A/N: I had started a story relating to this, a Soul Calibur/Naruto Crossover, but I canceled it because it didn't seem right. Now I'm trying again. I hope you guys like it. This will only have Soul Calibur 3 characters in it since I didn't play 4 and I don't know what the new characters personalities are like.

This chapter contains mentions of rape, just in the summary.

Summary: When Naruto was younger he was influenced by Soul Edge, the curse of his family. Instead of resisting it like the rest of his family he welcomed it and all its evil, becoming what the village thought he was. With his new found power he enslaved the Kyuubi and made her give him chakra when he needed it. It wasn't easy since the beast had a very strong will. When he was done with her he didn't even break her will completely, he just made her realize he was in control and she was the servant by torturing her and raping her. Not for the pleasur but for power he had over her and becaues he knew he could. When Neji sealed Naruto's chakra, this gave Kyuubi the opportunity to escape and she took it. Now free she is trying to stop and kill Naruto. (Just so you know Naruto won't be god like. I hate that.)

Begins at the Chunin Exams

"2 palms!"

"4 palms!"

"8 palms!"

"16 palms"

"32 palms!"

"64 palms! (I forgot what the full name of the technique was called) " And with that Neji hit Naruto, sending him rolling across the dirt. Naruto stopped on his stomach and laid there not moving. Neji had a confident look on his face and looked at the announcer. "Call the match. He's not getting up." He was about to call the match but Naruto slowly and weakly stood up, smirking at Neji. "Impossible! How could you be standing! I sealed all your chakra points!" Everyone expected Naruto to start some speech about not giving up but he didn't, he just looked at Neji, eyes widened.

"You WHAT!" he yelled.

"I sealed off your charka points. You should give up no-"

"Do have any idea what you've done! You damaged the seal! –he grabs his head in pain- She's trying to break free!" he said at the last part gritting his teeth and clenching his head. The ones who knew of the Naruto being the vessel of Kyuubi were shocked and a little scared. The ones who didn't were confused.

"What are you babbling on about?"

"Grrrrrr. What I'm saying is that the beast that attacked this place 13 years ago is trying to break FREE!" He yelled that last part in pain. Everyone was shocked. And I mean everyone. The Konoha ninjas looked like they were about to piss themselves, and the foreign ninjas looked like they were about to run out the stadium, well except Gaara and Yugito, (she's here for what's going to happen in chapter 3) they were just shocked that the Kyuubi vessel was here.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" yelled Naruto clenching his head. He was on his knees letting out screams of bloody murder. He was suddenly enveloped in red chakra. The earth beneth him was shaking and to the people if felt as if an earthquake was happening. "WHAAAAAAAAA!" and with that demonic scream the earth benenth him exploded, causing chucks of dirt to fly everywhere and a big gust of smoke. Neji had to shield his eyes as he was still down there. Something suddenly came rushing out of the smoke like a bat out of hell, mainly because for the pass thirteen years her life was hell. What everyone saw scared the shit of them.

What was one the ground was a woman in a red kimono with a fire design at the bottom. She had fox ears about 2-inches tall and 9 foxtails. She had a silver necklace around her neck and in the center of it was a silver fox head in a dark grin with red jewels for eyes. She had D- cup breast and red silted eyes. What truly surprise them was that she was crying, not tears of sadness but tears of joy.

"I'm free! I finally free!" she yelled out of pure joy. Jiriaya and Hiruzen were about to take action but thought against it not wanting to anger fox. They decided to let this play out and if thing got dangerous, even a little, then take action. Kyuubi continued to celebrate until she heard Naruto wither in pain. She looked over and saw him on the ground on his knees with his fingers scraping the ground. Her eyes suddenly turned dangerously dark red and she charged. She hit him in the right the face with her claw extended sending him rolling and leaving a 4 new marks on his cheek. She ran at him to kick him on the ground but he grabbed her foot and twisted to the right causing her fall on her right side but she quickly recovered. Naruto stood up with an angry expression on his face.

"What do you think you're doing, wretched servant? Just because you are free from the seal does not mean you are free from me." He said angrily.

"SHUT UP! I'm going to kill you for everything you've done to me! ME! The Kyuubi no Kitsune!" she yelled and got into a battle stance. Naruto took off his jacket, revealing some muscle and said,

" Do you really thing you can stop me?" he said and eyes suddenly turned purple and he got into a battle stance as well.

"What's going down there? What has Naruto been really doing?" (Hiruzen)

"What the hell does Naruto think he's doing? This is Kyuubi for Kami's sake! " (Jiriaya)

"How? How could this boy challenge Kyuubi? He should be no match for her." (Yugito)

"Mother is yelling for this ones blood more than ever before!" (Gaara)

"This boy is challenging the Kyuubi? He most be powerful or stupid." (Orochimaru)

Kyuubi extend her had and in a flash of red chakra a sword appeared in he hand. The blade was 4 feet long and 3 inches in with. The hilt had a fox head with its mouth open. The handles on the side of the sword were supposed to be its ears. It had a red aura around it and the eyes had red jewels in them.(Or you could use your imagination for the fox sword because I'm not good a describing curtain things)

A purple aura started to form around Naruto and when it ceased, there stood the Azure Night. (He looks like Soul Calibur 3 Nightmare, he has Soul Calibur 3 Soul Edge, the real Soul Edge not Phantom.)

"Offer your Soul!" he yelled and charged, along with Kyuubi. They closed the gap and were locked in a clash.

A/N: The next chapter will be more like a flash back to explain what had happened to make Naruto the way he is. It will also explain why Kyuubi attacked the village.

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