Ch.18 odd babies

I can tell zetsu was worried. The nurse entered. A bit surprised.

"you babies are fine, nothing wrong with them...but they are...odd ones." She said.

"what kind of weird, like looks?"

"no, well yes but others too"


"well they seem to have grown by 3 years when he sat them to clean them. They also know how to talk." Me a zetsu looked at each other.

"them? As in more them 1"

"yes you have twins, here they are they've been eager to meet their parents" he let 2 kids looking like 3 year olds walking on their own, she left. The boy had short hair like zetsu, but it's black, his skin was like me normal, and his eye colour same as zetsu. As for the girl, she had shoulder height hair that's dark green, he eyes were black and her skin colour was pale like zetsu (white side.) they walked up to my bed and climbed it. They sat on the bed looking at me.

"mom?" they both said at the same time. My eyes widen, and i smile. I nod. Their no emotion look turned into a wide smile as they hug me. zetsu looked first, waited if they'd do that same to him. But nothing happened they stayed with me. He sat on the chair again. they kids let go and sat looking at me.

"why is mommy here?" asked the boy.

"i needed help bringing you here" i told them. They just nodded in understanding. Zetsu wanted to talk to me, and the kid.

"zetsu...names?" i turned to zetsu. The kids followed looking at zetsu.

"i'm not sure, got any names in mind?"

"uhmm, how about Midori for him?" i pointed at the boy. He smiled showing some sharp teeth.

"and keiko for her, it means happy child" she smiled too, showing normal teeth.

"they like it" their eyes widen looking at their father.

"his voice changed" keiko said.

"SO CUTEEEEEEEE~" i hugged her. She hugged back.

"i love mommy" midori hugged me too.

"i love mommy more" i smiled.

"you know who else loves you?" i asked them. They shook their heads.

"your dad" i said looking at zetsu.

"dad looks weird" they said at the same time. He twitched. He took his hand and pinched their cheeks.

"you're the ones to talk" i giggled and they smiled.

"you seem fine even after birth so maybe tomorrow you'll leave" the nurse came in to say that and left.

"mommy why did you like dad?" they ask again at the same time.

"i love daddy" they then turned to zetsu asking the same question.

"because she's the first to love me"

"was daddy lonely?" they said sadly.

" i didn't think i did. But when i knew she loved me i notice what was i missing in my life"

"daddy won't be lonely anymore. We're here now. Mommy won't be lonely too" they said smiling.

"i'll marry mommy" midori said. I laughed.

"i'll marry daddy" keiko said.

"you can't" zetsu said.

"because were taken"

"mom is mine"

"dad is mine"

"sorry" me and zetsu said at the same time. I cling on zetsu arm. They stared and copied us. But did it to each other (keiko and midori did it with each other)

"then i'll marry sis" midori said. Keiko smiled and seem to turn pink. I giggled.

"sis and bros cant marry each other"

"but we don't look related so we can" keiko said.

NEXT DAY (they all stayed)

"ok miss. Akatsuki you may leave now" i woke. I got up, feeling a little pain but acted well enough to make it no noticeable. I walked out with zetsu and the kids. After a left zetsu carried me.

"huh? I can walk"

"no you can't i can tell your in pain" ' he can see right through me' i thought.

"is mommy alright" the kids asked. I nodded and let zetsu carry me back to base.


We finally reached the base.

"I"M BACK" everyone was at the living room. The kids were hiding behind zetsu.

"You're back already? WHERE ARE THE KIDS" i looked down, then at zetsu.

"it's ok they won't hurt you as long as your with daddy" they pocked their heads on.

"they can walk? They are bigger than they should be" they hid again.

"no worries come on out" they walked out, one hand holding zetsu's cloak.

"are they twins?" deidara asked. They kids nod.

"what are your names?" konan asked sweetly bending to there height.

"i'm midori and shes keiko"

"hi" keiko said. Konan smiled. They talked too.

"so cute~" konan and tobi said. Tobi was about to hug them but zetsu glared. He didn't want tobi to break their bones with his hugs.

"mommy were hungry" they told me.

"I"LL COOK" konan said. She doesn't know how to cook THOUGH.

"NO KONAN...i can ZETSU WELL HELP TOO" i said. Zetsu put me down and we walked to the kitchen followed by the kids. We closed the door.

"Hmm what to make?" zetsu suddenly kissed me on the lips. I turned red. He wrapped his hands around me. He let go and kept on hugging me. The kids were a bit red, but kept staring.

"Thank you. For loving me" i didn't say anything i just hugged back. After maybe 2 minutes the kids came in between.

"we want hugs too" i smiled as did zetsu. I was reaching for keiko but midori came in the way.

"i want mommy to hug me then zetsu" i nodded and picked him up and hugged him close.

"Mommy is warm. I like mommy" keiko pouted. Then turned to zetsu and reached her hands up to be carried.

"hug?" he carried her and hugged her close as well.

"daddy is not cold" but nor was he warm. "i like daddy" me and zetsu switched and then put them down. I made boiled eggs. They ate it easily and liked it.

"yummy" they said at the same time. 'they do that alot'

"can you understand each other? In mind?" i asked. They nod. I looked at zetsu.

"no fair even they have that and i don't" i pouted.

"but you have something nobody has"

"and what's that?" he hugged me.

"you have beauty far beyond anything. You have a heart that can change someone. You have me. and my endless love" i smiled hugging him back.

"i love you zetsu. Now till forever" they kids stared. The kids faced each other and hugged each other too. They let go, got up and walked to us. Staring up at us.

"we'll love mom and dad forever too" they said.


I've become a strong ninja thanks to my husband zetsu. The kids have been learning. If i looked at the life i had back in my world. I'd still think life is a waste of time and i should end my life to make the pain go away. my life was changed thanks to the akatsuki. I made me useful. Even hidan. They made me something, SOMEONE. And i am forever in there thanks. I don't know what's to come in the future for me and zetsu as for the others. I'll save them from dying. We'll stay together. Forever. I'm not alone anymore. Finally i'm free. i...i'm not afraid. I'll take big steps forward. I love zetsu.


2) Evil Cuties (FaolinHayashi gave me the name SO TY)

The Akatsuki have been young again around the age of 10. A girl named Day and her brother Joel have take in 9 kids. Day's parent died in a fire. The kids happen to be THE S-RANKED CRIMINALS for naruto The famous Akatsuki. What will happen? Well there only be bad news? Or well there be good?

No pairings decided yet but depending on the reviews and i'll ask the readers who Day should be paired with.


1) I'm not HUMAN?

This is about a girl name Aoi Sakana from the mist village (also name from FaolinHayashi so ty) joins the akatsuki and is to be trained by Kisame. After a few days there she got along with kisame, she gets a burning feeling by her upper cheeks. She checks the bathroom mirror to see...1 gills forming on each cheek. She freaked out. Not knowing what she should do. She runs to kisames room asking for help, at what she should do.