My fanfic – Rose + Dimitri. Set after SK, the attack on the academy didn't happen but the cabin did – so Rose and Dimitri are trying to keep their relationship under wraps until graduation. But of course the path of true love never runs smoothly….

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Chapter 1:

'If I could say what I want to say, I'd say I want to blow you away. Be with you every night, am I squeezing you too tight? If I could see what I want to see, I want to see you go down-on one knee - Marry me today. Guess I'm wishing my life away, With these things I'll never say.' Avril Lavigne.

Lying in my bed with Dimitri's arms wrapped around me I felt like, in this one, small moment in time, my life was perfect. Held in his embrace after we had finally had a few hours of private time together; no Lissa, no patrols, no training – just us; our words, our thoughts and our sweet touches that showed just how much we loved each other, more than words ever could. Feeling his arms tighten round my waist as he placed a trail of burning kisses from my earlobe to the nape of my neck before he got up and began to change into his clothes ready for his shift, I let out a small contented sigh, causing him to turn, catch my gaze and smile gently.

"I understand that you don't want me to go Roza, and I don't want to leave either, but we need to keep up pretences until we've reached court at least – I'm not going to give Kirova or the queen any reason to strip you of your guardian title before you've even graduated." I smiled sadly as the truth of his words sunk in erasing the pout that had been ready to pop up on my face, "I know comrade, but I still wish that we had just a little more time. I just hate that we have to sneak around and never get to relax and be a normal couple".

A small chuckle escaped from his lips "Ah Roza, but if we were a normal couple things wouldn't be as interesting, would they?" And with that last quip he placed a gentle kiss on my lips before leaving with the promise "I'll see you at training".

2 weeks later.

'Happiness keeps us sweet. Trials keep us strong. Sorrows keep us human. Failures keep us humble. Success keeps us growing. But only friends keep us going!' – Unknown.

I bit back a sigh as Lissa fussed around her room supposedly 'tidying up' ready for Christian to come over. I honestly didn't get why she bothered, I mean when they met up there was only one thing on their minds, and it wasn't how clean their rooms were. Leaving her to it I let my mind drift to Dimitri and a small bubble of irritation exploded in my chest. I knew it was unreasonable to feel this way. It wasn't his fault that we hadn't been able to spend any time together lately, and even our training times had now been invaded, with Alberta and the other guardians increasing practices for all novices because of attacks on other academies and moroi communities, which meant that we now had a few other students and guardians training at the same time as we did, making it impossible for a conversation that fell beyond the topics of; moroi, guarding and the best techniques that could be used in different situations. Slowly, I felt myself calming down with the understanding that Dimitri was just as powerless to stop this as I was, and a pang of longing filled my chest instead. I ached for Dimitri, to hold him, to smell him, to simply be with him where I could talk to him as an equal and not hesitate before speaking incase I said something that might make the guardians and novices suspicious towards us.

"Rose, Rose!" Lissa's shout made me jump in surprise. I'd been so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't picked up from the bond that Lissa had actually been stalling for time before she spoke to me about what she thought might be a sensitive subject, listening in more closely I felt that she was worried for me. "Sorry Liss, I was a bit distracted, what were you saying"? I asked, trying to concentrate on what she was saying rather than the privacy issues between me and Dimitri.

I noticed that she took a deep breath before she spoke, and immediately I froze, fearing tat perhaps she'd figured out what was going on between me and Dimitri, and was about to call me out for not telling her. "Well, actually Rose I wanted to talk to you about, well, you."

"Me"? I was confused, there was nothing wrong with me, except for my longing for Dimitri, but I thought I'd hidden that from her, simply stating that I was tired from the training and extra combat classes we'd been offered.

"Yes, you Rose. I know you think that I'm all loved up with Christian, but I'm still your best friend and I can tell when something's bugging you – and don't blame it on extra training because you don't look tired, you look stressed. So please Rose, tell me what's wrong. Is it me? Have I been spending too much time with Christian? Is it because I've been nagging you about dating again? Have I-" I could feel through the bond that she was making herself more and more worried with the fear that she'd somehow hurt me in some way.

"Liss, calm down, I'm fine, really." I looked into her eyes, trying to get her to understand that I was telling her the truth, and I felt, and saw her relax slightly. "I'll admit, I have been worked up these past couple of weeks, but it is mostly to do with the training. Dimitri and I have had to rearrange our training because all the other novices have been practicing, and I've just not adjusted to the changes well" Mentally crossing my fingers and hoping that she'd accept it as a reasonable excuse rather than see that it for the half-lie it was. Understanding flashed through the bond and I relaxed further, knowing that she wouldn't push the subject any further. "Well Liss, I better go, especially as Fireboy's probably on his way over to 'inspect' your room, and I want to get some sleep before you two get too carried away." Laughing softly at the blush that crept onto Lissa's cheeks at the mention of what she and Christian would undoubtedly be doing, I gave her a hug before picking up my stuff and making my way back to my dorm.

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