Hey guys. It's the same chappie, just a revised version, as I didn't like the first version. Not much has changed, it's basically the same, just a bit better!


The Doctor was sitting on his bed with Rose, his hand held out to her in a somewhat friendly gesture, waiting. By this hesitant and clearly unsure gesture, Rose figured he was still nervous about the new step in their relationship.

Just yesterday he had finally cracked after they came back from dealing with The Wire, and Mr Magpie in the 1950's. Something about her not having a face tugged fiercely at his hearts and caused all the walls he had been holding up to crumble. He had no power left to fight and had lost all control. He had found himself at her feet, sobbing, and suddenly blurting out all he felt for her in one single sentence, that didn't particularly make sense. She got the gist. "Took you long enough,"she had said and smiled warmly at him. She had taken him to his bedroom, where she kissed him and held him and told him it was going to be all right, that she was here and that she was never going to leave him. He had fallen asleep in her arms. Now, he sat here clearly unsure of where they stood after his debut as a lunatic the night before. He wasn't sure how she felt. What if she didn't want him? What would he do then? This was why he put the walls up in the first place, took precautions with her, tried to keep his distance, all to keep his hearts from getting broken. Now, however, it was too late to put the walls back up again, he was defenceless and completely at her mercy. Evidently, she was oblivious to the fact that he was getting more and more anxious with each passing millisecond when she didn't respond to his gesture.

Or so he thought.

Smiling at the way his eyes turned doubtful, then anxious, then practically terrified when she did not put her hand in his right away, Rose stood up, slowly pulling him up with her.

"When are you going to accept the fact?" she asked seriously, looking into his eyes and wrapping her hand around the wrist of his outstretched arm as if to force it away. The Doctor's face was now struggling to conceal the panic and worry behind his eyes. The worry of being rejected! How odd. As if she could possibly reject him! She almost laughed at the thought!

He visibly swallowed, and his Adam's apple bobbed up and down his throat as if it, too, were nervous. "What–what…fact?" He unconsciously clenched and unclenched the fingers of his left hand, the one Rose was holding.

Rose couldn't hold back a giggle as he started to clench and unclench his fingers. His eyes widened as she giggled. She decided he needed a hint. She slid her hand down to hold his now clenched fist and brought it up to her face, just as she snaked her left arm around his waist, pulling him closer to her.

"The fact that I love you." She kissed his clenched fist softly and closed her eyes, loving the way the skin of his hand felt against her lips. When she opened her eyes he was staring at her, clearly shocked by her words. It took a minute, but the shock died and was replaced with what Rose could only describe as a sudden flood of emotion. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and pulled her even closer to him to whisper in her ear.

"Guess what?" he whispered

"What?" she breathed, her heart racing frantically in her chest.

He smiled. "I lo-"

"-ove you too" He leaned back to look at her, his adoring smile quickly faded away and horror replaced his features. He yanked his arm from around Rose's waist and took a step back. He looked nauseas. She had a feeling she probably looked the same.

"Wh-who the hell are you? Where's-?" She was cut off from her question as he pushed her roughly aside and began to look around the room, his face shocked. As he frantically started to search for whatever he was looking for, she calmly began to inspect her surroundings, surprising herself. She knew it would only be a matter of time before it really hit home and she had a fit, but for now it seemed that she was in shock. The only thing she could physically do at the moment was stare around her in a daze. It looked like she was in a miniature apartment of some kind. The walls were a creamy colour and it smelled rusty. There was a double bed right in front of her (she hadn't moved) and what looked like a kitchenette to her left, next to the door. There was a newspaper on the bed, she picked it up. 'June 4th, 2006'. OK, so she was in the correct year. That was a plus. She noted that the window was in front of her, but the curtains drawn. From the silvery light touching the curtains, she deduced that it was probably morning. Then it hit her…she was on Earth. She wasn't on the TARDIS and the Doctor wasn't anywhere in sight. Her hands were cold and clammy. She dropped the newspaper.

"OK," she said. Her voice was slightly shaky as she turned to the man who was now searching the wardrobe franticly, calling out a name she didn't recognise. He turned to face her, his dark eyes almost burning a hole in her head from his intense glare. She glared right back. He was wearing a black leather jacket, although he was inside and in a hot room, a black top underneath it and black jeans with white socks sticking out from underneath. "Who the bloody hell are you, and where am I?" she asked, her voice betraying an edge of panic.

"What, you don't know?" he shot back vehemently. He had an American accent and she prayed fervently that she wasn't in America, otherwise she was doomed. The panic increased. "You're obviously a demon or something, probably sent here to destroy my happiness - again. Where's-?"

"Demon? Are you joking?" She started to consider the possibility that she had landed in a parallel world – again. The thought almost made her crazy. She had lost Mickey, she couldn't be there again. She had to calm herself down before she spoke again. "What planet is this?"

"Earth…duh." He looked at her cautiously now, as though he feared she were a raving lunatic. "Well," she mumbled under her breath. "That's confirmation enough. I'm definitely on Earth." Normally parallel Earth's, or the one that The Doctor, Mickey and herself had landed in, had a slightly different name. Her dad's world had been called Dearth for some reason, although to her, it seemed their world wasn't lacking in anything – except her. She brought herself out of her reverie to tackle the matter at hand.

"Right…so how can I be a demon?" she asked him, out loud. "I'm human." She raised her eyebrows at him. It was obvious she was human, how stupid could a guy get?

He sniffed the air. "Well," he said stepping forward, folding his arms and looking at her with disdain. "You're not human actually, well, at least not fully anyway. So I'll ask again," he said, crossing his arms in a menacing kind of way. "What the hell are you doing in my hotel?" He asked slowly, as if she were deaf. Rose ignored this.

"Wait—wait, what do you mean 'not fully'?" she air quoted. Rose was completely baffled, she was sure her eyebrows hand now reached her hairline. She decided that she needed answers, and she need them now. "OK, let's try for some normal talk." She reasoned, loosing her patience. This man was obviously mentally challenged. "How about we start with names, since we are not able to communicate properly." He raised his eyebrows as if he were thinking the same thing, that she was mentally challenged. She took a deep breath. "I'm Rose. What's your name?" she asked as calmly as she could manage. She wanted to get this over with.

"I'm Angel"