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Boys Don't Cry

"So I Try To Laugh About It

Cover It All Up With Lies

I Try To Laugh About It

Hiding The Tears In My Eyes

Because Boys Don't Cry-"

"I got the job!" Riley barged into the Park's house with vigor.

Zane ran around the corner and leaped into Riley's arms, planting a kiss on his boyfriend's lips, "That's amazing!"

Ms. Park went down the stairs to see what the commotion was all about. When she saw Riley holding Zane up and the excited looks on their faces she just had to ask, "What's happening?"

Zane looked over at his mother, "Riley got a job!"

Ms. Park smiled, "Good for you, Riley! You've taken one step into adulthood, unlike my Zane." She prodded, hinting at Zane to get a job.

Zane rolled his eyes as Riley put him on the floor again, "I always do constructive things!"

This time Ms. Park was the one to roll her eyes, "Sure, sure…now go to school you two."

"Bye, Ms. Park!" Riley waved goodbye and opened the door for Zane.

As they left Ms. Park sighed, closed her eyes, and pinched the bridge of her nose. Things were going a little too well with Riley in the house. Ms. Park wasn't superstitious but she couldn't help but get that ominous feeling that loomed near her. Something was going to happen, and she sure hoped it wasn't with her Zane.

Riley and Zane drove to school fairly quickly, Riley was the one driving even though it was Zane's car. The two were comfortable using each other's things which was the norm between the two.

With Zane's jeep parked next to a hearse Riley couldn't help but stare, "Who drives that to school?"

"Hey, I think it's cool. It shows character!" Zane replied.

A black figure moved from the inside of the car and Riley grabbed onto Zane's hand. Riley wasn't too good with the occult and creepy, just like he wasn't good with art. It probably wouldn't have fazed him if it was another car, but a hearse was weird enough let alone a black figure crawling out of the car.

"What's up Eli?" Zane shouted over to the figure moving out of the car, as Zane laughed at Riley.

Eli looked up from his bag and waved to Zane with his black painted fingernails that Riley couldn't help but notice, "Nothing much, how about you?"

"Same here, see you around?"

"Sure, sure!" Eli looked back to what he was doing and waved goodbye staring at whatever bizarre thing he had in his backpack.

"Eli is a little….strange… don't you think?" Riley said a little uncomfortably, like Eli was ready to walk through a wall and snatch Riley up.

"Well, he's committed to the things he does, just like you and football. Don't be so quick to judge, Riley," Zane stopped walking and turned to Riley, "I'm sure there are a million people judging you for being gay…are you ready to face that?"

Riley knew where his boyfriend was getting at, "I'm sure I'll be fine! And I'll give that Eli a chance; he just startled me…that's all."

Zane sighed, did Riley really get it? He could say all he wanted but Riley had to face the facts by himself, Zane couldn't do that for him.

"You're making a face," Riley jeered.

"I'm fine…Riley, you should get to class."

Even though Riley went, there was still something bothering Zane. It was something more than not accepting Eli at first glance, but not everyone could be like Zane who was perfect in every way. Riley knew Zane was afraid of the fact that he wouldn't be able to take being gay. Riley knew he was gay but that didn't mean he had to act like the stereotypical "lets-go-shopping-and-buy-shoes" type of gay guy. It's not that there was anything wrong with that, but it wasn't who Riley was. Did Zane expect him to change into such a person when he came out? Maybe Riley would change, but it would be on Riley's terms and not someone else's. It almost made him mad just thinking about it. Maybe he was overanalyzing things…but maybe he wasn't. Zane wasn't a person to want to change people but there was a subtle doubt in Riley that made him waiver.

Riley glared at the people walking past him…Today would be a bad day.

After school, Riley decided to walk around and get his head clear. Riley told this to Zane who was about to object until he saw something extremely wrong Riley's demeanor. All Riley needed was some fresh air, or that's what Zane convinced himself of.

Before work, Riley would look around for some type of apartment. He needed to become more independent and he couldn't stay at Zane's place forever, even if Zane wanted him to. He was turning a new page in his book and everything would be perfect…well…except that he was mad at Zane for the time being.

As Riley walked down the street he kept on sighing. Fresh air was not what Riley needed and he knew that. He was still determined to chug along and with that he slowly came upon a wall filled with ads. Staring at them intently, Riley found at least three suitors to his humble high-school needs.

"Hello…?" Riley shouted into the dark abyss that was called an apartment complex.

A hand shot out of the darkness and grabbed Riley by the gruff of his collar, making the black hole consume both the hand and Riley.

"So I'm guessing you need an apartment?" A mustached man spoke to Riley with a grunt.

"Y-Yes…" Riley replied to the man out of fear. He hoped to god this wouldn't be his landlord if he chose to partake in this man's offer; who the hell would just grab a person and ask them in such a shady way if they needed an apartment?

"That's great, my boy-!" Riley twitched at his new name, "I happen to have a nice one upstairs!"


"FRANK WHO IS IT?" A woman screeched from the top of her lungs only to appear in the doorway five seconds later.

"Shaddup Jill, we have a new renter!"


"Take him up to see the room, Jill"

"Always bossing me around…bleah!" The woman named Jill then narrowed her eyes toward Riley, "You look too young to be renting."

"Yeah….well, things happened and I need to rent. So, can I see the apartment?"

"Always in a hurry, men are…sure, sure! Follow me upstairs."

When Riley entered the apartment that he would have thought to have been broken down and dirty, he saw that it was anything but. The walls were a subtle cream color and the floor was all hardwood. The entrance opened up into a living room where the kitchen stood only a couple of feet away. There was a small bedroom, enough for a bed and dresser and a bathroom that had all the amenities.

"Woah, so how much would this set me back?" Riley inquired.

"Well not many people seem to be buying down our side of town, which is strange, but that means you're in luck. It won't cost you a pretty penny." Jill replied to Riley knocking on the sturdy wall.

"I'll take it! When can I move in?"

Jill cackled, "Hold your horses there; we still have to have the paperwork signed and a payment up front."

"I can do all of that, easy!" Riley said eager and enthusiastic.

"Sure, sure, kid." Jill muttered with a smirk.

Zane was pacing in his living room, trying to get a hold of Riley. He went to work, Zane knew that, but after he didn't come back. Something must have happened but he didn't know what. He assumed that whatever the problem was that it was bad, though when Riley walked through the door all his troubles melted.

"Where were you?" Zane scolded.

Riley looked at Zane blankly, not wanting to talk, "I got a place…"

Zane blinked, "That's great!" He hugged his boyfriend, "But why aren't you excited?"

"You remember back when I went to that art gallery with you?"

"…Yeah but what does that have to do with-"

"-Well, I wanted to change for you…"

"And you know you don't have to, Riley…be who you are, remember?" Zane sighed not getting the point, "Are you worried about something?"

"Well our conversation before school…"

"Oh boy," Zane muttered, "Look, I'm sorry about saying all that stuff but I'm just afraid Owen and his football lackeys will get to you…I don't want to change you or anything, I just want you aware. Be confident"

Riley's features softened, "And I am aware, I didn't go and beat them up when I had the chance to, didn't I?"

Zane smiled and took Riley's hand, "That's right, and I'm glad you didn't."

"So…" Zane slyly looked over to the other boy, "Are we cool now?"

"Definitely!" Riley smirked.

"So let's hear about that new apartment you have!"

When Riley woke up he realized where he was. He was in his new apartment that he recently moved into. The walls were still that warm cream color but placed on them were pictures of Zane, posters, and football paraphernalia. It had that weird apartment smell to it but besides that smell Riley caught the scent of sweat and Zane.

Looking to his left he saw Zane curled up next to him with the blankets tossed carelessly about. His breathing was the only thing that could be heard in Riley's room. Zane slightly moaned in his sleep which then Riley knew that he was dreaming about their late night "adventure."

Riley smirked and thought, "It's already been a month since I moved in…"

Even though Riley said that Zane couldn't live with him, it didn't stop Zane from spending the night almost every day of the week. It was like a not so subtle hint that Zane really wanted to be with him. It was tempting, but it was also a forbidden fruit. Riley couldn't get on the bad side of Zane's mother, he just couldn't. It was because she was the one who Zane was most connected to, though Zane would say otherwise. Listening to Zane talk about his mother was like listening to a dependent chick following his mother. It wasn't a bad thing, but Zane was too confident in his ability to be away from his mother when in actuality he wasn't.

It was because Zane only had his mother. His father was a rotten liar and tried to persuade his mother into starting a relationship with him. Of course his mother was not dumb but when he kept insisting she became afraid. It was difficult for Zane to tell Riley what happened next because one can only assume the worst, and the worst did happen. His mother was kidnapped, abused, and raped.

Riley's mouth hung open when Zane talked to him about his mother. He could tell that Zane's insecurities were far and many and maybe he wasn't as perfect as Riley thought him to be.

Zane's tousled and un-gelled hair look was quite attractive to Riley and he was tempted to wake Zane up but he eventually decided against doing such a thing. Instead, Riley slipped on some clothes to make breakfast.

He checked his refrigerator and decided that it was an omelet kind of day. Riley knew what kinds of things Zane liked in his eggs so he added some tomato, cheese, and garlic.

Zane emerged from Riley's bedroom looking chipper and dandy, "What are you making?" Zane peered over his lover's shoulder, "Omelets?"

"I made your favorite kind,"

"Did you…put garlic in it?" Zane tested Riley.

"As weird as it is, yes, I did!" Riley teased.

Zane gave Riley a playful love tap, "Whatever!"

They ate in peace, thinking that in this moment of time everything was perfect. So many things happened but maybe they could finally just be happy with each other. It seemed like everything was going right and the two wanted to keep it that way.

School was boring for them as they started to get antsy at the end of the day. Much of their day consisted of passing notes to make school go faster. It hardly worked but at least the two were communicating with each other.

Riley was walking home from school when he happened upon a Greek food shop. Zane had gone home to talk to his mother and Riley was bored out of his mind until he found the shop. Going inside Riley smirked as he knew what he wanted to purchase. Zane would be surprised the next time he went over to Riley's apartment.

"Riley?" Zane called out to his boyfriend as he closed the apartment door behind him.

An ominous figure walked up from behind Zane and tackled him to the ground.

"Very funny Riley," Zane muttered, turning around into Riley's arms.

"How did you know?"

"Well it is your apartment."

Riley rolled his eyes, "You can never be too sure." He got up from the ground and helped Zane up, "I have a surprise for you!"

"Oh, what is it?"

"Close your eyes and open your mouth."

'This sounds perverted…" Zane murmured underneath his breath.

"Not in the slightest!" Riley laughed, "Now close your eyes,"

Zane complied and felt something sugary fall into his mouth. He opened his eyes and ate whatever Riley gave him. It was delicious with a bunch of different layers.

"So the baklava was good then, eh?" Riley then revealed a plastic box filled to the brim with the dessert.

"Its super sweet!" Zane exclaimed a bit taken aback by the rush of sugar he ingested.

Zane was oblivious to the crumbs on his cheek as Riley looked at them and smirked, "Not as sweet as you!" He licked the crumbs off the corner of Zane's mouth.

Zane looked down, "You're a ball of cheese…" Riley tilted Zane's head up and planted a sugary kiss on his lips, "-But you're my ball of cheese," Zane whispered into Riley's ear and nipped it.

Riley took Zane's advances and succumbed to the couch.

When the two woke up it was near ten at night.

"Are you hungry?" Riley smirked when Zane's stomach growled.

"A little bit…"

"I'll check to see if I have anything in the fridge."

Riley trudged over to his kitchen and found there to be absolutely no food besides a carton of eggs left over from breakfast. So being the good boy that Riley was he trudged back to Zane and ruffled his hair.

"No food, want me to pick something up?"

Zane propped his head up with a pillow and smiled, "Sure, want me to go with you?"

"Nah, I'll be right back. Just hang out; you won't even notice I'm gone."

"I doubt that." Zane corrected him.

Riley smiled and gave Zane a kiss before leaving his apartment on his quest for food.

Not even ten minutes later the door clicked open as Zane's back was turned to the door. Hands flew over Zane's eyes as he smirked at the motion.

"Riley, did you even get food?"

A voice chuckled from behind Zane, "He didn't even get the food…"

Zane had no time to react but one thing was for sure…that wasn't Riley's voice.

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