A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first Degrassi fanfic so I hope you like it! This will turn into a lemon and therefore a rated M fanfic so I hope you won't mind it. There are a few things I wish to make better but it's mostly the length that challenges me. I will continue in the hopes of making the chapter lengths longer and better so sit back and enjoy...

Also: YES I LIKE SHOW TUNES! Defying Gravity happened to fit this chapter really well.

Be Who You Are

Chapter 1: Defying Gravity

"Something Has Changed Within Me

Something Is Not The Same

I'm Through With Playing By

The Rules Of Someone Else's Game-"

"Zane…I promise you…I will tell everyone!"

"How many times have you said that and backed out of it?"

"This time I'm serious…the most important night of my life is days away, and if we win…I'll tell everything, I swear to you!"

Zane looked surprised at Riley in the empty gym at Degrassi Community School. The two were working on some football drills when Riley brought up the subject of his sexuality. It wasn't easy for him to talk about it, but when he was alone with Zane he could be comfortable with his feelings. It was like he could really be himself with Zane and it was refreshingly different from his "Football Riley" persona that he usually used as a façade. In actuality Riley wanted to show everybody the way he was around Zane. This past summer that they'd spent together had made Riley realize that he wanted to be with Zane but he just couldn't handle the pressure of being openly gay. What would the team think of him? What would his parents think? There would be so many repercussions for coming out and it scared him to think about it. Finally it got to a point where Riley didn't care anymore…a point where Riley would stand up for who he really was.

Riley sighed, "I'm going to tell everyone."

Zane rolled his eyes, "I'm not sure you will," It seemed like the same old story, the same nonsense that Riley was breathing.

Two cheerleaders walked into the gym talking about their newest routine. Their names were not known by either Zane or Riley, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was the situation at hand.

"You think I'm not comfortable with it…" Riley muttered glancing at the two cheerleaders that were then laughing and giggling and watching the two boys.

"That's exactly what I think!" Zane said a little bit louder attracting both of the cheerleader's attention.

"You know what I think?"


Zane had little time to reply when Riley took Zane's head in his hands and pulled him forward, into his own body. Riley took one look at the confused Zane and took his lips captive. Not polite or gentlemanly, but rough and hard. Zane almost fell backwards from shock if it wasn't for Riley who stood firm, deepening the kiss still holding onto him tightly.

The two cheerleaders gasped in awe, jaws dropping to the floor. Was Riley the star quarterback kissing Zane the up and coming gay kicker? It was too hard to comprehend, so it was predictable that they ran out of the gym only to be found minutes later telling the rest of the power squad of what they witnessed.

Riley pinned Zane up against the wall when the cheerleaders left and continued. He bit Zane's lip and mumbled something incoherent, about how sexy Zane was when he was on the football field. Continuing, Riley slid his hand down Zane's belly stopping right before the elastic on his shorts.

"Whoa, there tiger!" Zane said breaking away from the deep kiss and trying to catch his breath.

"Sorry…" Riley said, a bit frustrated.

"It's okay!" Zane laughed and gave him that killer smile, "That was pretty hot actually."

Riley smiled back, "Yeah?"

"Yeah…You do know that you being gay's going to be the biggest rumor at Degrassi tomorrow?" Zane loosely hugged Riley and kissed his neck.

"I don't mind anymore. Besides, I can deny anything those two cheerleaders say, they didn't look important enough for a rumor to stick."

Zane let go of Riley, crestfallen. "I can't believe you!" He went to his bag on the ground and started packing up his things, "You still want to deny things after you kissed me in public?"

Riley looked away not wanting to see the hurt on Zane's face, "It's not like I want to!"

"Then what is it Riley?" Zane picked up his bag and went up to him, "I've said this a million times but I'll say it again…you need to start being who you want to be and not what people want you to be…you'll get further in life that way." Zane just shook his head and left the gym.

The next day the gay rumor was in full swing. Riley spent hours trying to evade questions about the rumor, not wanting to answer them after what Zane had said to him. He wanted people to assume what had actually happened because frankly he felt like shit about it. It was horrible for him and he thought it must be even worse for Zane.

Zane. That was all he cared about. Riley was too stupid to realize that before. Only to realize he was that stupid at the end of the day when he saw Zane in his last class getting paper thrown at him. It made his heart ache with regret.

That night was the big game. The BIG game. It was the highlight of the season for the Degrassi Panthers: the championship. Somehow they managed to make it to the championship despite everything that happened. It was the deciding factor for Riley. He promised Zane that he would tell everyone that he was gay if they won the championship. Zane thought it was another one of his promises that he would break but Riley was determined to win the game.

Riley had managed to get back his first spot as quarterback with a lot of ass kissing and training. He had to prove his worth even with the sucking up. This didn't make Drew any more his friend than a cat and a dog were buddy ol' pals. He of course was furious and demanded to be put back on the spot and after Drew lost a game, Degrassi just couldn't handle another loss.

It was nearing the end of the fourth quarter and the score was 6-9, with Degrassi losing. Zane who was getting jeers and boos from the crowd missed a field goal. It was hard for Riley to take, he wanted to go out in the middle of the field and hug Zane, but he restrained himself.

As the players lined up the field Riley took one good look at Zane on the bench. He was holding his head in his hands, shaking furiously. Riley almost called time out but he knew what he had to do.

The holder, Drew to be exact, ran the famous football lines with a "Set, HIKE!" And proceeded to thrust the ball towards Riley. He took it and looked for an opening in the defense but it was rock solid. The only way they were going to win the game was if he ran it himself. So he did just that.

Weaving in between the crowded area, Riley kept his eyes on the goal. There were only five seconds on the clock and he was less than ten yards away from the goal. He was inching closer and closer practically tasting the success. That was until a big boulder came out of nowhere and crushed Riley with his sheer weight. Riley's helmet flew off and he landed on the ground with a thud hitting his head in the process. It took literally a minute to get the damn boy up and off of Riley.

"Get him off!" Riley heard a familiar voice shout.

"Okay, okay, back off!" One of the boulder's teammates retorted.

They practically hoisted the guy off of Riley with the help of five guys.

Riley's vision was failing him, he saw a blurry figure, frantic and mad. There was a white noise ringing in his ear and people were rushing around though he couldn't comprehend what they were saying. 'I'm just going to take a nap.' Riley kept telling himself but it seemed like an eternity before he finally woke up with a jolt.

Zane was above him, a vision like an angel beneath the floodlight's lighting of the football field. He was holding what looked like a vial of salt beneath Riley's nose. Zane finally cracked a smile after he saw that Riley's eyes were open and alert.

"Good morning, sleepy-head!" He cooed even though he was fully aware that it was about ten at night.

"I feel like an elephant sat on me…" He moaned.

"Well…he was a big boy." Zane smirked.

Riley groaned and sat up, "Did everybody leave?"

"The people in the stands have but the guys are in the locker room changing."


Zane looked at Riley quizzically and followed him to the locker room making sure his boyfriend didn't get hurt again.

In the locker room Riley was standing in front the benches where all the football players were. He remembered that he once tried to tell his coach and thus everyone around him that he was gay. It had not been a long time ago that it happened but it felt like ages.

"Listen up!" Riley shouted to get the attention of the other players. They all looked up from their separate conversations and stared. Riley looked at them with a serious expression that only came out when he was pissed or contemplating something very hard, "I have something to tell you guys."

"What that you're finally coming out of the closet?" A random player shouted who had obviously heard the rumors.

Riley looked to the source but could not pinpoint the person who shouted, "In fact…" He started clenching his fist and gritting his teeth, "I'm…g-g-GAY!"

The whole football team including the coach looked in surprise. Most of them had heard the rumor but refused to believe it from the gossipy cheerleaders. They shifted uncomfortably in their seats until someone shouted out "fag" and another started taunting Riley with other degrading terms.

Riley flushed madly wanting to get out of the situation but he knew he had to stand up for himself, "What did you say prick?"

Coach Armstrong immediately stepped in between the two boys -who were nearly about to punch each other's lights out- and though he was stunned a well he managed to scrounge up some words to say, "Stop! Act like men, you two!"

Riley shook his head to rid himself of evil thoughts and slowly counted to three, "Sorry coach…" He muttered after he'd cooled off.

Zane witnessed all the events and felt a stinging sensation in his chest. Was Riley even ready for the consequences? There would be no time after that to regret what he had done after all, there would be a lot of heckling from the student body and Zane wasn't sure Riley could put up with all of the teasing. It would have been better if Riley just hadn't said anything or done anything at all. Even though Zane liked, hell even loved Riley so much, he wasn't sure if Riley was ready to be openly gay.

After Zane got out of the shower all dried off and squeaky clean, Riley came out and surprise attacked him. The two were the only ones left in the locker room after the little fiasco and Riley made sure no one saw what he did next.

He pinned Zane to the ground and growled giving Zane a rough hickey on his neck. Riley looked at the flustered boy's face and smirked. He proceeded to leave a trail of marks all around his neck and collarbone. He could tell that Zane was getting excited from his touch.

"R-Riley w-what are you doing…" He huffed with a bit of pleasure ringing in his voice.

"I need you right now," Riley muttered burying his face in Zane's chest, stopping his attack.

Zane sighed and patted Riley's mop of hair. There was nothing he could do except comfort the newly open gay boy. Despite how much Zane was annoyed that he got excited for nothing he decided to hold Riley and be caring. Though it was a bit weird with them lying on the vulgar tile in the locker room, the two boys took comfort in one another.