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Hinata had always been evil. She was born bad, literally. When she was born, Hiashi, wanting a stronger heir, sealed a fragment of Soul Edge inside her body. Now how he got it is because he had found it while on a mission to assassinate a blacksmith who decided to overpriced the weapons. Of course, the hokage didn't send him. It was the counsel. The blacksmith had offered the fragment in exchange for his life. Hiashi, not seeing the importance in it, killed him anyway. However after examining it, he quickly sensed its power and secretly took it with him. He then formed the plan to seal it inside his daughter, not knowing how evil the simple piece of fragment was. It wasn't as simple as that however, this would take extreme concentration so he wouldn't kill her. He did have an advantage since he had the byakugan. She didn't have any chakra coils yet, so he assumed the energy would be able to slowly bind with her as she started to developed chakra. He then began to draw a wide-open eye on the back of her neck, since that's strangely the image what came to mind when he held the fragment and sealed it. The only reason he didn't use its power is because it would make the wielder somewhat evil, and since he was raising Hinata, he didn't have to worry about that.

However, as Hinata grew up, he reasoned that it was all for nothing and disowned her because of his failure. She grew up to be what he wanted her to be, secretly cruel, merciless, and ruthless. She secretly killed and tortured animals, not wanting to be at risk of being caught killing a human being. She only played the role of weak and timid because she wanted to wait and become head of the family, overthrow Konoha and kill her father.

That changed however when she met Naruto. At least, when he met her. On the first day of academy, Naruto immediately sense a Soul Edge fragment and saw the feint purple aura around Hinata. He then proposed they team up, or rather Naruto is her master and she is his servant. Naruto didn't tell her that if she refused she'd die and he'd take the Soul Edge fragment from her body. She surprisingly accepted the deal the moment he asked, wanting only in return to do what ever she wanted, free will you could say. Naruto accepted her terms and that's how there partnership began. He had then begun an ancient technique on her. Its ability was that she would get the weapon based upon the his/her personality. It would be a piece of her soul, much like Soul Edge to Naruto. She would be able to call upon it whenever she wanted it. That's how she got her ring-blade, Eiserne Drossel, which she was delighted to have

She was now twelve and had begun training with the ring-blade at the age of eight, and upon doing so; her Soul Edge fragment reacted with her weapon. She had fell to the ground, out cold.

-In her mind-

She had awoke to find herself in an endless void where darkness surrounded her. She appeared to be floating in mid-air and was quite afraid, not knowing what was going on.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" she said aloud. No one answered. She looked in her hand to see she still had the Eiserne Drossel. However, it wasn't her normal ring-blade. It looked like an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a dragon or serpent eating its own tail. It was red and had a wide opened yellow eye would a red pupil at the handle. Suddenly a voice called out to her.

"Hinata. Hinata. Do you here me?" said a mysterious dark and dark voice. Hinata looked around frantically for the voice.

"Where are you?" she said in a worried tone.

"I am the a piece of Soul Edge or as you know me, your Soul Edge fragment. The weapon you are holding is the Soul Edge form of your Eiserne Drossel. You may use me anytime you want, however I'd suggest your use me in only dire situations. The energy from the sword will drain the energy from you as long as you hold it. There is one good thing to it, though. If you should land a hit on your opponent, be it with your weapon, a melee attack, or by simply grabbing them, you will gain some of there energy."

"How will I be able to summon you?"

"You will only have to think of me intensely. Now all I ask you to do is to spread as much chaos throughout the land as you can."

Hinata smiled and said, "Don't worry. That wish shall always be granted." The Soul Fragment then pushed her out of her mind, back to the outside world.

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