How,Why,When? Really?

Hello~ I'm Yuuki Akatsuki, meaing pure red moon. My family hate me . not gonna say why. They died when I was young and now i'm alone but rich. I love anime my favourite one is naruto and my favourite is the Akatsuki. Which are a group of S-ranked criminals. I know they are fake and all but...that's what i thought before a box was left at my door one stormy night. And so this is where my story begins.

July/15/2010 9:00pm

It was a gloomy night. I was on my couch watching Screams, when the door rang. My head shot to the door with a terrified look. 'Who would come now...not my friend that's for sure' I thought. The door rang again and again. I stood. I grabbed a umbrella and walked toward the door with the umbrella close and really to hit anyone. The ringing stopped and a shadow figure disappears away from my house. I looked outside from the window into the darkness of the night but no one was there. I swallowed 'pleason Jashin PLEASE' i opened the door to see a dry box and a note. I dragged it in the living room curious to what it is. I took the note it was white with flowers around it. I read:

Dear. Miss Akatsuki

I have heard about your loneliness and felt terrible so here is something to keep you busy


From: Secert.

'secert?' i stared at the box then heard a meow? I opened it to see 18 eyes staring at me. My eyes widen 'kittens?' i took them out. I flipped the note in my note to see there is more to the note.

P.S: be careful they aren't normal.

P.P.S: They are all male so don't mistake it by looks.

That didn't help much. I look at them, i'd agree they were so no normal they are beyond weird. I stared at a white one with a necklace a reached to see it better from this view it look like the Jashinist symbol. But when i tried the white kitten clawed me and returned my hand quickly. I pouts 'meanie'

"i guess i'm your owner now. My name is Yuuki Akatsuki." They stared "i should name you guys too" i picked the white one, placed him on my lap and there is was the Jashinist necklace. I stared at his purple eyes somehow annoyed. Only one name came to my mind 'Hidan...'

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