A/N: I decided to start a continuation of my Kida/Mikado mpreg fic, Untitled (because I still cannot for the life of me think of a title), because some friends of mine were quite excited about the idea of daddy!Kida. So enjoy. I'm not sure how long this will be yet, but I'm sure it will go on for a while. And I apologize if updates are irregular and occasionally few and far between.

One: At the Hospital

Mikado brushes a finger gently across the shock of dark hair on his daughter's head. He looks at Kida, sitting at his bedside and holding another little bundle wrapped in blue. Twins. He still can't believe it. He can't believe the doctors missed it for nine months.

Kida said, months ago, that their baby absolutely had to have Mikado's surname because, really, you couldn't let a name like "Ryuugamine" go to waste. And when they found out the baby was a boy—the one they knew about, anyway—Kida decided on Takeru—warrior.

Warrior of the Dragon Mountain. Well, it seemed less ostentatious than "emperor," at least. Sort of.

But since they don't have a name for their little girl, Kida has spent the last hour brainstorming. Which hasn't yielded much result, as Kida apparently doesn't understand the meaning of subtlety.

"Himeko?" Kida suggests, adjusting Takeru in his arms.

Mikado blinks, because this is actually normal, comparatively, if a bit trite. "How do you want to write it?"

"Well," Kida says thoughtfully, "with the kanji for princess and child, I guess. Kanji's prettier than hiragana, and our little girl deserves the prettiest name we can give her. Ne, Himeko? How do you like that?"

The baby's only response is to squirm a bit in Mikado's arms before settling back into sleep.

Kida grins as if this is a sign of approval and says, "Himeko it is, then. And you, little one," he adds, looking down at Takeru, "you're going to protect your little sister like a warrior protects a princess."

Mikado smiles, then looks up when he hears a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Kida tries to call quietly. The door opens then, and Anri peers in, smiling nervously.

"Ah, hello!" she whispers, tiptoeing inside and closing the door behind her. "I'm sorry, I didn't disturb them, did I?"

Mikado shakes his head. "It's nice to see you, Sonohara-san."

"You too! How do you feel?"

"Tired, but okay."

She takes the second chair by his bed next to Kida, peering over his shoulder to look at Takeru. "They're both beautiful," she says earnestly. "Ne, Kida-kun, would you mind if I held him?"

Kida looks at her for a moment, lips pursed. "Yes, I mind."

"Masaomi," Mikado sighs, exasperated.

"They were just born and I'm not ready!"

Somehow, Mikado doesn't think time has anything to do with it.