A/N: This is the alternate ending to the actual story.

Alternate Ending

"You are not God…" a voice called out to Near.

"AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TELL ME OTHERWISE?" exclaimed the possessed Near.

"I Am that I Am," stated the voice. The satanic Seven Princes of Hell, the god of the new world, Shinigami of Kira, and the Dark Lord of the Sith suddenly had a prolonged convulsion upon hearing these words from an unknown distance, obliterating the downward-pointing pentagram that sealed them together with flames and death.

"NO, THIS CANNOT BE… THAT VOICE… THAT NAME… IT JUST CAN'T BE," said the ones who possessed the innocent Nate River.

The Lord of Abraham descended from the sky and brought light to destroy the creatures of the darkness. Near summoned his demons to battle his only enemy.

Suddenly the war between the salvation of Heaven and the sins of Hell had become a falsehearted reality on the devastated universe. The rulers of the darkness commanded that their spirits cast their power upon the angels that seemed to equal them in strength. The populations of the light and darkness dropped rapidly as the war raged on, making all previous Earth conflicts seem like minor disagreements.

"THIS IS ENOUGH," screamed Near, creating a direct duel between the demonic soul and the Lord.

As Near stood still, history repeated itself once again.

God said, "Let there be light," as he did so long ago, and there was light. Shadows deteriorated in the face of the illumination, ceasing to survive any longer.

The dark rulers, knowing their unfortunate fate, performed their final act of malevolence. Nate River, standing hundreds of miles above his malicious world, jumped into his plagued Earth as the demons departed from his uncontrollable body. Right as Near regained control of his body and sanity, he collided with the stone-cold ground. An innocent person, who was the victim of envy, had perished along with his world. This tragedy was, however, not in vain. Due to the sacrifice of an innocent spirit, the shadows and darkness were forever lost.

Now there was a new heaven and earth, for both firsts had passed away. The former kingdoms have become the Kingdom of God, and He shall reign forever and ever.

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