him like this. He was an Uchiha for fuck's sake! They-he was stronger than this. Kira gave him a confused look when the Uchiha didn't answer her back. Taking it upon herself, she vigorously waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello? What's happening? Was it-" Sasuke caught her hand mid-wave. A burst of electricity rushed out through their contact and they pushed away from each other. Mouth agape, Kira tried to stop all of the images zooming in her head.

Sasuke… Sasuke… Sasuke…Sasuke…Sasuke…Sasuke…Sasuke…kukukuku, do you remember this mission now Kira-chan?

Kira's eyes darkened as the twisted voice chanted inside of her mind. The mission this, the fucking mission that. Where was her god damn father at now? The selfish fucker was never there when she needed him.

The tanned girl chuckled and rubbed her hands on her pants leg. "I should really pick my feet up when I walk!" A pause later, Kira coughed and blood coated the inside of her hand. She was dying at a faster rate now. Arashi and Sasuke gave her a worried look, but for two different reasons.

"I-I have to go home." Kira stumbled out of the room and when Arashi went after, he was pulled back by Sasuke. Arashi turned to him a growled.


"We have training in exactly ten minutes. You can go find your friend later" Arashi took a moment, then sighed and nodded. He saw the blood inside of her clenched fist. He saw the different set in her eyes after she touched Sasuke. He looked over at Sasuke only to find him staring at the hand that had touched Kira.


The door slammed behind her so much that the wall trembled. A vicious growl erupted from her throat as she tore through the apartment and flew to the bathroom. Gripping the edge of the sink, Kira gazed up at her reflection and cringed. The cracks were forming. "Can't be too shocked, this body had to endure this constant strain for years." A slab of skin above her right eye made a slopping noise as it started to slide down, revealing the tender pinkness of her new skin. Kira cursed and tries to press it back on, but it slipped through and oozed down into the sink, leaving a sickening trail of blood and puss.

Panicking, she grabbed some tissue and dabbed at the spot where the flesh chunk peeled off. A sharp pain shot up her throat and blood sprayed all over the mirror and sink as she desperately tried to hold it down. She couldn't stop it. Blood trickled from her eye sockets as another chunk peeled off and oozed into the sink. The hidden pink muscle underneath seemed to glow under the artificial lighting.

A crazed grin made its way to Kira's mouth. She cocked her fist back and rammed it into the mirror. The millions of shards rained all around her. Laughing, she snatched up a piece of glass and started to hurriedly scrape away the layer that was peeling. As her maniacal laughter echoed throughout the bathroom, the sink began to fill with blood, puss, and pieces of flesh. After her laughter died down, tears started to mingle with the blood that streamed down her new face.

"See what father has done to you… to us? He has made us into a monster!


Her pupils zoned in and out. She desperately head to quiet the voice that pounded at all her senses. "S-s-stop, j-just fucking s-stop!" She screamed. The voice however just seemed to grow louder. Collapsing to her knees, Kira's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell on her back in a pool of her own blood.


~She felt herself stand up, but all she could see was darkness. Suddenly everything turned bright. She shielded her eyes against the harsh light. "Kira… Kira… Kira… Where has my daughter gone? An arm wrapped around her waist and the warm breath on her neck made her shiver.



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