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Chapter 2

As I walked to trig I caught sight of Tanya trying to make out with Edward I mentally gagged. I continued walking, I got to class before class started so I had sometime left. I started doodleing in my notebook.

When the bell rang I looked to the front of the room to see the teacher walk in. He started writing problems on the board. I copyed them then dosed off for the rest of class. Soon luch came and I walked in with Alice.

"So do you want to come to my house tonight we were going to have a sleep over and Emmett and Jasper are coming" Alice said jaspers name dreamily, I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Sure I'll go, only if that thing is coming" I looked over to my table to see Tanya in my chair, I glared at her. "Uh well I don't know if that slut is coming but just to let you know Edward did invite her".

I looked at Alice in like she was crazy, "Oh" was all I said.

When we got to the table Tanya had a smirk on her face, I looked around the table to see no seats left, "Fuck this shit" I muttered and walked away, I looked around the cafeteria and saw Angela sitting by herself.

I walked to her and stood at the table "Can I sit here" Angela jumped and looked up at me, "Uh s-sure" I smiled and sat down. "Sorry if I scared you"

"It's okay I wasn't really paying attention" she smiled, "Your Bella right" I nodded and started eating my lunch.

I looked up and saw Alice, Emmett, Rose, Jasper, and Edward looking at me. I rolled my eyes and jumped when my phone started vibrating, I took it out and saw a text from Alice.

(Bella: bold, Alice: Italics)

Y r u sitting wit Angela?


Cause tat slut is sitting in my seat n there's no more


O well can I sit wit u?


Sure if u want to


I looked up to see Alice walking towards me, she smiled and sat beside me. "Hi Im Alice" she held her hand out to Angela, she hesitated then then shook Alice's hand. "Hi I'm Angela"

I dosed off when the started talking about shopping, after a while Jasper joined us, then Rose, and finally Emmett.

When lunch was over I walked to my next class wich was Biolgy… with Edward. When I got to the door I took a deep breath, and walked in….

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